Sri Lanka and UAE Chosen As India’s Backup For 2021 T20 WorldCup: ICC

For the 2021 men’s world cup, as announced by ICC, India is chosen to be the host. It is not sure whether India will be able to host or not. However, ICC has kept options open by keeping Sri Lanka and UAE as backups. 

Looking at the current situation compared to other countries in the world, Sri Lanka is doing really well as they have just 2,881 active cases, out of which 2,683 have already recovered. These statistics show that Sri Lanka is one of the best options to be considered. 

Talking about UAE, on the other hand, they have 63,489 active cases, and 57,372 have been recovered. Also, BCCI has decided to have UAE as the venue for IPL, which has been postponed to September this year. So, yes, UAE is correctly chosen by ICC. 

Although everyone was excited for this grand event to take place in Australia, due to this pandemic and the rise in the number of cases and not being able to manage 16 teams, it had to be remitted. It is good that we will at least get to enjoy the T20 world cup, not as a live audience and not in Australia, but something is always better than nothing, right? 

Sri Lanka and UAE Chosen As India’s Backup For 2021 T20 WorldCup: ICC

Can India Be a Host?

An increase in the Covid-19 cases in India has raised the question of whether India can host the T20 World cup or not. There is a massive spike in Covid-19 cases in India. Recovery rate is good in India, but the fear among the players will interrupt the game. 

India is the 3rd worst Covid-19 hit country globally, with the confirmed cases of 2.4M, but the point is that 1.6M is recovered to date. India has the capacity to organize the event well with precautions

India has a total of 52 international stadiums, the most among any country in the world. India has the world’s largest stadium in the world, which is Sardar Patel Stadium, as the largest boundary in the world is of  Melbourne Cricket Ground

Anyways because of Covid-19 rising in India, ICC has kept UAE and Sri-Lanka as the options for hosting the World Cup, as the IPL will be held in UAE, and it is confirmed. Still, we have a long way to go, and the T20 World Cup is in 2021. 

If things go well, India will definitely host the event in the future, as players all around the world love the Indian audience.  


ICC always has probable backups for every match they have ever scheduled. Still, as we are in this pandemic, selecting an ideal substitute is important as there are many essential aspects that need to be considered before any final decision is made.

Although, as of now, Sri Lanka and UAE have been selected as the two backups for 2021 men’s T20 World Cup.

That’s all for now, revisit us soon because we are coming back with latest updates soon.

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