Smiling Friends Season 2: Is This Series Getting Official Approval?


What's the latest on Smiling Friends Season 2 on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim? Zach Hadel and Michael Cusack created the program, which premiered on April 1, 2020. You may already be aware, but just to be clear, this is an Australian-American adult animation series that was established as an annual April Fool's Day event.

During the Adult Swim Festival in 2021, co-creator Zach Hadel stated that the program will begin “within a few months.” Now we're talking about 2022 instead of 2019. In one of the first season's eight installments, the pilot is a one-off.


In spite of the fact that the first season was meant to be released every week, it was released all at once on Adult Swim on January 10, 2022.

Adult Swim premiered the second season of Zach Hadel and Michael Cusack's sitcom on February 9, 2022. Is there a release date for the second season? What's going on in the tale, then? In the film, who will take on the lead roles? Continue reading to learn more.

What Would Be the Expected Plot of Smiling Friends Season 2?


As Charlie and Pim begin their journey to satisfy and even solve the concerns of their clients, the first season introduces you to Charlie's and Pim's world. You could be curious about who these people are that you're dealing with. I'm referring to Ketchup, Mr. Frog, and Enchantress in this case. Smormu, Charlie, Pim, and Charlie's friends are now searching for a fifth Smiling Friend.

Smiling Friends Season 2

There are a number of hysterical storylines in the program. In one episode, Charlie recounts his tragic death at the hands of a falling tree. So, he went directly to hell and began experimenting with methods to make Satan happy. “

Continuing Charlie's storyline will be the focus of the upcoming second season. We may learn more about Smiling Friends Inc.'s characters and the Boss Cope in the future. There are many hilarious moments in the show's sarcastic style.

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In a light and friendly manner, the show's writers address important subjects like the vanishing of culture and the state of mental health. Motivating each other and making everyone happy is a common theme in the program. That's exactly what the contemporary world is in need of right now.

Who Is the Voice Cast of Smiling Friends Season 2?

In this television show, viewers may observe how one actor displays his versatility by providing the voices of several characters. Numerous voice actors from this series are participating in it.

Michael Cusack, a skilled voice actor, will voice Pim, Pim's Mom, Alan, Mr. Frog, Pim's Sister, The Witch, Pim's Dad, Grim, and Ketchup Packet. The voice of The Boss will next be provided by Marc M., while the auditioning father and Storm will be performed by Chris O'Neill.

Smiling Friends Season 2

Numerous other actors are also part of the cast, including Gilbert Gottfried (as God), Mike Stoklasa (as Desmond), David Dore (as Party Bro and Forest Demon), Erica Lindbeck (as Pepper, Assistant, Jennifer, Mustard Packet, Enchantress), Jane Badler (as Celebrity Show Host), and Finn Wolfhard, who is excellent in the role of “Man Living in Wall.”

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In contrast, the authors will provide updates whenever any new voice actors or characters are added.

The program is currently the subject of several rumors, so we are only hoping for a favorable reaction. So, keep an eye on the future because something fun is undoubtedly coming!

What Would Be the Expected Release Date of Smiling Friends Season 2?

There is no doubt that the Smiling Friends season 2 premiere date is highly anticipated by the show's viewers.

According to trendingnewsbuzz neither the show's producers nor the network has expressed any excitement about the second season. You may be wondering right now if the program has been cancelled. It doesn't necessarily follow that a second season won't be produced. Simply said, the official renewal announcement has been postponed, although updates may already be available.

Trailer For Smiling Friends Season 2

The trailer of Smiling Friends Season 2 is not arrived yet, for now, you can the previous trailer below.