ABC Has Officially Announced Release Date of Station 19 Season 6!

In Station 19 Season 6, things are heating up more than ever. The second spin-off of the popular medical drama Grey’s Anatomy will return in October for a brand-new season. Set against the backdrop of chilly Seattle, Station 19‘s crew of valiant firemen from the Seattle Fire Department ignites the city.

Every member of the squad, from the honorable captain to the newest addition, receives attention in the programme, offering us an inside look at how their personal and professional lives intersect.

Audiences can anticipate even more ferocious action and drama in its renewed season thanks to a group of excellent actors and a crew with similar levels of expertise. What is known about Station 19 Season 6 is listed below.

Brief Information About Station 19 Season 6

Name Station 19 Season 6
Produced By Shondaland and ABC Signature
Written By Stacy McKee
Station 19 Season 6 Release Date October 6, 2022

What is the Premiere Date of Station 19 Season 6?

The return of Station 19 for its sixth season will air on ABC on October 6 at 8 p.m. ET. Since ABC officially announced it in June, viewers may anticipate that Thursday nights would remain free throughout the fall.


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Station 19 Season 6: Cast Details

The Station 19 actors Pat Healy, Josh Randall, and Merle Dandridge are expected to return, and each of their characters has a rich past.

  • As Chief Natasha Ross, Merle Dandridge will return. Despite having a solely military background, her coworkers find her job life to be very uncomplicated. On the other side, her personal life can have a significant negative impact on her profession.
  • As Captain Sean Beckett, Josh Randall is still playing the part. He is an alcoholic and has been a firefighter for a long time.
  • Former Chief Michael Dixon, played by Pat Healy, comes back, and he holds opinions that differ from those of the bulk of the squad. There will be conflict in the firehouse because he is also a mayoral candidate.

Station 19 Season 6 Release Date

Other cast members are:

  • As Travis Montgomery, Jay Hayden
  • As Robert Sullivan, Boris Kodjoe
  • Lieutenant Theo Ruiz is played by Carlos Miranda
  • Carine Deluca is played by Stefania Spampinatio
  • Chief Merle Dandridge Nathaniel Ross
  • Andrea Herrera is played by Jaina Lee Ortiz
  • Dr. Benjamin is Jason Winston George
  • As Maya Bishop, Danielle Savre

The Plot: Expected Storyline of Station 19 Season 6

There were quite a few cliffhangers in the season finale episode, as you surely observed if you were able to read our Station 19 season 5 ending explanations. Jack left, as we already announced here. He not only departed the firehouse, but he also left his job, freeing up a position for Andy to be hired again.

Does this indicate that Jack will no longer appear in the series, or is he preparing on a road trip that involves self-discovery?

Station 19 Season 6 Release Date

Then there came Maya’s (Danielle Savre) “unwise” threat. She threatened to tell superiors that Robert and Natasha (Merle Dandridge) are dating if Natasha didn’t reinstate her as captain in her closing moments of the previous season.

Even while Maya undoubtedly believes she made the right decision, we can’t help but believe it will have a significant impact on her.

Also in the season 5 finale, Travis (Jay Hayden) thought he should run for mayor, Warren had to choose between his family and his profession, and Andy was about to formally be rehired at Station 19. Simply put, there are numerous storylines to examine in season 6.

Furthermore, it’s important to note that at this point in the game, there have been no official signals from the programme concerning the direction of the upcoming season. But we’ll be sure to let you know as soon as new details start to emerge.

Official Trailer of Station 19 Season 6

The tagline for the official 1:00-minute trailer that was released on September 23, 2022 read, “Station 19 Season 6 premieres Thursday, October 6th on ABC.”

The series follows a squad of firemen from the Seattle Fire Department at Station 19, from the captain on down the ranks to the newest recruit, in both their personal and professional life. The trailer provides a glance into the fundamental premise of the show. View the official trailer down below:

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can I Watch Season 6 of Station 19?

When it becomes available, Station 19 Season 6 can be seen online on ABC, fuboTV, or Hulu Plus. Additionally, viewers can stream all previous seasons by renting or buying them on Vudu, iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon Instant Video.

What Are Station 19’s IMDB Ratings?

The IMDB rating for “Station 19” is 6.8/10.

Where is the Station 19 Movie Made?

Filming for Station 19’s exterior scenes took place at the actual Station 20, located at 2800 15th Avenue West (Queen Anne, Seattle). In a Los Angeles studio, a facsimile of this station’s interior was constructed.