Sound Euphonium Season 3 Release Date When Will This Anime Air? 2023 or 2024

Third season of Sound Ephonium, commonly known as Hibike! The euphonia, sometimes called Hibike! An anime television programme called Yufoniamu, commonly known as Hibike in Japanese, is based on a series of Japanese novels. AyanoTakeda is the author of the novel series, which debuted on December 25, 2013. Every day, new volumes are still being published. A year after its first release, the novel series was later transformed into a manga series. This gained a lot of traction.

What is the Potential Release Date of Sound Euphonium Season 3?

It was recently revealed that a new TV anime season is in development for 2024 at a livestream event for the anime version of Ayano Takeda and Nikki Asada’s Hibike! Euphonium (Sound! Euphonium). Additionally, a fresh OVA will hit theatres in 2023.

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Season 2 of Sound! Euphonium was made available on October 6, 2016, and it ran until December 29, 2016. Starting on December 21, 2016, a handful of special episodes were also made accessible. A compilation film named Hibike was released a year later. Released was Euphonium Movie 2 – Todoketai Music.  The release date for Sound! Euphonium’s third season, Hibike Yufoniamu, has been planned for 2024.

Cast of Sound Euphonium Season 3

The expected cast of sound euphonium season 3 is Kumiko, a freshman in high school. Although she was raised in Kansai, she speaks standard Japanese, Reina plays the trumpet and is a stunning woman with long, black hair. She attended the same junior high school as Kumiko and belonged to the concert band club there. Kumiko tries to manage schoolwork and band practise throughout the entire programme and encounters a number of challenges in her path to pursuing music, but she never gives up on her dream of being a great musician.

Sound Euphonium Season 3 Release Date
Asuka, the show’s final main character, is the vice president of the high school brass band and is older than Kumiko and Reina. Asuka, the show’s final main character, is the vice president of the high school brass band and is older than Kumiko and Reina.
Taki is the concert band club’s advisor in addition to being the new music teacher at Kitauji High School. Additionally, he is in charge of the second-year pupils in Class 5.

Expected Plot

Season 3 of Sound Euphonium, which will debut in 2024, will centre on Kumiko’s third year of high school. Sound! Music is a focus of euphonium. High school students and their school bands are the main subjects. The show starts when euphonist Kumiko Oumae enrols in high school. When Kumiko Oumae enrols in high school, she rekindles her love for music. She is a talented euphonist who was also prevented from playing music in middle school due to an unfortunate incident.

Sound Euphonium Season 3 Release Date
In order to participate in the national school band competition, Kumiko forms a band with the help of her longtime friends, such as hornist-turned-trombonist Shuuichi Tsukamoto and trumpeter Reina Kousaka, as well as some new friends, such as aspiring tubist Hazuki Katou, seasoned contrabassist Sapphire Kawashima, and band vice president and fellow euphonist Asuka Tanaka.

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Fresh band advisor Noboru Taki provides her new hope and assists in focusing the band’s energies in a positive direction.


The official trailer of Euphonium season 3 is here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sound Euphonium has how many seasons?

Its anime adaptations were handled by Kyoto Animation, which in 2015 and 2016 produced two seasons of a television series chronicling Kumiko Oumae’s first year of high school. Liz and the Blue Bird and Sound!, two theatrically released animated movies

Where can I see euphonium played?

The drama film The Finale of Oath, starring Sora Amamiya, Takahiro Sakurai, and Kenjiro Tsuda, is currently streaming online. Watch it on your Roku device with Freevee, VUDU, Prime Video, or the Vudu Movie & TV Store.

What is the plot of euphonium anime?

Six students are imprisoned in an enigmatic futuristic complex and made to dance to the music of a cruel computer game, in which breaking the rules results in death.

Kumiko Oumae enjoys whom?

The viewers who had been rooting for the girls to be together were confused when the show abruptly changed course at the end of the previous episode. Kumiko admits to her senpai Asuka as her new love interest instead of Reina.