Star Season 4- Story of 3 Girls | Plot| Cast| Release Date and more

The 4th Season of Star reveals the story of 3 girls who are talented singers. They faced many obstacles to achieve or fulfill their dreams of becoming star singers.


Star– is an American musical drama television series which is created by Lee Daniels and Tom Donaghy. This series is for the Fox Broadcasting Company.

First of all, I like to ask a question to all the fans….Do you love to enjoy drama series with music?

Star Season 4

If you like to enjoy television drama series, so this article is the best source for all of you. As this article contains all the relevant information regarding this television series like what happens in it, the casting characters, the upcoming date, trailer and more.

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Star Season 4

The story revolves around three talented and famous young singers. They start their music business on the road to get success and fame.

Star is one of the joint productions between Lee Daniels Entertainment and Fox television of 20th Century. The 3rd Season of Star premiered on 26th September, 2018 and comes on Fox on Wednesday at 9 pm.

Now, I think all the fans (including me) are waiting for it by heart. It’s time to discuss the plotline of the 4th Season of Star that may give your waiting a new direction.

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The Plotline of Star Season 4 |What happens in the 4th Season of Star?

The story of Season 4 of Star spins around the journey of singers (Star and Simone), singer/ song writer (Alex) towards musical stardom. Whereas, Star and Simone both come from hardship background and Alex leaves her comfort life behind.

They all go through the journey of hard situations just to fulfill their dreams and to make it big in the industry of music.

Star, Simone and Alex reach to Atlanta with a great expectation of brilliant career in the music industry. They met with Carlotta, godmother of Star and also the owner of beauty salon. Moreover, Carlotta plays a significant role in caring the three girls as a mother. Her trans daughter Cotton and talent manager Jahil also plays supportive roles in the show to make it more interesting.

Star Season 4

From this television drama series, it is apparent that the journey towards music industry needs sacrifices.

Throughout the journey, 3 protagonists find themselves facing some complications like personal issues, additional problems, difficult families and other restrictions.

Despite facing all the difficulties, the Trio starts their musical careers. Also, the 3 girls started making their name as an upcoming singer. They also tried to win various competitions and to win them that result in their popularity. By this they tried to fulfill their dream of becoming successful singers.

Very soon, the trio comes to realize the difficulties with stardom. He comes to know that sacrifices are required to stay on the top. The girls find themselves at war with other competitors and musicians. When they struggle for their relevance and stardom, they all realize the reality about their dreams.

After having this knowledge, I’m excited to know the leading characters of this drama series that make Star Season 4 heart touching for us (all the fans).

Cast/Characters of Star Season 4

  • Jude Demorest as Star Davis
  • Brittany O’Grady as Simone Davis Rivera
  • Ryan Destiny as Alex Crane Jones
  • Amiyah Scott as Cotton Brown
  • Quincy Brown as Derek Jones
  • Queen Latifah as Carlotta Renee Brown

We know that characters play a significant role in the progress/ success of any drama series. So, above mentioned are the main characters.

Now, the question arises for the premiere date of the 4th Season of Star…..

When Star Season 4 will be on our screen?| Release Date of Star season 4

Star was cancelled on May 10, 2019. It was decided that there won’t be any 4th season of Star but TV movie will wrap the series very soon. The series cancelled Star after 3 Seasons.

It has been cancelled by Fox.

Star Season 4

You all might be wondering about the fact that why is it cancelled? Or reason behind the cancellation…..

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Why is Star Season 4 Cancelled? | Reason behind the Cancellation

It was a tough choice for Fox to cancel the musical drama series but it wanted to give Empire the “send off it deserves”. The CEO of Fox Entertainment named Charlie Collier told that the Star Cancellation was tied as it wanted to prioritize the 6th and final season of Empire.

Let’s have a sharp look over the trailer to satisfy our needs………

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The Trailer of Star Season 2

The official trailer of the 4th Season of Star is not out yet as the series has been cancelled after the three seasons. So, there is no trailer for this cancelled series.

IMDb Rating of Star

The IMDb rating of Star is 6.7 out of 10. This shows the demand of the next season (4th Season) of Star.

Frequently Asked Question

What is Star Season 4?

Star Season 4 is an American musical drama television series.

What is it about?

The story spins around three talented and famous young singers.

Final Words

Star Season 4 is one of the best television drama series that reveals the story of the three girls who faced every struggle of their life to become one of the best singers.


  1. I’m 72 years old started watching Star on NetFlex so sad the show ended this way march2021 when can I find the final movie on star


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