So, Just How Much Cocaine Did the Bear Consume in ‘Cocaine Bear’?

Now that Cocaine Bear has been released in theatres for everyone’s viewing pleasure, there is a pressing question that must be resolved. What quantity of cocaine did the bear consume?

As its title suggests, the film will depict what transpires when a majestic animal comes into contact with an illegal, potent, and costly narcotic. Cocaine use is prevalent. A bear goes wild. People are consumed.

How Much Cocaine Did the Bear Consume in ‘Cocaine Bear’?

Before answering, we must inform you, dear reader, that Cocaine Bear is based on the behaviors of a real bear (his name wasn’t Cocaine Bear, but you get the idea).

In light of this, it is possible to calculate how much cocaine the inspiration for Cocaine Bear actually consumed. In 1985, a drug smuggler in Georgia dropped a 75-pound suitcase of cocaine into the forest. where an unfortunate bear discovered it.

And you are aware of what bears do when they encounter objects that resemble food, correct? According to a 1985 Associated Press article, the real-life cocaine bear had 3 to 4 grams of cocaine in its system. Yet, the medical examiner at the time considered that the bear may have consumed more than that amount of cocaine.

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What Are the Post Consumption of Cocaine on Bear in the Film?

So, Just How Much Cocaine Did the Bear Consume in 'Cocaine Bear'?

In the film Cocaine Bear, the bear consumes the entire duffel bag of cocaine that is dropped in the forest and then goes on a murderous rampage. It is unclear how much cocaine the bear consumes in the picture, but it is evident that Cocaine Bear becomes ravenous for human flesh after consuming the illegal narcotic.

Nevertheless, after taking all of the cocaine, the actual bear perished before it could harm anyone else. With reference to the Associated Press account, the actual cocaine bear was discovered dead within 100 yards of three duffel bags holding a staggering total of 218 pounds of cocaine. The empty bag holding the cocaine that the bear consumed was discovered near the creature’s body.

Is Cocaine Bear Inspired by a True Story?

Elizabeth Banks‘ film Cocaine Bear is partially based on a true tale. In September of 1985, Andrew Thornton, a convicted drug smuggler, allegedly threw approximately 75 pounds of cocaine from an airplane.

So, Just How Much Cocaine Did the Bear Consume in 'Cocaine Bear'?

Thornton had leaped out of the jet himself, but the cargo was too big for him to land safely, and it crashed somewhere around the Georgia-Tennessee state line. There, according to the medical examiner at the time, a mountain bear died after consuming “three to four grams.

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We are aware of its specific destination once it becomes available for streaming. Cocaine Bear will soon be accessible for streaming on Peacock, given that it was distributed by Universal Pictures, which owns Universal Pictures). But, it will likely be at least 30 to 45 days until the picture is available for streaming, given that it just debuted in theatres.