Steffi Graf Net Worth: Career, Relationship, Income and Are Agassi and Steffi Graf Still Married?

Steffi Graf is a former tennis player from Germany who used to be a pro. Graf held the world’s number one spot for a record 377 weeks. In 1988, she became the first tennis player to win all four singles titles at all four of the Grand Slams. She is the only tennis player who has won at least four Grand Slam tournaments at least once.

A lot of people think that Steffi Graf will have a net worth of about $145 million by 2022.

Early Life

When Stefanie Maria Graf was born on June 14, 1969, she was a child of Heidi Schalk and Peter Graf. She is the daughter of both of them. As a young child, Graf’s father taught her how to play tennis with a wooden racket. Four years old, she started practicing on the court.

She started her first tournament when she was five years old. Soon, she was taking the top prize at many junior tournaments.

Steffi GrafNet Worth


Graf won the Grand Slam title. First and only: Graf beat Gabriela Sabatini in Seoul to become the first and only Golden Slam winner in history. After a lot of injuries, she came back to the top in 1993. Three of the four Grand Slam events were won by her. She won her first French Open in 1988.

In the next year, she won the Australian Open, as well as a lot of other tournaments all over the world. Between 1994 and 1996, she had a lot of illnesses and surgeries that caused her to have to withdraw from the Australian Open two times. Graf won a lot of titles even though she lost, including Wimbledon in 1995.

Her last three years on tour, from 1997 to 1999, were marked by more knee and back problems, which cost her the world number one ranking and the Grand Slam title for the first time in a decade. When Graf won a couple of high-profile tournaments for women in 1999, she said she was retiring from the women’s circuit.

Personal Life

Graf lived in Brühl, Germany; Boca Raton, Florida; and the SoHo neighbourhood of New York City, where she owned a penthouse in the former Police Headquarters Building. During her career, Graf split her time between these three places. During her love life, Graf dated a racing driver named Michael Bartels from 1992 to 1999.

She then dated a tennis player named Andre Agassi, whom she married in 2001. Their two children are both boys and girls. They live in the Summerlin neighbourhood in the Las Vegas Valley. Graf is the founder and chair of Children for Tomorrow, a non-profit foundation that works to help kids who have been hurt.


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Steffi Graf Net Worth

Steffi Graf, a former world number one tennis player from Germany, has a sizable bank account. Her net worth is $145 million dollars. Andre Agassi is her spouse of more than 20 years and is a retired tennis player. She was the third-most Grand Slam singles champion in tennis history, and the Women’s Tennis Association named her world number one for the longest time in history.

She also holds the record for most Grand Slam singles championships with 22. Graf won 107 singles titles in her career. She is the only tennis player to have won four Grand Slam tournaments.

Name Steffi Graf
Net Worth (2022) $145 Million
Profession Tennis player
Monthly Income And Salary $1 Million +
Yearly Income And Salary $12 Million +
Last Updated 2022

On the WTA tour, Graf won 107 tournaments, which earned her $21,895,277 in prize money. Today, that would be around $40 million. Steffi Graf’s Prize Money

Steffi Graf’s Investments

In 2016, Graf and her husband, Agassi, invested in Unscripted, an athlete-video site that owns technology that allows athletes to film their own videos. Unscripted allows athletes to make their own videos.

In 2009, she also invested in Viagogo, an online ticket exchange for people who want to buy or sell tickets for other people.

Are Agassi and Steffi Graf Still Married?

It has been proven that Andre Agassi and his wife, Steffi Graf, are not going to divorce. The divorce of Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf is a closely kept secret. Rumours about their divorce have been spreading, but no one has been able to back them up. Agassi married Steffi Graf two years after he split from Brooke.

Steffi GrafNet Worth

Steffi Graf’s Endorsements

Graf signed a ten-year deal with the car-making company, Opel, in 1985. He also worked with Rexona, an Australian deodorant and antiperspirant brand, from 1994 to 1998. This isn’t the only company Graf has worked with: Teekanne and Citibank are two of them. Danone and Barilla are also two of them.

During her career, Adidas sponsored her and she wore their clothes and shoes, which were called the St. Graf Pro line. If you want to learn more about Kerala tourism in India, you can even ask Gauff to be a brand ambassador for them! She also spread the word about Ayurveda in North America.

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Here are some of the best parts of Steffi Graf’s life:

  • International Tennis Hall of Fame (2004)
  • German Sports Hall of Fame (2008)
  • Jean Borotra Sportsmanship Award (2015)

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Steffi Graf used to be the best tennis player in the world. It is the third most Grand Slam singles title that she has ever won. She is the only tennis player who has won at least four of the four Grand Slam tournaments.

As a great singer, she had 107 singles called out during her career. As of 2022, Steffi Graf is thought to be worth about $145 million.

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