Sk8 The Infinity: Is it confirmed?

. ISkateboarding fans receive a good news on October by Director Hiroko Utsumi and the BONES animation studio that they confirm to a unique anime series with the name “Sk8 The Infinity”. As of late new reports with respect to its delivery date, staff, and cast is in declaration. In this blog, we will examine all that there is to know about the all-new skateboarding anime – Sk8 The Infinity.

Sk8 The Infinity Release Date Confirmed!

sk8 the infinity

BONES Animation Studios which is known for the famous shounen anime Boku no Hero Academia alongside Hiroko Utsumi who is the director of Banana Fish declares the delivery date of Sk8 The Infinity – the Skateboarding Anime. They uncover that the anime will air from January ninth, 2021 on ABC Tv and Tv Asashi’s ‘ANiMAZING’ programming block. It is in declaration that the broadcasting time is 2 PM each Saturday.

The publicity is genuine as this is the primary skateboarding anime. It isn’t only some irregular anime dependent on skateboarding yet an anime dependent on a very unlawful game including skateboarding downhill at high velocities which can harm an individual on a destructive level.

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The Cast of Sk8 The Infinity Anime

The MAIN CAST comprises of 8 individuals altogether consequently the name Sk8 The Infinity. BONES and director Hiroko Utsumi let us in on a little knowledge seeing the cast and staff also.

The Following are the principle characters projecting for Sk8 The Infinity.

Reki has the voice actor as Tasuku Hatanaka. Additionally we witness Ranga as Kobayashi, Cherry Blosson as Hikaru, Miya as Takuma, and many more.

The Staff of Sk8 The Infinity Skateboarding Anime

Sk8 The Infinity: Additional Team

Michinori Chiba and Hiroki Kanno are the Chief Animation Directors. Studio No Border is responsible for the Skateboard plans. Yukari Goto is the Color architect, Yumiko Kondou is the Art Director for the anime. Yota Ando is the 3DCG Director, photography director is Masataka Ikegami, on the verge to end by Honami Yamagishi. Masafumi Mima is the Sound Director. Shizuo Kurahashi and Sachiko Nishi are the ones accountable for the audio cues present in the anime.

Sk8 The Infinity: The Main Team

Ichiro Okouchi who is famous for his work in Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion and Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress is responsible for the material of the anime. Michinori Chiba who is famous for his work in Basilisk and Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans is dealing with the person plans. Furthermore, the music in creation is by Ryō Takahashi who is additionally known for his work in animes like (ACCA: 13-Territory Inspection Dept. also, Argonavis from BanG Dream!.

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What’s going on with the Anime?

sk8 the infinity

The narrative of Sk8 The Infinity spins around Reki who is a secondary school understudy that loves skateboarding. His life takes a turn when he acquaints with an unlawful and risky race known as ‘S’. It includes skateboarding at high velocities downhill. There are no standards and race can instigate lethal wounds too.

Ranga is Reki’s companion who gets back from Canada just to get into this profoundly hazardous skateboarding race. It has various sorts of contenders who contend in the Youth Skateboard race fight to win regardless.

Final Words

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