Star Season 4:#SAVESTAR Campaign| Multiple Petitions Are Signed After Cancellation

Star is an American drama television series slightly different from other shows because in this you are going to see every next person is singing. The show revolves around three teenaged singers who used to sing on the roadside at the end becomes finally successful.

The series is created by Lee Daniels and Tom Donaghy. The first episode aired on December 14, 2016. The show stars Jude Demorest as Star Davis, Brittany O’Grady as Simone Davis Rivera, Ryan Destiny as Alexandra “Alex” Crane Jones, Amiyah Scott as Cotton Brown, Quincy Brown as Derek Jones, Benjamin Bratt as Jahil Rivera, and some other actors.

Star starts with the story of Star Davis, an orphan teenager whose mother got died from physical and sexual abuse at her foster’s house. He went to overcome this tragic incident. During his journey Star met Alexandra Crane who is a songwriter as well as a singer too. They befriended each other.

Now Star started thinking about escaping out from the town to make a successful singing group. In order to fulfill their dreams, they went to Atlanta and now a new story starts with tons of ups and downs in their life. The show is praised by both the critics and audience because of its superbly scripted plotline.

The show completed its third season on September 26, 2018, which aired on Fox and globally on the Netflix Network. Now the show has forty-eight episodes but still the followers of the Star’s want more but will there be more series?

Will There Be Star Season 4?

No, the show won’t return again! Show creator Lee Daniels announced the discontinuation of the show via an Instagram video in which he said-

“OK, so I’ve got some bad news: It ain’t happening,” Daniels says in the video. “I tried my best, guys. You know, we got some incredible people. I mean, I can’t even list everybody. I’ll say it in a letter. But in a nutshell, it ain’t happening.”

“I did my best. Just know that, like with Precious or with Empire … The ButlerMonster’s Ball, the next thing I do is going to be Star. It will exist in all of my work. I love you, all of the fans that have supported us.”

I know this is pitful 🙁 even I feel so bad after hearing this but still, we can do nothing about it! But what happened to Daniel, why he had to say all this?

According to the recent news, Charlie Collier( CEO of Fox Entertainment) said that they are willing to make “Empire”(another show of Daniels) more prioritize than “Star.” Also stated that they are going to make the sixth installment for the Empire and they can’t switch the Star series to 10 pm. Later came out with a news that they are canceling the show…

star season 4

Where We Can Watch Star Series?

The show is still trending on Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, and its official site Fox. You can stream all the three previous shows there without paying a single penny for that, so start watching the series from today as a substitute or you can also go for some new series, visit us at for more stuff.

Last Lines

After the series got a tag of cancellation by the Fox studios in May 2019, the followers of “Star” started a campaign titled #SAVESTAR on social media. They are not happy with the discontinuation of the show which leads them to start the campaign with multiple petitions.

Seeing the efforts from the follower’s Lee Daniels posted an Instagram post in which he mentioned- “Fighting guys! Will know this week… or top of next!” This gives a little hope to the followers and a couple of weeks later a piece of news aired by the Hollywood Reporter that there are possibilities that the “Star” would pick up by BET and OWN.

However, in the end, everything seems to befall from their exact place! May 31 is the last post of Daniel for the Star series in which he shows his grief by saying that- despite all of the efforts, he was not able to find a home for the show.

And now finally the show is canceled and has no chances of renewal at this time, stay tuned for more future updates.

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