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The topic of the article – Skull and Bones a game based on the sea fighters(pirates), which come under the genre of Action-adventure and shooter games. This game is developed and published by Ubisoft.

In this article, we are going to talk about the gameplay, release date, the story of the game, and many more things. So, let’s get started.

Release date

In 2017 Ubisoft came up with a teaser of a game that has the potential to change the history of the games based on pirates.

At Ubisoft’s E3 conference in 2017, they announced that Skull and Bones is going to be released in 2018, but here we are in 2021 still waiting for the game.

Right now Ubisoft is also working on its racing game “Riders Republic“.

What are the updates?

We will talk about the updates later on in the article, first we should be talking about the story and the gameplay.


The story begins with the era when Piracy (robbery on the high seas) came to an end.

Reason for the end of piracy

In the 17th century, the Caribbean sea was ruled by the British and some European Emperors. The Caribbean Sea was a trading route, hundred of ships carrying valuable items like gold, silver, exotic woods, diamonds, and many more were sailed through the sea.


Pirates like Blackbeard and Captain Morgan, who shaped the word piracy, and many more pirates used to rob those ships in the order to get fortune and glory.

By the year 1771 piracy had spread its root so deep that it could no longer be ignored. Piracy had increased to an extent that no one was ready to send their ships to the Caribbean sea. That is when the British Empire issues the King’s Pardon.

What was King’s Pardon?

A policy in which mercy was offered to all those pirates who were ready to give up piracy and those who weren’t destruction was the last option. This policy had changed many friends into enemies and many enemies into friends, how? Read the next paragraph

The Death Bed

In just one month more than 200 pirates had taken the pardon and many of them turned into pirate hunters, they used to help the Empire to hunt down their former friends.

Pirates like Blackbeard who refused the king’s pardon, their life was always in danger. Many pirates just run away from the Caribbean sea in order to save their lives and those who stood by to fight are no longer alive.

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End of an Era

The era of piracy came to an end with the death of Blackbeard and the capture of Anne Bonny and Calico Jack.

Birth of Piracy in the Indian Oceans

Some of the last surviving pirates of the Caribbean sea heard the stories of piracy in the Indian Ocean. They made their decision to travel a long and dangerous way into the Indian Ocean, and you and your crew were one of them.


Skull and Bones is a tactical action-packed game that can be played in a third-person perspective mood. You can customize your pirate and sail through the Indian Ocean.

Gameplay and features


This game includes single-player modes, player vs player mode, and the multiplayer mood called Loot Hunt.

In player vs player mode, you can make a group of players fight against another group.

In the Loot Hunt mode, two crew of players go against each other in a treasure-hunting competition in order to increase their riches.

Some interesting facts about the Game

The game not yet released but got nominated the awards like ‘Game Critics Awards’ and ‘Best Online Multiplayer Awards’.

Updates about Release Date

As we know it going to be four long years since the announcement of the Skull and Bones game and we are still waiting. According to the latest news, there are chances that we may get to play this game in late 2021.

As said by Ubisoft Studios, while the development was running, a new vision for the game had emerged, due to which the release may take some more time.

Skull and Bones supported devices

Till now the game was confirmed for Play station 4 and Play station 4 Pro, Xbox One and Xbox One X, and Microsoft Windows.

My opinion

To this date, I have not played any game related to pirates and sea robbery. The story of this game seems pretty interesting, so just like others I am also waiting for this game but until then we need something to play.

We all are gamers here we can’t live without playing games, right now I am playing this awesome game “Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga” which is an awesome game. Check it out!

Your opinion

Looking at the trailers I am liking this game a lot, what about you? Tell us your opinion about this game and how much you liked the trailer, tell us how much you liked this article.

We are waiting for your reply.



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