Star Align Anime Season 2: Will There Be a Re Main Anime Season 2?

Most of the great shows in this genre have drawn a sizable audience. The Stars Align anime is an excellent example of this. Despite the show's standard sports premise, the characters manage to stand out and elevate it above the competition. This has resulted in massive demand for Season 2 from Stars Align fans who want to see more of them.

Please tell us when the show will return to our screens. See what's new this week. Stars Align, or Hoshiai no Sora, is an original Japanese sports drama anime television series. The show's executive producer was Kazuki Akane, while the first season of the show was animated by the Eight Bit animation company.

On October 11th, 2019, the show's first season aired its twelve episodes. On December 27, 2013, the final episode of the season aired. A particular fan film was also made two years after the end of the anime series in May.

Season 2 of Stars Align Has Been Renewed for a Second Season

Stars Align season 2

The first season of Hoshiai no Sora was among the year's best anime shows. The film's performance wowed critics and audiences alike. At the time of this writing, MyAnimeList has given the show a rating of 7.57 stars. The popularity and reception of the anime are excellent.

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With 147K members, it is the #1170 most popular MAL group. Based on these figures, the creators of Season 2 of Stars Align will be convinced to continue the series. The show's fans have sent many messages to those involved in its production. However, it was only the show's director who went backwards. According to the schedule, the program should be cleared very soon.

Season 2 of Stars Align Is Scheduled to Premiere on September 15, 2017

A Twitter Q&A session with the show's director, Stars Align, was held to answer viewers' worldwide questions. The original plan called for a 24-episode run. Akane stated that there would be no more episodes beyond the 13th that were cancelled. A few hours later, on Twitter, he backtracked and apologized for the lack of production companies or sponsors willing to back the second season of Stars Align.

Aside from that, he's already begun work on the series' next 13-24 installments. Kazuki Akane has promised to continue the series to keep this sports drama alive once he locates another filming location for the sequel.

Season 2 of Stars Align Will Be Released on This Date.

Stars Align season 2

The second season of Hoshiai no Sora may be delayed. The director will begin pre-production after securing a studio. If Akane finds a new production company soon, she may be able to extend the show's run until 2023.

The Second Season of Stars Align Storyline

The only thing I remember about “Prince of Tennis” is that it was a fantastic anime about tennis. As a result, unlike other sports anime series, this one focuses on things other than basketball and volleyball. Individuals are the driving force behind the overall story, which takes place in a typical high school setting.

People who enjoy a good story about an underdog will find great inspiration in sporting events like these. “Hoshiai no Sora” is an absolute must for anime fans because of this.

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The show's first season has ended, and you may be wondering if it will be renewed for a second. Everything you need to know about it is available here. The junior high school soft tennis club is on the verge of disbanding due to a lack of student participation.

That's why Touma Shinjou is desperate for Maki Katsuragi, a talented classmate and fellow member of his club, to join him. He accepts, but Katsuragi insists that he be paid so that he can continue playing. The two agree to save their school's tennis club and become the next state champions.

Who Will Be in the Stars Align Season 2 Cast?

Stars Align season 2

The lead character, Maki Katsuragi, voiced by Justin Briner, is expected to appear in Season 2 of Stars Align. He is an amateur tennis player who quickly becomes the best player in the soft tennis club, despite his exemplary skills as a student. In the wake of their divorce, he now lives with his mother and spends his time running errands for the household.

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Toma Shinjo, voiced by Josh Grelle, is a captain of the school's soft tennis team in Stars Align Season 2. Before Maki joined, he was the only one who took the game seriously. Also expected in Season 2 are characters such as Itsuki Ameno (voiced by Derick Snow) and Rintaro Fusu (expressed by Garret Storms), Tsubasa Soga (voiced by Rico Fajardo), Shingo Takenouchi (voiced by Adam Gibbs), Nao Tsukinose (voiced by Matt Shipman) and Taiyo Ishigami (voiced by Dallas Reid).

The show is also expected to feature Kaori Kasuga, Aya Katsuragi, Kenji Kyobate, and Toma's mother, all voiced by Tia Ballard and Mikaela Krantz, respectively.

A Few Parting Thoughts

‘Stars Align' premiered on October 11th, 2019, and ran for 12 episodes before wrapping up on December 27th, 2019. This sports anime has been well-received, and many fans are eagerly awaiting the show's second season compared to recent sports anime. Kazuki Akane, the show director, tweeted that the anime's first season was initially scheduled to include 24 episodes but was trimmed to 12 episodes due to scheduling conflicts.

This is good news for these fans. Also, as stated in his post, he reminds fans to keep supporting the show until it makes a comeback in some form or another.


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