Will There Be a So Help Me Todd Season 2 and Who is the Showrunner?


Who is ready for So Help Me, Todd, season 1 to end tonight? We sure are! The show has been a great addition to CBS since it started. With the last episode airing tonight, some fans may be worried about what will happen to the show after this. Has the court drama been canceled or renewed?

The last episode of the season was “Are You There, Todd? In “It's Me, Margaret,” the main character takes over an important discussion when his mother, Margaret, is too sick to work.


The synopsis says she will also use her own detective skills for something. Somewhere else, Margaret and Gus share their first kiss. Yay!

This show airs tonight, May 18, 2023, at 9 p.m. ET on CBS. So, are you ready? Finales usually leave us on a cliffhanger, so we can keep wanting to watch more. Is there going to be more to the story? We've got the answer for you down below!

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Will There Be a So Help Me Todd Season 2?

Thank goodness, we won't be dreading the conclusion! CBS has given So Help Me, Todd, a season 2 renewal. Months before this final show was scheduled to air, in February, the network actually announced the wonderful news! We are not shocked since the show consistently draws 4.5 to 5 million people each week.

So Help Me Todd Season 2

At present, the legal drama is included in the CBS primetime schedule for 2023–2024. Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET will remain their time slot. Depending on how long the WGA strike may last, Season 2 should premiere in the fall of 2023.

The season's plot and cast members who will be returning to their roles are still unknown. Keep an eye on Hidden Remote, though, since we'll bring you all those details as soon as we know them.

Tonight, May 18, 2023, CBS will broadcast the So Help Me Todd season 1 finale. Paramount+ offers episodes for streaming as well.

What Will Be the Plot of So Help Me Todd Season 2?

The end of Season 1 ofSo Help Me, Todd,” which is still running, is not known. The story will probably keep going in the next season. Every week, a new case could be about Todd and Margaret's long histories.

Mother and son will have to work together to solve the problem. Todd will try some strange tricks, and his mother will use her law degree to free their client. Todd will always need Lyle (Tristen J. Winger) to help him reach his goals.

So Help Me Todd Season 2

Madeline Wise plays Todd's sister Allison, who is a doctor like their mother. She will come back to help with medical issues and show how different Todd and Margaret are as people.

Francey (Rosa Evangelina Arredondo) will bring intelligence and strength. The love friction between Susan and Todd will not go away. Let's not forget about Todd's older brother Lawrence (Matthew Wilkas), his husband Chet Venables (Thomas Cadrot), and their daughter Clem (Artemis Litsiadis).

In February 2023, “So Help Me Todd” author Scott Prendergast told OregonLive that Season 2 would include a big wedding episode filmed in Portland, Oregon. “I can't tell you who's getting married,” Prendergast said, but he planned to film at Portland sites and was hiring one of the city's famous musical bands to play a wedding band.

Who is the So Help Me Todd Season 2 Showrunner?

So Help Me Todd” will probably keep the same director for its second season. According to Deadline, Elizabeth Klaviter, who started the show in May 2022, will continue to run it for CBS for the foreseeable future.

So Help Me Todd Season 2

Before working on “So Help Me, Todd,” Klaviter was in charge of the “Silence of the Lambs” follow-up show “Clarice” until it was canceled. She also worked on “Grey's Anatomy” and “Private Practice,” and on “Grey's Anatomy,” she worked her way up to co-executive producer.

Scott Prendergast, who created the series; Julia Eisenman; Stuart Gillard; and Phil McGraw, who hosts the daytime talk show “Dr. Phil,” are also producers on the show. The series is also co-produced by McGraw's son, Jay. Before that, McGraw worked on the CBS courtroom program “Bull,” which was loosely based on his life as a trial expert.


In conclusion, fans of “So Help Me Todd” can be happy because CBS has ordered a second season of the legal thriller. With regular viewers and devoted fans, the show is likely to keep going with its exciting plot.

The plot details and returning cast members haven't been released yet, but fans can look forward to more interesting cases and the way Todd and Margaret interact with each other.

Elizabeth Klaviter will stay on as the director, making sure the show keeps moving forward. Keep an eye out for more news about this exciting legal drama.