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Simpsons: Best Episodes of the Series

The Simpsons is an American sitcom with a lot of good episodes but let's explore the best ones.

The Simpsons is an American animated sitcom  created by Matt Groening for the Fox Broadcasting Company.The series is a satire on the American lifestyle. 

It is about a dysfunctional family and how they live. The show is set in the fictional town of Springfield and parodies American culture and society, television, and the human condition.

This famous show has a legacy of its own and has 34 Primetime Emmy awards and has also been equally loved by the critics over the decades. In spite of being so long, the animated characters in the show haven’t aged. 

Name  The Simpsons
Genre Comedy (Sitcom)
No.of Seasons 33
No. of Episodes 717
Created By Matt Groenning
Original Network Fox Broadcasting Company
Distributor 20th Television
Release Date December 17, 1989 –


Although, their comic prowess keeps getting better and more entertaining. Sometimes, the show has also told the future while also reflecting on the present and the past. The show is and will always be an inevitable part of American culture.

Let us look at some of Simpsons Best Episodes that show has given us through its 33 seasons.

The Simpsons  Season 4: Marge vs. the Monorail, Episode 12. 1993.

A traveling salesman enters the town of Springfield and fools the people through a performance including singing and dancing. The people of the town get easily involved in this scam. They later realize that this salesman is the conductor of a useless form of transportation. 

This is a the episode that changes the show a little. From being a funny sitcom with absurd activities, it becomes more social and political. Now it is talking about the fabric of the society through its humor.

The Simpsons Season 8: The Itchy & Scratchy & Poochie Show, Episode 14. 1997

In this episode, there is an addition of a new character Poochie in order to stir things up and gain attention. This character is from a show in the Simpsons universe. This episode is more of a self critique and that’s what makes this show different and unique. 

The discussion that leads to the creation of Poochie is itself an example of Bad TV writing and is a dig at its own self. The show understands its flaws and comments on its success and failures. This sets it apart. 

Simpsons Best Episodes

Hence, in spite of the ever changing pattern of comedy, the show lives on. It continues to make itself a strong script with perfect comedy and gets more and more funny with changing times.

The Simpsons Season 6: Treehouse of Horror V, Episode 6. 1994.

In The Halloween-themed “Treehouse of Horror” episode, the Simpsons recreated famous scary stories and made them funny and comical.  “The Shining,”  portrays the family getting hired by Mr. Burns in order to take care of his giant mansion. 

The Halloween episodes are always amazing to watch and this one didn’t disappoint. It was famous because of how particular it was about its homages. Along with the content, the amazing quality of the animation was a huge deal at that time and it made people appreciate the show more. 

Simpsons Best Episodes

It was the 3D animation which might be common today but was applauded at that time and was considered a step forwards in the world of animation.

The Simpsons Season 15: The President Wore Pearls, Episode 3. 2003.

Lisa becomes student body president of Fairfield Elementary School in this episode that is a parody on Evita. Evita is an opera and Lisa sings a song that is a spin on “ Don’t cry for me, Argentina ” as she continues to rule the school. It gets into the more darker aspects of the character while exploring her desperation for having power.

The episode is still full of jokes and funny elements that keep it light. There is a scene where Lisa watches the groundskeeper make fun of students. This highlights the fact that adults can be cruel too. This makes the episode unique as it explores the problems between children and adults.

The Simpsons Season 3: Homer at the Bat, Episode 17. 1992.

In order to win a softball game, Mr. Burns hires major league baseball stars to have a better team and to have a match where there is no way he could lose. The creators and the team of Simpsons managed to get these celebrities to voice-act their own characters in the show. 

The celebrity athletes were Roger Clemens to Ken Griffey Jr. It is amazing how they had this idea and were able to execute it. In total, nine players agreed to do the episode and it was amazing because no one had ever tried that before.

Simpsons Bes Episodes

The show was as real as it was fictional. The lines were blurred and that made people all the more excited about the way things were going. These random cameos have now become a thing and it is a delight to see them. It does give some sort of thrill.

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