Similar Tv Shows and Movies Like Ballers: Want to Read and Watch Similar Series!


After watching the American comedy drama Ballers did you still feel loneliness and wanted more tv shows and movies like it to fulfill the gap of entertainment in your routine life?

Feeling bored and didn’t find much better series on the internet like Ballers which the main protagonist Spencer finds and chooses a new career for himself as the financial manager after taking retirement from the NFL player.


The first season of Ballers came in 2015 and run for 5 seasons till October 2019 for a list of 47 episodes in total.

Not interested in watching Ballers series again and again and you came here to find out other similar movies and tv shows.

Then you came at the right place to find out other shows and movies which are alike Ballers and related with the sport and of the comedy genre.


You can read and watch this similar shows which will give you same feelings when you watch these shows and I know you are also familiar with these ones which I have given. You can also write in the comment box which tv show or movie you like the most and want to watch by reading this article.

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Some of the Tv shows and Movies which you like if you watched Ballers and if haven't watched Ballers than I prefer you to watch its all seasons which are amazing.

  • The Game

the game

It is 2006 television drama which includes comedy, romance and sport and aired on October 1, 2006. This American series run for 21 mins each episode and Mara Brock Akil created this series. This tv show is scheduled to CW’s primetime and it is realistics, little serious and sexy tv drama in which you see many things and stages like relationship vs career, success, high society and with a couple relationships.

Here you can also watch its trailer

  • Drafty Day

It is an exciting and inspirational sports drama series which came to the USA first and has a running time of 1 hr 50 mins.

In this Sonny Weaver, who is a manager has to take the decision at NFL Draft to rebuild his team and this time he has the opportunity to do this and he can decide what he he wants to do and it is the life changing decision for the hundred young men.

The story covers sports, boss and employee ambition, football team and one decision take by him which changes young men life of NFL dream.

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  • Pitch

It is a 2016 sport Drama which runs for 60 mins and released in the USA. This Pitch drama series revolves around the young pitcher woman and she became the first lady to play baseball in Major League baseball. Pitch series describes the woman to play in sports and her lifestyle, ambition, friendship and rivalry and the destiny of the player.

Mr. Go

It is a teen comedy drama and also related to sports. When you go through this series you find that it is an exciting movie which came in 2013 and runs for 132 mins.

The film release in English, Korean and Mandarin language and came out on July 17, 2013 in South Korea. This film got 6 ratings out of 10 on IMDB and 2.5/5 on Filmstarts.

In this story after the death of Wei-wei grandfather he is left along with his gorilla named Ling-ling. Before the death of his father, Ling-ling was given training of baseball and now he the gorilla has skills to play baseball as he was trained by Wei-wei grandfather.

Mr. Go

It was a funny sports drama series of the gorilla in which animal life, teenager life and odds and even are seen in the sports team.

  • Friday Night Lights

Friday Night Lights runs from 2006 to 2011 and revolves around the life of a football coach.

It is series in which personal life of coach is seen and how he solves the problem and fights which occurs in his way.

He is a football coach but removed from his position of coach in Dillon High school. Now he decided to setup another team in the same school and make the way to come out from the problems he faces and want to give the best life to his children.

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Last Lines

I am sure, after reading the stories of different tv shows and movies you have plenty of material to read and watch as these given series are similar to Ballers drama and now you at this moment you will not feel boredom. If you still feel bore then read you can read your favourite series on keeperfacts as it has different types of blogs available for you.