Skyward Sword Paper Haunted Quest 2022

The secret behind the haunted restroom and its occupant’s craving for tissue is one of the Gratitude Crystals side missions you can finish in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. Not at all like a large portion of the Gratitude Crystals side missions, this one has two endings for you to browse – do you give the Cawlin’s letter to the haunted restroom or Karane?

Underneath you’ll find where to track down paper in Skyward Sword and the result for the two endings to assist you with choosing which one to pick.

Where to Observe Bathroom Tissue in Zelda: Skyward Sword Clarified

To encounter the story of the haunted restroom and Cawlin’s affection note in Skyward Sword, then, at that point, you should initially get the Harp by finishing the Lanayru Mining Facility and crushed The Imprisoned interestingly.

You should likewise finish the Find Kukiel sidequest to open the Gratitude Crystals.

With these limitations finished, you can converse with either the lady in the Knight’s Academy kitchen or the men at the bistro in the market. It doesn’t make any difference who you pick, in light of the fact that, regardless, you’ll become familiar with exactly the same thing – something odd is going on at the Knight’s Academy restroom around evening time.

Skyward Sword Paper Haunted Quest

Then, go to Link’s room in the Knight’s Academy and rest till evening time. All you want to do now is stroll towards the restroom on the ground floor and you’ll have an extremely weird experience.

Attempt to make the way for the restroom and the individual on the opposite side will implore you for paper, be that as it may, unfortunately, you have nothing paper-related right now. All things being equal, return to bed and rest till morning. Presently you really want to head back towards the restroom and, nearby, you’ll observe Cawlin composing a letter.

Conversing with Cawlin will uncover that he has composed an adoration letter to Karane – an individual schoolmate of the Knight’s Academy. He’ll request that you convey this letter to her and not to the individual in the washroom. He outrageously, truly doesn’t need you to give the letter to whoever, or whatever, is in the restroom around evening time.

Presently Cawlin’s adoration note is in your grasp, you have two options – give the letter to Karane or give the paper to the individual in the washroom.

Skyward Sword Paper Haunted Quest

Give Bathroom Tissue to Haunted Restroom in Zelda: Skyward Sword Clarified

To transform Cawlin’s affection letter into tissue by giving it to the haunted restroom in Skyward Sword, you first need to rest till evening once more. Then, return to the restroom and, since you have paper, the occupant of the restroom will give you access.

It turns out the voice you’ve been hearing is a spooky hand which rises up out of the restroom, which makes me keep thinking about whether this piece of the game was enlivened by the metropolitan legend of Hanako-san.

The apparition will ensure that you need to give her the letter prior to tolerating it.

Whenever she’s evaporated once more into the washroom, it’s an ideal opportunity to rest till morning and tell Cawlin of what you’ve done. For reasons unknown, he is upset with regards to the reality you’ve given his affection letter to the apparition inside the restroom and will run off without saying bless your heart.

Leave him be and, for the last time, rest till dusks. Presently you should simply visit Goose’s room, which is inverse Link’s, and converse with the apparition hand for your Gratitude Crystals.

Skyward Sword Paper Haunted Quest

Give Letter to Karane in Zelda: Skyward Sword Clarified

  • To give Cawlin’s affection letter to Karane in Skyward Sword, you really want to go to the school room in the Knight’s Academy to view as her remaining close to a shelf. Give Karane the letter and she’ll be more stressed over what Pipit will think than Cawlin’s sentiments.
  • In view of this, head up the steps and inform Pipit concerning Karane getting an adoration letter.
  • Presently you should simply go to the homeroom, watch youthful love play its course and get five Gratitude Crystals for all your diligent effort.
  • To find out with regards to side journeys in Skyward Sword, visit our Gratitude Crystals guide or on the other hand, in the event that you’d like to proceed with the game’s story, our Skyward Sword walkthrough.

Skyward Sword Paper Haunted Quest

Giving the Love Letter to Karane

In the wake of accepting Cawlin’s adoration letter, stroll a few doors down on the first floor to observe Karane in the homeroom, converse with her and you’ll discover her murmuring a few words regarding Pipit. Tell her you got a letter for herself and pay attention to what in particular she must say.

The subsequent stage is to track down Pipit so you can illuminate him regarding the affection letter Karane got, he’s situated on the second floor of the Knight Academy meandering the corridors during the day. After you’ve informed him regarding what’s going on, rush back to Karane and an emotional triangle of affection scene will unfurl. Ultimately, Cawlin will run off beaten down whichever way so your choice on the letter side mission doesn’t influence his response. Pipit will thank you for assisting him with understanding that he adores Karane and he’ll grant you with 5 Gratitude Crystals.

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