Skinamarink Ending Explained: What Happened With Kevin?


The conclusion of Skinamarink demands an explanation, and so do we. The horror movie was created in Canada. Kyle Edward Ball is the director of the film. The fundamental idea of the film follows two youngsters.

As they awaken in the middle of the night, they are unable to locate their parents in the home. As numerous objects and their home's structure gradually vanish, stranger-than-fiction events begin to unfold around them.


The picture was a huge hit with audiences and also fared well commercially. It was produced on a budget of just $15,000, yet grossed more than $890,000 at the box office. Filming for the movie took place at Ball's childhood home. It may be found in Edmonton, Canada.

Skinamarink Ending Explained

The voice begins to threaten him, stating that since Kaylee did not comply with the directives, her voice has been silenced. But if Kevin desires to escape the same fate, he must follow the instructions precisely.


As a result, he follows the request and finds himself glued to the ceiling. As soon as he enters the bedroom, everything goes empty. There is a pile of toys on which the number 572 Days is inscribed. The person sitting at the foot of the bed similarly begins to dissolve into nothingness.

Skinamarink Ending Explained: What Happened With Kevin?

Blood begins to pour into the floor, and Kevin yells for his mother, but to no effect. The film's conclusion was quite unclear. We saw a figure beg Kevin to go to sleep. When the child asks the figurine its name and it gives no response.

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The most plausible hypothesis is that Kevin died in his sleep and hallucinated about his surroundings. Or maybe he was sleepwalking, as Kaylee indicated he does; if so, he may have died in an accident, but this is what he saw in his last dream.

Skinamarink Storyline

Eventually, the bathroom vanishes from the basement as well. Therefore, the children ascend to the bathroom since Kevin has to use it. Kaylee observes a doll on the ceiling en route. As for Kevin, he is too terrified to go at this time. Thus, they bring two buckets for the restroom in the basement. As Kaylee ascends, she encounters her father, who requests that she look at the bed.

As she does, she finds nothing under the bed, but when she returns, her mother is seated on the other side. As her mother urges Kaylee to shut her eyes before vanishing, they have a touching moment together. She also expresses her affection for the children. Kevin and she later move a sofa into the hallway to block the entrance.

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Upon hearing a mystery voice calling Kaylee, different things, including their toys, begin to levitate against the wall. Kevin is worried because Kaylee has lost her eyes and tongue. Soon, the mystery kid begins to converse with Kevin. Consequently, numerous toys that were formerly suspended from the ceiling began to vanish.

Skinamarink Ending Explained: What Happened With Kevin?

The voice now tells Kevin to stab himself in the eyes. Instead, he dials the cops on the telephone. They aid him and attempt to send assistance. Before Kevin can finish relaying the information to the police, he drops the phone, which then vanishes and transforms into a toy.

What Happened To Kevin?

The film begins in 1995 when Kevin is injured. His older sister, Kaylee, argues that he must have been sleepwalking and harmed himself as a result. Later that night, when the two suddenly awaken from sleep, they cannot locate their father. Along with him, the rest of the things in their home, including the doors and windows, are mysteriously vanishing.

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Then, Kaylee and Kevin dash downstairs to watch cartoons. As they drift off into slumber, they awaken to see that the home is as black as it could be. Kevin then asks Kaylee whether she knows where their father is now, but Kaylee responds that she does not. As they turn their heads, we see an inverted chair dangling from the ceiling. Kevin believes that their father accompanied their mother.