Stan against Evil – Honest Review Of This Show| Season 4 Updates

Horror movies are always popular and that’s why we are very consistent about our readers because we know that they love this type of movie. Other than that, comedy-drama is also something that makes our mood all cheer up. But have you ever seen both at the same time? Ike haunting with the thought of something scary and at the same time laughing out loud about it. Well, this might sound strange to you but not to the creators of Stan against Evil

Stan against Evil is a Comedy Horror Television series that was first released on October 31, 2016. The show has released three seasons so far now. Stan against evil was an experimental task for Dana Gould and he did an amazing job in creating the show. 

The show really did amazing as it airs on the television for the first time. The show gained both the love and interest of the audience. After season 1 ended, there was a demand for season 2. The creators were also loving producing this amazing show and of course, the audience was happy. In this article, we’ll be reviewing this show deeply for you. If you are a fan of this show or a newcomer, then read this article till the end and know everything about it. 

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stan against evil season 4

Stan against Evil – A Comedy Series for the audience

The American drama consists of 3 seasons with a total of 24 episodes. The show has an amazing storyline that will definitely attract your eyes. The show stars John C. McGinley as the main protagonist of this show, who is famous for his amazing role in the Office space and The Rock. 

The story focuses on a town in the fictional city, where the castle is haunted by demons and witches. The main cast of this show, Stanely Miller is the sheriff of the town. His people decided to make him resign from the post of sheriff after her wife died. Her wife’s funeral made a violent scene in the episodes and the people who were present there decided to make this change.

After season 1 ends, season 2 released, and likewise the third season released for the audience. After the end of season three, the audience was looking at the updates for season 4. Till now, the creators haven’t said anything about the season four renew status. 

Stan Against Evil – Let’s see the cast of this show

The show stars John C. McGinley as the main character of this show. He is the former sheriff of the haunted town and later after his wife dies, the people of the area decide to change the sheriff. His power was taken after his wife’s funeral incident. Other than him, the show has several other characters like Evie Barret. She is also one of the main characters of the show. 

After John, she was made the new sheriff. Evie was a single mom and was truly devoted to her job. But later, the show unfolds many things, which make the show more interesting. I will not spoil the story here and if you are planning to watch something unique then you should consider this point.

In the next few lines, we will see the characters and the actors who play their roles. 

  • The main character of this show, Stanley Miller. He is the sheriff of the city who later resigns. John C. McGinley played the role of Stanley Miller. 
  • Coming to the next character i.e., Evie Barret. Janet Varney has played the role of this character. She is the newly elected sheriff of the town.
  • Deborah Baker Jr. is cast as Denise Miller. She is Stan’s daughter
  • Nate Mooney will be seen as Deputy Leon Drinkwater

Stan Against Evil – Will there be a season 4 of this show?

The show has three seasons so far now and people are waiting for the release of the fourth season. But while the wait has taken a long time, there will be no more season 4 of this show.

The creators have officially canceled the series for the audience and season 3 was the final season. Other than that, it was also reported that the series was not doing that much great for the show makers and the ratings and viewership was getting down day by day. 

As the episodes increase, the number of show admirers also reduces as the season increases. After all these things, the creator decided to end the series in season 3. 

From an insider. It was revealed that taking the cancellation decision was tough for the producers because some of them really enjoyed the show. At last, they decided to finally cancel it.

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stan against evil season 4

What are the ratings of this show?

The rating of this show decreased after it extended the story more and more. The critics have rated this show with below-average ratings. Starting with the IMDb rating, the show has a 7.3/10 rating. The Common sense media has rated Stan against evil with a 3/5 rating. Coming to the last rating of critics, the Metacritics have rated the show with 57% of rating

The audience rating of this show wasn’t mentioned but it looks like the show was liked by them. 

Final words

The horror comedy-drama series, Stan against evil, has officially ended and there will be no more season of this show. The show has released 3 seasons till now and the third season was decided to be the last season. The show ends dramatically with Stan making a deal with the demon to feed his body and make him a host. After stan that, he kills himself and that’s how the story ends. The ending of this show seemed to be normal and I don’t really think that there will be more to this story. 

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