Check Out the Strongest Demon Slayer of All Time!


Just a year after its premiere in 2019, Demon Slayer has become one of the most beloved anime of all time. Both the story and the acting were superb, which contributed greatly. The huge cast of characters in Demon Slayer includes both demons with amazing abilities and humans educated in the art of demon slaying.

A common result of this is heated discussions between fans on who is the most powerful character in the show. However, the manga's details and some of the ‘flashback' characters are generally ignored in these discussions. All of the evidence should be taken into account while ranking the greatest Demon Slayers of all time. So, with that in mind, I'd like to take a look at the top 10 most powerful characters from the Demon Slayer anime.


Who is the Strongest Demon Slayer?

10. Giyu Tomioka

Giyu's quiet demeanour and grave but emotionless emotions have earned him the nickname “Depression King” among fans of Japanese animation. Giyu is true to his introverted character despite the fact that none of the Hashiras enjoy his company. It's possible that his emotional history contributes to his present-day social ineptitude.


Strongest Demon Slayer

Putting aside his eccentric demeanour, though, Giyu is an extremely talented swordsman, as evidenced by his Hashira ranking. Because he is a Water Hashira, he can use the Dead Calm twelfth form, which is among the most devastating attacks in the series. Also take a look at the Demon Slayer characters you cannot miss.

9. Obanai Iguro

Obanai Iguro, aka the Serpent Hashira, is one of the rare anime characters with heterochromia. This is also a distinguishing trait of his character. Obanai is a fierce and adept fighter, and not just because of his unusual ability to see in two colours. He is incredibly intelligent, and he and his pet snake, Kaburamaru, work together quite well. His speed and reflexes are superhuman.

Obanai became the Hashira's highest-ranking member thanks only to his exceptional swordsmanship and Kaburamaru's guidance, despite being nearly blind in his left eye.

8. Muichiro Tokito

At the tender age of 14, Muichiro Tokito became the youngest Hashira in the history of the Demon Slayer Corps. Incredibly gifted for his young age, he became a Hashira after only two months of training, a feat done by only the strongest Hashira of his generation, Gyomei Himejima.

Strongest Demon Slayer

Even if he lacks Tanjiro and Zenitsu's experience, he is far superior to them in terms of potential. His extraordinary prowess in combat is the result of a unique skill, such as Mist Breathing, which gives him endless reserves of energy.

7. Lord Akaza

Akaza is Demon Slayer's strongest but most disliked character due to the Mugen Train chapter. Before becoming a demon, Akaza was a great martial artist. His fighting style shows this.

He murdered the Flame Hashira and several Demon Slayers. Akaza, a professional fighter, can predict his opponent's moves and weaknesses. You can't overcome him without help. In the Infinity Castle arc, he easily defeated even Hashira-level swordsmen.

Akaza's focus, stamina, regeneration, and speed are unmatched. His Blood Demon Art is largely martial arts. Akaza's demon-powered assaults are deadly. You can also check out the Top 10 theories of Demon Slayer.

6. Doma

Muzan's smartest demon is Doma. He leads a cult and is deeply concerned in human issues. Doma fixes his followers' concerns in this cult, but it's really a feeding ground where he can easily eat victims. Fame and praise are bonuses.

Strongest Demon Slayer

He is one of the strongest demons in the world, hence most humans will die fighting him. Doma claims he can defeat Akaza because to his superior fighting skills. He fights with war fans and Tessenjutsu. He is faster, stronger, and possibly more skilled than most of them, except Hashiras.

5. Tanjiro Kamado

Tanjiro's birth marks the beginning of a new age for humanity, but the baby has no idea what's in store for him. When his mother and siblings are murdered, he experiences the harshness of reality for the first time.

Tanjiro feels terrible over failing to protect Nezuko and vows to make amends. His diamond-hard skull may come in handy in some instances, but if he masters the ancient technique of Sun Breathing, he won't need to resort to headbutting at all.

4. Gyomei Himejima

Gyomei Himejima is the Demon Slayer franchise's strongest Hashira. He is the Stone Hashira after two months in the corps. Gyomei is revered as a leader since he is the strongest and most skillful fighter despite being blind since childhood.

Strongest Demon Slayer

Gyomei uses a powerful hand-ax with a long-chained spiky flail instead of Nichirin Blades. He then uses Stone Breathing and his incredible strength to defeat his opponents. Kokushibu appreciated Gyomei's physical abilities and said he hadn't seen a warrior like him in 300 years. Don't forget to check out the list of strongest Hashira.

3. Kokushibo

Yoriichi, the creator of the breathing technique in Demon Slayer, has a younger brother named Kokushibo. Zenitsu's elder was transformed by Kokushibo, the Upper Moon 1.

Moon breathing was a technique created by Kokushibo that allowed him to fend off even the most powerful Hashiras. Since he studied under Yoriichi, he also possesses the ability to activate the Demon Slayer mark.

2. Kibutsuji Muzan

There is little doubt that Kibutsuji Muzan is one of the most powerful figures in the whole Demon Slayer series. Being the first demon ever, he was a constant obstacle for the Demon Slayer Corps.

Strongest Demon Slayer

In combat, he becomes a different form that vastly improves his skills, making him capable of facing down five Hashiras, Tanjiro, Inosuke, and Zenitsu all at once. Because of the biokinetic abilities bestowed upon him by the Blood Demon Art, he is able to change his physical form and assume any appearance he chooses. Sharp, potentially fatal missiles can be made from his blood.

1. Yoriichi Tsukiguni

If he decided to go at it alone, he would be the only person in Demon Slayer capable of defeating Muzan. He was a genius who had been endowed from birth with the abilities of a Demon Slayer: the ability to see through walls and to put himself and others before himself.

Yoriichi Tsukiguni could temporarily halt Muzan's near-perfect regeneration by changing the hue of his Nichirin Katana to a blazing crimson. He's responsible for the Solar System's very oxygen supply. The thirteenth guise is a reiteration of the previous twelve, and was created specifically to eliminate Muzan. Every blow would wipe out one of his seven hearts and five brains. In Demon Slayer, he is the most formidable protagonist.

Final Thoughts

The cast of the Demon Slayer series is vast and varied, and each character's unique strengths and weaknesses contribute to the overall shape of the series' interesting world. Although the manga version of the plot wraps up somewhat fast, there are plenty of thrilling scenes where the Demon Slayers are involved in a massive battle. Over time, this raises each character's latent strength, resulting in an impressive ensemble.