Who Was the Strongest Anime Character in 2022?

There have been incalculable amounts of time spent over the past few decades discussing who is the most powerful anime character ever. It’s a tough topic to answer because there are so many potential options to consider.

As a matter of fact, many people will claim that there is no absolute solution because they have access to their own special set of skills and abilities. These individuals could be correct, but that hasn’t stopped others from looking for a solution. There are a lot of factors that need to be considered while trying to get a firm judgement.

The characters’ strength is the most crucial of these, but their durability, combat style, and special skills are also vital considerations. The most powerful characters in anime tend to excel in all of these areas and have proven their worth in battle numerous times.

Who Was the Strongest Anime Character in 2022?

10. Ichigo Kurosaki (Bleach)

This Shinigami with the orange hair is able to beat even the most powerful opponents thanks to his extensive, and often bewildering, array of abilities. He has the strength and skill with a sword to beat all-powerful deities and reality-bending gods, and he gains abilities from his victories.

Strongest Anime Character in 2022

He has an almost unparalleled capacity for learning new tactics and strategies, and he can outsmart and outclass almost any adversary with a mix of his sharp mind and deadly energy slashes. Ichigo is undeniably one of the strongest characters in anime, even if viewers never got to experience the full scope of his talents in Bleach.

9. Meliodas (The Seven Deadly Sins)

Meliodas, the leader of the Ten Commandments and son of a Demon King and the Dragon’s Sin of Wrath, is extraordinarily powerful and has complete control over the fires of hell. Being cursed with immortality and having the ability to resist magic makes him nearly invulnerable to the forces of darkness.

Meliodas looks like a kid, but his sardonic sense of humour belies his maturity. However, he is well past middle age, having lived for over 3, 000 years. That being said, he is undeniably among the most formidable anime heroes ever. Must have a glimpse at the hottest anime character.

8. Naturo Uzumaki (Naruto)

Naruto Uzumaki, a foul-mouthed ninja and one of the most popular characters in the anime universe, has appeared in the self-titled show for ten years, spanning 500 episodes, and in a plethora of spin-offs.

Strongest Anime Character in 2022

Sage Mode and his mastery of the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox give Naruto incredible power and the ability to create monstrous beings out of his chakra. Naruto’s close ties to the other Tailed Beasts enable him to use all six chakra types to great effect. Furthermore, he can create an army of clones to fight on his side.

7. Cid Kagenou (Eminence In The Shadow)

Cid Kagenou, who has been reborn into a fantasy world with magic and other fantastical aspects, is fixated on playing a role in which he controls events from the shadows. He likes to appear weak around other people so as not to draw too much attention to himself, although he is actually one of the series’ most powerful protagonists.

When he was a high school student, Cid already had the strength to single-handedly defeat biker gangs. Yet in this new magical realm, he expanded his horizons and acquired expertise in many new areas. He has a signature technique that rivals the power of a nuclear explosion, and is adept at using magic for strengthening, healing, and defence.

6. Izuku Midoriya (My Hero Academia)

It’s safe to assume that the return of My Hero Academia and its star, Izuku Midoriya, will delight the show’s legion of devoted followers. Over the previous few seasons, he has amassed a wealth of knowledge and grown tremendously stronger than he was at the show’s inception.

Strongest Anime Character in 2022

His peculiarity no longer merely boosts his physical skills; it now bestows onto him the abilities of the previous owners of One For All. Gearshift, Fa Jin, Danger Sense, Blackwhip, Smokescreen, and Float are just few of his current idiosyncrasies that, along with his increased strength, make him a formidable opponent.

5. Denji (Chainsaw Man)

Millions of people all across the world are interested in what will undoubtedly be a very popular show in the fall of 2022: Chainsaw Man. It takes place in a universe where devils are real, and where those who fear particular things or ideas give those devils power. Also have a look at the four horseman in Chainsaw Man.

Denji became the titular Chainsaw Man after striking a bargain with the Chainsaw Devil and acquiring the capacity to generate chainsaws from various points on his body. With his newfound power, he poses an enormous threat not only to humanity but also to devils in this guise. He can utilise his chainsaws in a number of ways, has incredible stamina, and appears to be practically invulnerable. As the book progresses, he transforms into a variety of devils and overcomes several of them, becoming one of the most formidable characters.

4. Tetsuo Shima (Akira)

After colliding with another psychic, Tetsuo Shima, Akira’s true enemy, unleashes his limitless psychic abilities. His abilities develop rapidly, and he soon threatens to destroy the entire universe.

Strongest Anime Character in 2022

Thankfully, he manages to shift himself to an alternate dimension just in time, where his psychic explosion creates an entirely new universe. Tetsuo is one of the most powerful characters in anime since he has the ability to shape and destroy reality.

3. Kyubey (Madoka Magica)

Entropy, or the ultimate thermal death of the cosmos, is personified by Madoka Magica’s Kyubey. He has infinite power, will never die, and will destroy everything in existence. He may not be physically formidable, but through his manipulation of others and of reality, he ensures that the destructive spiral that will eventually destroy all matter in the universe will continue.

Kyubey will destroy whatever that exists, and it’s nearly impossible to protect yourself from his wrath. Simply put, his strength is oblivion, and only a select few anime characters have a prayer of facing him head-on.

2. Zeno (Dragon Ball Super)

Fans might think Son Goku is the most powerful Dragon Ball character, but he doesn’t have that much sway over the world. In Dragon Ball Super, Zeno controls all realities and has the power to instantly create or destroy everything. The childish god is all-powerful and can destroy anything and anybody at will. He doesn’t have any tricks up his sleeve; instead, he’s just a god who rules the cosmos with reckless abandon.

Strongest Anime Character in 2022

He has shattered many worlds for his own amusement and treats universes as if they were toys. You can’t possibly win a fight against this god, and only one other anime character stands a chance.

1. Saitama (One Punch Man) 

Saitama is perhaps the most powerful anime character ever, and given the sarcastic nature of One Punch Man, it would be difficult to argue otherwise. While Goku and other anime heroes are frequently tested to their limits, Saitama can take down his foes with a single attack and never have to worry about exhaustion.

It’s possible to make the case that other anime characters would likewise flourish in the One Punch Man universe. Don’t forget to check the release date of One Punch Man season 3.