Star Season 4 Release Date: Does the Show is Going to Face a Cancellation?

Lee Daniels and Tom Donaghy created the drama television programme Star, which is made by Lee Daniels Entertainment and 20th Century Fox Television. Star debuted on FOX on December 14 of last year. There have been three seasons so far. Based on 3,742 user votes, the series presently has an IMDb rating of 6.7 out of 10. Since we regularly track the news to keep you informed, this post contains the most recent information on the state of Star season 4.

About Star

The Atlanta-based television show chronicles the careers of three young, gifted female singers. Three months after the end of season two, the third season begins when Star (Demorest) returns home and Alex's (Destiny) and Simone's (O'Grady) final moments are revealed. Jude Demorest, Brittany O'Grady, Ryan Destiny, and Amiyah Scott are the series' main actors.

Star Season 4 Release Date

Potential Release Date of Star Season 4

Star was cancelled by Sky 1 in May 2019, and it was agreed at that time that there would be no Star Season 4 at all. You all will be curious as to how such a fantastic show, with such great potential for success, was cancelled by the FOX Studio.

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This was further supported by a video that Star Daniels released on his Instagram on how much the show's cancellation impacted its followers. He remarked “Okay, So I received some terrible news, that (Star) ain't happening” in the video he posted on Instagram. I made an effort. You know, we have some amazing folks. I won't mention it now, but the show isn't going to happen. I mean, I can't name everyone. He emphasised numerous times that he performed his best job, and he concluded the video by declaring that Star would be one of his most enduring creations. Season four has not been announced or planned as of August 2022.

Casting Crew

Except the three show's stars, Ryan Destiny, Jude Demorest, and Brittany O'Grady. Queen Latifah, Brandy Norwood, Amiyah Scott, Quincy Brown, Miss Lawrence, Luke James, Lance Gross, Matthew Noszka, Willam Levy, and numerous others are among the cast members of the play.

Star Season 4 Release Date

Expected Plot

The story of “Star” centres on Alex, a singer/songwriter, and his ascent to musical prominence along with budding singers Star and Simone. Alex uproots herself from her affluent existence while Star and Simone come from challenging backgrounds. The group embarks on a quest to achieve their goals and succeed in the music business.

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Star, Simone, and Alex encounter Carlotta, Star's godmother and the proprietor of a beauty parlour, after they go to Atlanta in an effort to start their musical careers.


Due to the show's cancellation in 2019 itself, no trailer or teaser will be released for it. However, there are other other shows that have been dropped by TV networks and taken up by streaming services as a result of fervent fan requests for the show's conclusion, but the actors and show's stars have remained entirely mute about the demise of their respective programmes.

It is clear that no streaming services have yet chosen to carry the show. As a result, no teaser or trailer for Star Season 4 has yet been made public. Till then you can watch the star season 3 trailer below.

Ratings and Reviews

As with the second season of the show, which was also poorly received, the Star's last season didn't do well with the audience for the programme. IMDB gives the entire three seasons of the show a rating of 6.7 out of 10.

Frequently Asked Questions

On Star, what happened to Davis?

After Star is arrested and Noah's toxicology testing comes back positive, Child Protective Services briefly removes Davis; however, when the test is found to be inaccurate, Davis is returned to his father, Noah, and his half-aunt, Simone.

What app offers free access to Star?

Both the official website and the Fox Now app make it simple and free to stream all of Star's previous and current episodes. Yes! Yes, free streaming is available, but only to network subscribers.

Why did they discontinue Star?

Following the cancellation of “Star” in May after three seasons, Daniels declared he was attempting to sell the musical drama series to other networks. After failing in those endeavours, he formally proclaimed the series dead in late May.

Angel and Simone continue to be together?

In Take It To Church, Angel consented to marry Simone in order to keep her out of jail, and the two are now wed.

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