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Sons of the Forest Release Date: Check Out the Latest Update About Game!

Sons of the Forest Release Date

When will Sons of the Forest be released? September 2022! We understand that this is a bit longer than you would have liked, but fans of ‘The Forest' will not have to wait too much longer to play this whole new adventure. We hope Endnight Games does not experience another delay.

However, they are a small crew, so we wouldn't begrudge them if they needed a little bit more time to complete this fascinating new survival horror sequel.

For the time being, continue reading for the most up-to-date gameplay information, a look at the platforms the game will be available on, and speculation on where the plot may be headed. Here is what we currently know.

Sons of the Forest's Release Date

Sons of the Forest was originally scheduled to release in May 2022, however, Endnight announced in March 2022 that the game's release date had been pushed back to October 2022.

The developers acknowledged that their planned release date was “overly ambitious,” but that the delay would allow them to realize their ambition for the “next stage in survival gaming.”

The Gameplay of Sons Of The Forest

In addition to what we've seen in the trailers above, the game's Steam page also gives gamers a sense of what to expect from the sequel, as detailed below.

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A Survival Horror Simulator – Experience complete independence in your approach to the world. You determine what to do, where to go, and how to survive most effectively. There are no NPCs that yell instructions at you or give you missions against your will. You issue the orders and decide the subsequent actions.

Fight Demons – Enter a world where nowhere is safe and battle a variety of deformed creatures, some of which are virtually human-like and others of which are unlike anything you've ever encountered. Armed with handguns, axes, stun batons, and other weapons, defend yourself and your loved ones.

Construct and Craft – Experience every interaction; Break sticks to create fires. Use an axe to remove flooring and windows. Choose between constructing a little cabin or a sprawling seaside estate.

Changing Seasons – In the spring and summer, harvest fresh salmon directly from streams. Gather and store meat for the harsh winter. You are not alone on this island, so as winter approaches and supplies grow short, you will not be the only one searching for sustenance.

Cooperative Gameplay Thrive alone or with companions. Share goods and collaborate to construct fortifications. To investigate above and below ground, bring a backup.

Game Plot of Sons of the Forest

If you enjoy the look of Sons of the Forest but need a short recap of what transpired in the first game, The Forest, check out the IGN video below.

It provides you with all the essential information you need to get up to speed in less than 5 minutes. Uncertain, however, is whether Sons of the Forest is a direct or indirect sequel.

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What is Sons of Forest's plot? As mentioned, it is unclear whether Sons of the Forest is a direct continuation of The Forest's events. Furthermore, it is unclear whether The Forest's endings are canon and when the game takes place.

On the game's Steam page, the only official description of the plot reads: “Sent to find a lost millionaire on a distant island, you find yourself in a cannibal-infested hell.”

According to our theory, the ‘billionaire' is Timmy Leblanc from the first game. Timmy is shown researching the island at the conclusion of “The Forest” with a note reading “Site 2” written on a map.

We believe Timmy has traveled to ‘Site 2' in search of explanations as to why he is experiencing side effects from the Resurrection Obelisk, which caused Megan Cross to mutate into a horrific monster at the conclusion of the original game.

In the third trailer for Sons of the Forest, we also see an older man yell “get down son,” but this time from the perspective of someone lying on the ground. We believe we are watching Timmy's father, Eric, defend him (formally the main character from the first game).

We are presumably part of a crew dispatched to the island by Eric, who is attempting to locate his son.

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That is all you need to know regarding Sons of the Forest. If you're interested in additional upcoming games for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC, check out the guides listed immediately below.

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