Is Stargate Universe Season 3 Cancelled?


Stargate Universe is Canada-American TV series that is a sci-fi show. The show is currently 2 seasons and fans are suspecting to have Season 3 because of the suspense ending in Season 2.In this article we’re going to talk whether there will be Stargate Universe Season 3 or not?

Stargate Universe was first released on October 2, 2009 in united states which attracts people because of the different storyline. In December 2009 the show maker decides to renew the show for it’s second installment and premiered the show on September, 2010.

The show featured actors Robert Carlyle, Louis Ferreira and many more. The show basically revolves around the actors who somehow got stucked in an unknown place which is quite far away from the Milky way galaxy.

Their team was traveling in a space ship which took them to several light billion years away from Earth. They are now trying to find a way for returning back to their home planet. At the same time, the team is exploring the surrounding of that area.

Will there be Season 3 of Stargate Universe?

Stargate Universe Season 3

If you have seen season 2, you’ll definitely know that the season ended in a cliffhanger and fans want to know more about an ending. There is no official statement about season 3 even we don’t know if there will be Season 3 or not.

The official team release a statement in 2011 that they have canceled the third installment of Stargate Universe.

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Why Stargate Universe canceled?

In 2011 the sci-fi show came forward in an open letter that there will be no Season 3 for Stargate Universe. The show premiered in 2009 with over 3 million-plus people watching it. But as the time passes the viewership of this show went down and then. It was decided to not launch it’s third season.

Although they released a Comic book for the show but fans are still hoping to see the third season but there will be no Season 3 for now. Watch this video to know more

One Fan launched the Season 3 ?

The show might don’t have huge viewership but do have loyal fans. One of the fan brought the whole fans together in order to make the season 3 for the people. In 2014, a fan started to raise the funding to have the season 3.

The fans raised over $27 Million Dollar to help in the financing of Stargate Universe. But still we don’t know because no official statement have been brought up to people.

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Stargate Universe’s Comic book.

Season 3 was decided to not happened and fans want to see the ending. A comic book named, “Stargate Universe – Back to destiny” was introduced to solve the unsolved mystery.

The comic book started with Louis Ferreira (also acted in the Man in high Castle) playing the role of Colonel Yong. Eli and other characters try to make him up from his and now he is finally awakened.

Stargate Universe

Then you’ll see a quick flashback how everything shorted out, how Eli trued hard to fix the pod and failed a numerous time making a pod but in the end she succeed.

In the later story, Eli come to know that the place have more pods hidden and decides to find them. During this process, they meet another character and then the story continues again in a suspenseful manner.

Although no original cast member can linked to this series but this is the only thing right now for the fans who are eagerly waiting for the Season 3 to release.

Famous Dialogue of Stargate Universe

It is quite clear that there will be no Season 3 and that’s why we are here for you to bring some of the famous dialogue of Stargate Universe to refresh your memories. Let’s take a look.

  • “It was never about going home. It’s about getting us to where we’re going. That – is – the mission.”
  •  “There is no mission other than getting these people home.”
  •  “I may be on the verge of discovering the true nature of Destiny’s mission.”
  •  “You’ve had control of this ship the whole time. Why wouldn’t you tell anyone?”
  • The Lucian Alliance is planning an attack on Earth.”
  • “I killed Riley. I suffocated him with my own hands.”
  • “You are a good commander.”

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Review of Stargate Universe

There are mixed reviews of people who have watched the TV series. Some people love some don’t. We have some feedback of people who have watched the series –

“I love this TV series”

“I simply don’t understand why they stop this series. It was so interesting and they would have at least continued for another 2 to 3 seasons for it to bloom up. I see lots of other useless stories getting dragged for many seasons. REALLY HOPE that someone will take it up and re continue this story. As I feel this story can be turned into any side with so many options.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE someone like Netflix or somebody RESTART this.

I love to see this again and again. And this is the 5th time I am re-watching these 02 seasons they did”

A boring TV show with normal acting

“This is a pitiful ending to a good franchise. Decent acting, a solid basic plot. But they didn’t keep it interesting. A group of people stuck on a ship they cant control that goes to who knows where. Its just really boring.”

“Waste of Time”

They cut their own throat with the constant conflict between an emotional unfit commander and an egotistic people challenged scientist! The writing was unimaginative and confusing! Characters’ development was empty stereotypes. Does not live up to the franchise. Nor did they explore anything but a better way to argue, debate, & fight each other. None of the characters rise to likability, which makes the series unlikable! Stargate Atlantis was so much more!


The TV show revealed in a statement that there will be no Season 3 for Stargate Universe. However, fans are looking for a way to see the ending and raises several funds in order to help the production team. Till now, there is no official statement whether there will be Season 3 or not.

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