Stumptown Season 2: All the Latest Updates on the Show

Stumptown Season 2

The crime drama is one of the evergreen genres of entertainment. The streaming platforms like Netflix, Disney+, and Amazon Prime Video are pushing harder to create content in that genre. Why would then traditional networks like ABC remain behind in this race? ABC’s homegrown Stumptown Season 2 is in the gossips right now. 

Stumptown is a crime drama show by ABC, and it’s based on a series of comic books. Greg Rucka, Matthew Southworth, Justin Greenwood are the brains behind this show. It was Jason Richman who decided to turn this comic book series into a TV show for ABC. Do you know what the meaning of Stumptown is? 

Well, Stumptown is a nickname of Portland, Oregon. The show’s set in Portland, Oregon. Now, do you know the crew is all geared up for producing Stumptown Season 2? If you are looking for a place to know all about Stumptown Season 2, you’re reading the right article. 

Stumptown Season 2: The Premise of Show

Stumptown Season 2: a look

The story of the Stumptown is interesting. It revolves around Dex Parios, our main protagonist lady. Dex is a highly-skilled war veteran. She’s trying to take care of her younger brother. Together they live in the city of Portland, Oregon. 

Like many war veterans, she’s diagnosed with PTSD, as she was stationed in Afghanistan as a Marine.  However, she was injured during a terrorist attack, she survived, but her lover succumbed to it. 

After returning to the US, she gets into various activities like gambling and a regular job. Eventually, she gets surrounded by debts accumulated by gambling and displays incompetence at her workplace. 

To get rid of all the problems, she decides to become a private investigator. The job involves solving crime cases that can’t be explained by the police. In her role, a fellow detective Miles Hoffman gives her tasks to accomplish.

Whereas her brother gets a job at a bar, which is run by Grey McConnell, who happens to be her good friend. 

Stumptown Season 2: The Cast

The protagonist Dex Parios is played by Cobie Smulders, who works as a private detective for running her family and getting out of her financial situation. 

Jake Johnson plays Greg McConnell, owner of a bar Bad Alibi. He’s also a good friend of Dex. 

Tantoo Cardinal plays Sue Lynn Blackbird. She owns a casino and happens to be the mother of her boyfriend, who dies in Afghanistan. 

Cole Sibus is playing Ansel Parios, he has Down Syndrome and works at the bar of McConnell. 

Adrian Martinez plays Tookie; he runs a food truck and provides crucial insider information to Dex. 

Camryn Manheim plays Lieutenant Cosgrove. He’s a senior detective in the show.

Michael Ealy plays detective Miles Hoffman, a detective who provides cases to Dex. 

The Release Date

The Stumptown was launched on ABC on September 25, 2019, and the first season had 18 episodes. On May 21, 2020, ABC announced that the show is renewed for the second season. However, no official date is declared for the release of Stumptown Season 2. 

If we consider the current pandemic, we expect the producers to release season two, not before late 2020. However, we will keep updating our readers about the release date. 

The Plot

We are not sure about season two’s plot, but we speculate that the new season will start right where the previous season’s story ended. We can see new faces in this upcoming season, like Dex’s mother arriving in Portland. 

It will be interesting to see their on-screen dynamics. We hope Dex will assist in solving another complicated case. 

And as far as the trailer of the new season is concerned, we haven’t given the trailer’s glimpses as the production, shooting, and other works haven’t begun yet. However, we might get a teaser look in the future. 

Final Words

Stumptown Season 2 will release in either late 2020 or maybe mid-2021 depending upon when the COVID – 19 situation gets under control. However, there are plenty of other sources of entertainment for our readers. 

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