Spy X Family Season 2 Ending Explained: Recap of Episode 20


Spy X Family Season 2 Episode 20 premiered on November 19, bringing an exciting continuation of the second season. Anya is depicted following Loid to his “place of employment” in order to complete a school project.

“Spy x Family” Season 2 features a very catchy opening score for the introduction and an equally memorable concluding score for the conclusion. After binge-watching the remaining episodes of this season, audiences eagerly awaited Season 3 of the much-anticipated anime series, with much excitement.


Spy X Family Season 2 Ending Explanation

The plot of “Spy x Family” centers around Operation Strix, which has entered a new phase in which Loid must make contact with Donovan Desmond, a major player in the Ostanian Government. His one phrase might either prevent or initiate a new war between Westasia and Ostania. Donovan is a recluse, as he seldom leaves his home without security and makes as few public appearances as possible.

Due to the strong protection, it is extremely difficult for the agencies to successfully access Desmond's estate. Donovan also raises his children as complete strangers to prevent having any weaknesses; consequently, if his children were ever kidnapped to challenge his dominance, he could quickly sever all relations with them.


Spy X Family Season 2 Ending Explained: Recap of Episode 20

Although Loid Forger was unaware of this fact, as he had already established his family and ensured Anya attended Eden and grew closer to Damian, Anya works hard to attain the Stellas and create a better relationship with Damian, but to no avail; Damian does exhibit the beginnings of a crush on Anya, but despite treating her coldly, he gives in to her antics.

Loid maintained little contact with Damian until the very end of this season when Damian mustered the bravery to request to meet his father at the start of the gathering. Loid uses the identical keychain Anya gave her and Becky to commemorate the beginning of their beautiful friendship as an excuse to see Damian, who is meeting Donovan. Anya had a significant role in persuading Damian to see his father and inform him about his accomplishments, as he had desired, but he hesitated out of fear of a lack of response.

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After Anya's encouragement, Damian mustered the resolve to meet with his father. Loid used this occasion to impress Donovan Desmond, reassure Damian that his father had not abandoned him, and ensure that Donovan would remember his name. Thus, formally concluding Phase 2, the establishment of communication with Donovan, and commencing Phase 3, the infiltration of his residence.

The Plotline of Spy X Family Season 2

Anya meets her new family member, Bond, and resolves an issue with him as the second season of “Spy x Family” begins. Loid is dispatched on an urgent expedition to find pets for Anya. While Yor and Anya navigate the pet adoption fair, Anya's attention is drawn to a large white dog with the extraordinary ability to predict the future. She instantly runs to him and obtains information about a terrorist mission.

Anya and Bond save Loid from certain death, as she had seen in Bond's vision, while Loid saves the Prime Minister from the terrorist attack and averts war. Bond is then recognized as a forger, and in the days that follow, Yor enrolls in cookery classes where she learns to prepare a family-friendly dinner. The bond between Loid and Franky emerges as they both drink away their relationship problems.

Spy X Family Season 2 Ending Explained: Recap of Episode 20

In the meantime, a new spy, Daybreak, is hired to sabotage the Desmond brothers' results, but his career is cut short before it begins when Loid intervenes and corrects the results. Later in the episodes, Fiona is introduced as a love rival, and Yor grows somewhat insecure owing to her presence. Fiona leaves the Forger family to train her to serve after being brutally trounced by Yor in a singles tennis match.

As they go closer to becoming a true family, Loid takes Yor out to discuss the insecurities she must have felt at the time. The season concludes with Donovan's introduction as the school hosts its annual Imperial Scholars family reunion. As Loid attempts to make contact with Desmond, the relationship between Damian and his father, Desmond, becomes clear.

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The Voice Cast of Spy x Family Season 2

Due to the continuity of Spy x Family's cast throughout seasons 1 and 2, the cast will likely remain the same during season 2. Here is the principal Japanese voice cast: