Some of the Best TV Shows From 2000 Onwards


Are you ever stuck on a series to watch? We get it, the pool of content on streaming services can be extensive, so stay tuned as we list some of the best TV shows from the year 2000 onwards, to assist with the selection process.

How I Met Your Mother


Focusing on Ted Mosby's life, the storyline of How I Met Your Mother is simply him reflecting on his life as he tells his two kids in 2030, the events leading up to how he met their mother. The show features Ted and his group of friends and focuses on what they got up to as young adults.

Although this show is highly entertaining, there has been some criticism about the ending of the show, but we will leave that up to you to make your own decision. You can catch random episodes of the show on British TV channel E4 for some casual viewing. Click here for TV aerial installation.

Everybody Hates Chris


Set in 1980s America, Everybody Hates Chris focuses on the past life of Chris Rock and his struggles as a teen. The show has been justified as one of the best TV shows of all time, as it successfully captures what life is truly like for a young boy in the high school era of life, especially as it covers race and social class struggles within society. The humour in the show is second to none and can be a hilarious watch for the full family.

South Park

Known as one of the greatest cartoons of all time, South Park is sure to brighten you up on your darker days. Following the lives of four fourth-grade students, with an extremely crude and foul-mouthed attitude, they are sure to give you a good laugh. Although it is a cartoon, viewer discretion is advised as the boys, and other characters within the show, do not hold back on foul language and explicit references.

Since its debut in 1997, 24 years ago, the show has confirmed that it has been renewed through to 2027, so the humour and sarcasm aren't guaranteed to stop anytime soon!

Desperate Housewives

We are sure that you have heard of the hit TV series Desperate Housewives, but whether you have watched it or not is a different question. Following a close-knit group of middle-aged women who reside within the mysterious Wisteria Lane, the series starts as they live life through the eyes of their former friend who committed suicide.

Eventually, other secrets unfold as we realise that the drama and mystery don’t stop with this group of neighbours. With additional disappearances, deaths, affairs, kidnappings, and prison sentences, you never know what is around the corner next. Suspenseful and mysterious, yet still one of the best TV shows that premiered from 2004 to 2012.

Malcolm in the Middle

Malcolm, born into a family of four, then eventually five, boys, struggles to deal with life as an intellectually gifted young boy. With a crazy family, they just do not understand his ability, and it seems those at school don’t either. Tune in to find out how Malcolm copes with his dysfunctional life with a high IQ. If you are looking to view Breaking Bad’s Walter White as Malcolm's down-to-earth and child-at-heart father, be sure to tune into this hit American sitcom.

Gavin and Stacey

Ever wondered what it is like to fall in love over the phone? Switch Gavin and Stacey on to find out! Stacey from Wales and Gavin from Essex have been communicating over the phone for months and this TV show demonstrates their life when they finally encounter one another in real life.

However, it is not all fun and games when their families and two worlds collide, especially when their two best friends form a difficult and complex relationship. If you want to know how James Corden and his humour rose to fame, certainly tune in to one of the best TV shows exposed to the British public.

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

If you love a good mystery series, CSI is certainly the show for you. The best part? This is not a series that you consecutively must follow. As each episode focuses on solving a separate crime it is the perfect show for light and easy viewing. At the beginning of the episode, the viewer is exposed to a crime being committed, and once the CSI team arrives on the scene, the remainder of the episode focuses on the crime being solved.

Full of suspense and mystery, it is no surprise that this TV show lasted for 15 successful seasons! Be sure to check out CSI: Miami and CSI: New York when you finish the original series.

Gossip Girl

Following a group of privileged young adults living in Manhattan's Upper East Side, Gossip Girl covers their lives day in and day out. However, more of their life is exposed through the mysterious blogger “Gossip Girl” who continuously leaks secrets about the Upper East Siders online.

With drama centred around relationships, family, friends, and school, this show will constantly keep you engrossed and entertained. If you get through the six seasons, the real Gossip Girl will be revealed, and let us tell you, you may be incomplete shock at the outcome!