Does Singularity Sci-Fi Really shows the reflection of Our Future?

An artificially intelligent (AI) computer is a machine that we can see in the trailer for Singularity, what it thinks is “Die, humans.” That’s because 6 billion of us are wiped out the moment we welcome our AI overlords.

Singularity Movie
The technological singularity means a hypothetical point at which technological growth becomes uncontrollable and irreversible, resulting in unforeseeable changes to human civilization.

Had you ever seen such movie in which two friends decided to end the war? By making robots and killing human beings. What if Artificial intelligence overtake humans in next five years ? What if our life totally depends over robotic life ?

What do you think about this? Is it right to kill humans and make the world of Robots in the near future? I know humans are responsible for all disasters and wars, which also makes nature suffer. But it’s not the right way to end the war.

A famous quote said by – Winston churcill is that

No two on earth in all things can agree. All have some daring singularity. - Winston Churchill

“No two on earth in all things can agree. All have some daring singularity.”

Singularity is a Swiss/American ,low- budget science fiction film called Aurora , written and directed by Robert Kouba in 2017.  John Cusack was not involved in the original shoot. Years later, he agrees to shot and inserted into the new production.

Do you agree with me that killing humans and making the world of computers only will not solve this problem?

Release Date of Singularity


This movie was released on November 3, 2017, after adding more scenes with John Cusack which runs for 92 minutes in English Language but didn’t get much success as it collected only $73,264 after spending the Budget of $100,000 which is not good for the movie.

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What is in the Singularity Movie?


The movie revolves around a Robotic company C.E.O and his colleague. In the movie, we see that in the year 2020 Elias Van Dorne and his colleague disclosed Kronos, the Supercomputer, and invented it to end all wars as they think human beings are responsible for the wars which occurred in the past or future.

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So they decided to end the wars by uploading themselves into used robots for killing all humans. After 97 years, they see Andrew wake up in that ruined world while  Van Dorne and Walsh are sitting in Kronos and watching him.

Then this kind-hearted young man, Andrews meets Calia, and after they fall in love with each other. while sometimes during their travel Calia is attacked and sexually harassed by some of the marauders.

Andrew manages them and kills them but however, they both are taken by the marauders to Walsh from there they are given clues about Aurora’s location.

Andrew the Machine was controlled by Walsh but when he is thinking about his mother he overrides Walsh’s program and escapes with Calia.

They both are chased by the robots which are sent by Walsh and Van Dorne to kill both of them who are moving to find Aurora city which was just a myth and actually they find that it is a robot city.

Andrew and Calia flee underground and there they find a high-tech room which is itself to be the control of a spaceship that sets course for Aurora and another planet.

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Cast Members of Singularity

These are the Cast member of this 2017 movie-

  • Julian Schaffner as Andrew Davis
  • John Cusack as Elias Van Dorne
  • Jeannine Wacker as Calia
  • Carmen Argenziano as Damien Walsh
  • Eileen Grubba as Veronica Davis, Andrew’s mother.
  • Ego Nwodim as Assistant

Some Questions asked by the people

Is there a Sequel to Singularity?

Yes, we can say that there is a sequel to this movie that is Singularity 2.0 that was released on August 14, 2020, which is finding the way back to Humanity Paperback.


Is Singularity a Good Movie?

Yes, the moment and the script of the movie are good but it wasn’t liked by the viewers as the movie is about machines and the two persons want to kill all future human beings.

Is Singularity 2017 a movie on Netflix?

Yes, you can watch the Singularity science fiction movies on American Netflix.

Where to Watch Singularity (2017) Robert Kouba movie?

You can stream it on-

  • Hoopla
  • Netflix
  • Tubi
  • Amazon Prime Video

Reviews and Ratings of Singularity

The movie is rated PG-13 by one user as he said that the acting in the movie is very scary having poor acting in it.

So the movie is given 3.8 ratings on IMDb and you can also check on the IMDb site.

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Watch the Official Trailer of Singularity

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