Simon Helberg Net Worth: The Highest Paid Actor of the Big Bang Theory?

Simon Helberg had a decent eight years of acting credits added to his repertoire before he brought The Big Bang Theory's Howard Wolowitz to life, remembering little parts for the Hilary Duff film A Cinderella Story and in the 2005 George Clooney blockbuster Good Night, and Good Luck.

Taking up a comparative supporting job in The Big Bang Theory to Kunal Nayyar, Simon Helberg's compensation saw a similar gradual increment from $45,000 (£36.3k) in season one to a high place of $1 million (£807k) per episode in later seasons.

With such comparable compensations, it's obvious that Nayyar and Helberg shared third spot in the rundown of the most generously compensated TV entertainers on the planet in 2018 during the show's last season, having each gotten yearly paycheques of $23.5 million (£18.9m) since June of the earlier year.

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Simon Helberg Net Worth

Simon Helberg Net Worth and Compensation

Simon Helberg is an American entertainer who has a net worth of $45 million. He is generally popular for being an entertainer on the show “The Big Bang Theory“. He is one of the world's most generously compensated TV entertainers, and it's been accounted for that he procured $1 million bucks for every episode of “The Big Bang Theory” in the show's twelfth season.

Early Life

Simon Helberg was brought into the world on December 9, 1980 in Los Angeles, California. He's the child of entertainer Sandy Helberg and projecting chief Harriet Helberg. His fatherly grandparents were Polish Jews who endure the Holocaust and moved to the United States after World War II.

Helberg initially expected to zero in on karate and procured his dark belt when he was 10, however moved his concentration to theater in secondary school. He consequently went to The Tisch School of the Arts, and was an understudy at The Atlantic Theater School.

Helberg's flat mate at New York University was individual entertainer and companion Jason Ritter. The two had likewise gone to secondary school together.

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Simon Helberg Net Worth


Helberg began performing with comic Derek Waters in the mid 2000s in the sketch satire team Derek and Simon. In 2007, the pair featured together in a web series, “Derek and Simon: The Show”.

They had made the web series with the assistance of joke artist Bob Odenkirk for the parody site Super Deluxe. They likewise made two short movies, one co-featuring Zach Galifinakis and Bill Hader named “Derek and Simon, The Pity Card,” and “Derek and Simon: A Bee and a Cigarette,” co-featuring Casey Wilson and Emily Rutherfurd.

He started his expert acting career with minor and visitor featuring jobs on TV and in movie form, in such tasks as “Famous”, “Reviled”, “Child of the Beach”, “Undeclared”, “Van Wilder”, and “Old School”. Perhaps of Helberg's earliest job on TV was a short spell as a feature of the cast on MADtv in 2002.

In 2004, Helberg was in two episodes of “Reno 911!” Later that year, he showed up close by Hilary Duff and Chad Michael Murray in “A Cinderella Story.” Helberg played a minor part in George Clooney's 2005 blockbuster film “Great Night, and Good Luck”.

Later in 2005, he had a little part on “Captured Development” as Jeff, a worker of the film studio where Maeby worked. From 2006-2007, Helberg played a supporting part in the show “Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip,” where he sharpened great pantomimes of Nicholas Cage, Tom Cruise, and Ben Stiller.

In 2006, he showed up in a progression of comedic TV plugs for Richard Branson's UK monetary organization Virgin Money. Helberg assumed a little part in the 2007 film “Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story.”

In 2016, Helberg scored a featuring job inverse Meryl Streep and Hugh Grant in Stephen Frears' “Florence Foster Jenkins.” He played a piano player named Cosme McMoon and his exhibition was selected for the Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture.

Helberg is next set to star inverse Adam Driver in “Annette”. He is additionally scheduled to star in “As Sick as They Made Us”, composed and coordinated by his “Enormous Band Theory” co-star Mayim Bialik and co-featuring Dustin Hoffman.

Simon Helberg Net Worth

Individual Life

 Helberg and entertainer Jocelyn Towne were married on July 15, 2007. Their most memorable kid, Adeline Towne Helberg, was brought into the world in May 2012. Their child Wilder Towne Helberg was brought into the world in April 2014. The family lives in Los Angeles, California.

They bought a rambling, 4,000 square foot, 1930's period Spanish Colonial style home for generally $6.9 million of every 2019.

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What Is Mayim Bialik Pay?

Mayim procured $200,000 per episode for the majority of the middle of the season, around $4.5 million for each season. During the last two seasons, the skilled entertainer acquired $450,000 per episode after the five of the center Big Bang Theory cast consented to take pay cuts of $100,000 less in compensation.

Is Kunal Nayyar Rich?

Cabbie (2014), Consumed (2015), Trolls (2016) and Sweetness in the Belly (2019). Forbes recorded Nayyar as the world's third-most generously compensated TV entertainer in 2015 and 2018, with profit of US$20 million and US$23.5 million, separately.

What Is Pat Sajak Pay?

As you would think, Pat Sajak and Vanna White are paid abundantly for their separate facilitating and letter-turning obligations. Consistently Pat Sajak procures $14 million to have Wheel of Fortune. Vanna White's compensation is $10 million.

Simon Helberg Net Worth


Close by shooting for The Big Bang Theory, Helberg highlighted in a Kung Fu Panda TV series somewhere in the range of 2011 and 2016, and even got to play piano close by Meryl Streep in Florence Foster Jenkins in 2016 (envisioned).

All the more as of late, Helberg played The Conductor in the melodic movie Annette and featured in As Sick As They Made Us, which was composed and coordinated by previous co-star Mayim Bialik. What's more, to the joy of fans, he repeated the personality of Howard Wolowitz as a voice job in the TBBT spin-off Young Sheldon in 2021.

Like Kunal Nayyar, Helberg is accepted to be worth around $45 million (£36.3m).

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