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Spy X Family Part 2 Episode 12: Release Date, Plot, Cast, & More

Spy x Family Part 2 Episode 12 is expected to be released soon, and the excitement among the show’s numerous fans is great. This anime tells the story of Twilight, a gifted spy who must construct a phony family in order to achieve his secret mission.

Viewers can expect more daring missions and suspenseful narrative twists in this installment of Spy x Family Part 2. The roster of characters will also grow with the addition of new faces.

Release Date of Spy x Family Part 2 Episode 12

Spy x Family Part 2’s upcoming season episode 12 will air on December 17, 2022. This will be the first time the show has aired two episodes in a single day. And the first of the 12 episodes will air at 10:30 a.m. EST.

Where Can I Watch Spy x Family Online?

Netflix has announced that the anime adaptation of the popular manga series SpyFamily will be available on the streaming service.

As a result, you can quickly watch the most recent anime, SpyFamily, on Netflix. There is also a likelihood that Crunchyroll will be showing all of the SpyFamily anime episodes.

What is the Plot of Spy x Family Part 2?

Now that Anya Forger is a student at the elite Eden Academy, phase two of Operation Strix begins. Anya can learn more about Ostanian statesman Donovan Desmond by making friends with his son Damian or by obtaining eight Stella Stars and becoming an Imperial Scholar.

Spy X Family Part 2 Episode 12: Release Date, Plot, Cast, & More

Anya, thankfully, has already received her first asterisk. Loid, her adoptive father, decides to fulfill her wish by adopting a dog as a gift for the occasion.

During the canine search, Loid’s superiors give him new orders after discovering that a group of Berlin University students is going to assassinate Westalis’ Minister Brantz by having the dogs carry the bombs.

As Loid seeks to hinder the terrorists’ plans, Anya discovers their refuge. During her stay, she befriends a psychic dog whom her family later names Bond. A new fluffy family member helps the Forgers stay together while they continue to live their lives in secret.

The Voice Cast and Characters in Spy x Family Part 2

The drama stars a number of well-known and outstanding actors, including

Spy X Family Part 2 Episode 12: Release Date, Plot, Cast, & More

Spy x Family Part 2 Previous Episode Recap

At this moment, there is no summary of the previous episode of Spy x Family Part 2. Continue to check back on our page as we will keep you updated. Check to visit our website for more information. You can simply find out if we update anything on this issue if you bookmark our page.


If you have never seen the series and are interested in its quality, I can assure you that it is rather nice! 8.6/10 is a respectable IMDb rating, while the show has an 8.74/10 rating on MyAnimeList. So, yes, this show is in my book. If you’re still on the fence about viewing it, read what others had to say about it after you.


Spy x Family Episode 12 is a fantastic show that has been well-received by audiences and is growing in popularity. The creators have done an outstanding job of developing an exciting plot and characters that will keep viewers interested.

Despite changes to several aspects of the show, its quality has not been compromised. Furthermore, the series entertains and inspires viewers, making it worthwhile to watch. Overall, Spy x Family is a fun anime that deserves all of the praise it’s been getting recently.