Sister Wives Season 17: All That Latest, What We Know About This Season

Is there going to be more Sister Wives? With the Brown family’s battles and separations from season 16 still reverberating, it’s difficult to see where they can go from here.

Christine Brown’s decision to divorce Kody Brown — and, by extension, his three wives, Meri, Janelle, and Robyn Brown – stunned the polygamous family and viewers. In November 2021, the TLC star said on Instagram, “After more than 25 years together, Kody and I have drifted apart, and I have taken the agonising decision to leave.” “As we parent our lovely children and support our amazing family, we will continue to be a significant presence in each other’s life.”

Sister Wives Season 17

The Couple Has Six Girls and a Boy. Wed Spiritually in 1994.

Christine admitted that she wasn’t sure what would happen to the rest of the family once she ended her marriage. In February 2022, she remarked during the Sister Wives: One on One tell-all special, “It’s not just a marriage I’m leaving.” “It’s a complete family,” says the narrator. It’s also Sister Wives. What does this mean for us? “I’m not sure.”

Christine felt that abandoning her family would be “selfish,” but she eventually recognised, “I’ve got to live my life for myself, too.” I was not present at the time. I was dissatisfied. It simply didn’t function any more.”

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Christine isn’t the only polygamous wife who is having problems. During a January 2022 episode of the show, Janelle revealed that she was also considering ending her relationship with Kody. “I’ve had to think a lot.” My children are practically grown, so staying is no longer a pressing requirement. During season 16, she told the cameras, “It was a beautiful way to raise children.”

“Right Now, Our Relationship With Kody Is Difficult,” Janelle Added. “It’s Easy to Walk Away.”

Both Kody and Meri have been open about their tumultuous relationship, with the former saying during the tell-all that the two are “just friends” and no longer have a love or intimate relationship. He added, “I’m never going to be in a conjugal relationship with her because I’m not going to go through that emotional pain again.” “I’m not trying to make Meri out to be a nasty person; it’s just a bad fit.”

Meri, for her part, noted that despite their tumultuous relationship, she felt a feeling of loyalty to the poly family she had grown up in. “From where I’m standing, we’ve been married for 31 years [and] I’m still committed.” I’ve made up my mind. I’m still around. She added at the time, “I still have hope.” “When I think about being in the family because it’s what I want, I just feel at ease.” It’s what I’m confident is best for me.”With so many tumultuous relationships — and one divorce — it’s uncertain what the Sister Wives stars’ future holds.

The Filming Process Has Already Begun.

After Paedon, Christine’s son, was asked on TikTok if she’ll return to the show “if there’s another season of Sister Wives,” the Army soldier disclosed that season 17 was already in the works. In January 2022, he wrote, “They are filming currently,” implying that cameras were still following Christine.

Christine Has a New Show on the Air.

Following the conclusion of Season 16, one of the cast members unveiled a new project. “A novel experience!” exclaims the narrator. In February 2022, TLC posted on Instagram. “On the new digital series #CookingWithJustChristine, dropping every Sunday [on Instagram] and on], #SisterWives’ Christine will offer you some of her favourite recipes.”

 Sister Wives Season 17

Janelle and Kody Aren’t on the Same Page.

During season 16, viewers witnessed Janelle and Kody battle over their differing regulations surrounding COVID-19, and the two have yet to resolve their differences. “Kody didn’t have faith in [sons Gabe and Garrison],” says the narrator “”Several of [Kody’s] children are at odds with him because of the way his COVID rules went down,” the mother of six stated during the tell-all.

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Kody, on the other hand, admitted to “not talking” to the two boys. “We require counselling. I need to get down with my lads and talk about something, “‘At the moment,’ he remarked. “I’ve reached a point where I’m so upset about what happened that I’m refusing to communicate with you. And I believe they are as well.”

Kody is ‘Over’ the Drama.

Kody was considering finding new partners as a result of all of the friction between him and his wives, according to a source who spoke exclusively to Us Weekly in January 2022. “He isn’t pleased with the other women threatening to leave,” the source stated. “He’s thinking of starting again with new wives… He wants to be with people who understand that he is completely dedicated to Robyn and devotes all of his time to her.”

Kody and Robyn’s Relationship Is Still Going Strong

Kody and Robyn’s romance is stronger than ever, even if his marriages to Janelle and Meri are on the rocks. “All he does is spend time with Robyn.” Others are lost in their own worlds, leading separate lives “In January 2022, a source told Us. “Robyn and her children were his hosts for the holidays. He didn’t even make an attempt to make plans with the others. For the holidays, all of the women were split up, spending time with their respective families.”

Sister Wives Season 17

Everyone Is in a State of Tension.

Kody’s wife aren’t the only ones who aren’t happy with him. “With all of us,” Paedon told Us in February 2022, referring to his 17 siblings, “Dad’s relationship has always [had] ups and downs.” “There are times when he is at his utmost finest [and] others when he is at his absolute worst…. He’s always changed, and so have people’s opinions about him.”In addition, the construction worker admitted that he and Robyn have a tense relationship.

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“Dad has met the woman he adores. Robyn has discovered the man of her dreams “Paedon remarked. “Robyn has found someone who is willing to look after her children. Yes, I’m not ecstatic about everything because you can’t be ecstatic about everything with everyone, but I don’t carry grudges against them for finding love. And for [her children] finding an incredible father.”