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Simon Jordan Net Worth: How Rich is the Co-Presenter of TalkSPORT?

Simon Jordan is an English businessman who made his fortune in the mobile phone industry. In 2000 he purchased Crystal Palace Football Club and remained chairman of the club until they entered administration in early 2010.

Early Life of Simon Jordan

Simon Jordan was born in Thornton, England, on September 24, 1967. Peter Jordan is his dad. A talented young footballer named Simon Jordan signed schoolboy contracts with Chelsea and Crystal Palace.

“Good enough to be a professional, but mentally I wasn’t interested,” he has said of himself. Players with tremendous talent who lack the necessary effort are common. I belonged to them. All of this occurred while he was a student at Old Coulsdon’s Purley High School for Boys. Although he never had an appearance for the first team, his father, Peter Jordan, used to play for Crystal Palace F.C.

Simon Jordan Net Worth

He received an invitation from James Wright, a friend, to join him in his enterprise, Wright Connections, which sold mobile phones through advertisements published in Loot and Exchange and Mart, in the late 1980s or early 1990s.

Jordan and Wright hired space from Delta 5, a different mobile phone vendor, and ran a short-lived company before rebranding as Corporate Cellular Ltd. (CCL). Jordan departed the company in the early 1990s since it was not thought to be very successful either.

What is Simon Jordan’s Net Worth?

According to Michigansportszone, Simon Jordan has an estimated net worth of $100 million. He makes money from an English businessman. His private companies are his primary source of revenue. He is one of the wealthiest individuals in the UK. Simon Jordan has experience in a variety of industries. He has worked in the sports sector, as well as in periodicals, television, radio, and film production. One of England’s and football’s most well-known businesspeople is Jordan (soccer).

Personal Life of Simon Jordan

Simon Jordan is dating broadcaster and businesswoman Michelle Dewberry, and the two gave birth to a child in July 2020. Jordan has lived in London and Marbella. The Daily Mirror’s website, however, said in January 2006 that Jordan had given fiancée Meg Mathews (the ex-wife of Oasis singer Noel Gallagher) a Porsche worth £100,000 for Christmas, along with a personalised number plate, and that the two had been dating since July 2005.

Simon Jordan Net Worth

However, Jordan revealed the specifics of how this relationship ended in March 2006, acknowledging that Mathews was the one who called it quits while criticising the News of the World for reporting the week prior that Jordan had “ditched Mathews.” “The piece belittled someone who has been very significant to me over the previous nine months,” Jordan wrote of the situation in his Observer column.

Jordan was the target of harassment in October 2006, and Tara Stout was found guilty and given a restraining order. Cameron was born in January 2008, and Jordan and his ex-girlfriend Suzi Walker share a daughter by that name.

Simon Jordan’s Contract With Crystal Palace

After selling Pocket Phone Shop to One2One in 2000 for an estimated £80 million, Jordan and Briggs departed the business. Jordan signed schoolboy contracts with Chelsea and Crystal Palace as a talented young footballer.

“Good enough to be a professional, but mentally I wasn’t interested,” he has said of himself. Jordan appointed himself chairman and became the Football League club’s youngest chairman.

Jordan, a lifetime supporter who was born “100 yards from the ground,” said, “My first job is to turn the fortunes of this club around. I have been prepared to put my money into something I sincerely believe in.” Jordan also promised that within five years the team would be promoted to the Premiership.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Source of Funding Did Simon Jordan Use?

Serial entrepreneur Simon Jordan made his fortune in the mobile phone sector by starting his business from nothing. At the age of 32, he sold The Pocket Phone Shop for £75 million.

How Simon Jordan Lost His Riches?

Jordan, though, is currently putting his business empire back together after a horrific nine months that saw it all fall apart. He became a multi-millionaire at age 32 after selling his mobile company for £75 million before losing nearly everything.

How Many Awards does Simon Jordan Have?

Simon Jordan has not received any honours for his contributions to business or football. He is still a very visible and outspoken pundit on football, nevertheless, and is thought to be one of the most important people in British football. Jordan is regarded as a true industry icon despite his contentious past and high regard for his accomplishments and economic acumen.