Silverton Siege Release Date: Is Silverton Siege Based On A True Story or Not?

Netflix has already produced a number of films and web series based on true stories that have been distributed worldwide. Silverton Siege is a new title that will be added to the current list, as well as another old one.

An anti-racism protest that went horribly wrong leads to the hostage-taking of a bank by the three characters in this series, which is based on an actual event. A real-life event from the Free Mandela movement, the “Silverton Siege,” is the basis for this action-thriller story, which was purchased by Netflix.

Following a failed sabotage mission, the police engage in a high-speed car chase with the suspects. A bank in Silverton, Pretoria, in an African country, has them surrounded and they are forced to surrender.

When a bank and its customers are being held hostage and Nelson Mandela’s freedom is being sought in exchange for the release of the prisoners, the stakes and emotions are extremely high, as is the likelihood of a successful negotiation.

The film features a number of well-known South African business leaders, including Arnold Vosloo and Tumisho Masha, amongst others. Pambili Media is led by executive producers Walter Ayres and Dube throughout the entire production process.

Silverton Siege Release Date

International Freedom Day will be celebrated on April 27th, 2022, according to its 222million subscribers in 190 countries. Silverton Siege, a new film directed by Mandla Dube and produced by Pambili Media, will premiere on Netflix.

According to Angle Heart, the director of the Italian Job Strike, and Umtunzi we Ntaba, this is one of Mandla Dube’s most effective works to date, and it is a must-see.

Is Silverton Siege Based On A True Story?

Who is the cast of Silverton Siege?

Not all of the members of the cast have been revealed yet; however, they will be revealed one by one in the weeks leading up to the film’s release. In the film,

  • Thabo Rametsi plays the role of the leader of the trio
  • Calvin Khumalo is the character he’s playing.
  • Mbali Terra Mabunda’s Noxolo Dlamini is another member.
  • Sarah Kozlowski as Madeleine
  • Arnold Vosloo as Johan Langerman
  • Turnisho Msaha as Sechaba
  • Stefan Erasmus as Aldo Erasmus
  • Clayton Boyd as Sniper
  • Sahne Wellington as Cornelius Washington

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What Is the Plot of the Silverton Siege?

It all begins with the arrest of the nationalist leader or we can say that the arrest of Nelson Mandela people begin to protest because the nationalist leader was alleged to be released after 10 years of imprisonment but wasn’t released even after 16 years of imprisonment so people started a protest against the govt, three MK solders (a political-military fraction, co-founded by solon, to fight the South African government if they reply peaceful demonstration against Africans with violence. They were also referred to as Umkhonto we Sizwe.)

There was a high-profile mission to sabotage a petroleum depot, a trio of Umkhonto we Sizwe liberation fighters realizes they need been found, and police are waiting at the petrol pump for them. A vicious and dangerous chase begins and they took shelter inside a bank named Volkskas Bank, there have been a complete of 25 people at the bank they became captative for the trio -Stephen “Fanie” Mafoko, Wilfred Madela, and Humphrey Makhubo.

They demanded a series of things, the primary was to release Nelson Mandela from prison, second on the list was an oversized sum of cash, safe passage to flee, and a gathering with heads of state. After six hours of standoff police finally began to mobilize they stormed the bank and fired, killing the trio and a pair of civilians were also caught within the crossfire.

From my perspective, this story will inspire today’s youth to believe that everybody can change the planet all it takes is to require the initiative, and also the result is obtained.

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Silverton Siege Movie Review

Films that are based on true events are difficult for me to watch. Frequently, they draw attention to a tragedy or trauma that eventually resulted in something incredible happening. When I say “biopics” or “true stories,” I’m referring to how often they embrace trauma for its own sake, and seeing that depicted on screen is something.

I am less and less comfortable with it as time goes on, especially when it involves marginalized populations. That being said, even in the midst of all the suffering, there can be some excellent films hidden beneath the surface, which is where Netflix Original Silverton Siege finds itself.

Silverton Siege is a film directed by Mandla Dube and written by Sabelo Mgidi that tells the story of a group of freedom fighters known as the Umkhonto weSizwe (MK) who fight against apartheid South Africa in 1980.

Upon realizing that they’ve been set up while on a high-profile mission to sabotage a petrol depot, the three men, Calvin (Thabo Rametsi), Mbali (Noxolo Dlamini), and Aldo (Stefan Erasmus), are forced to flee from the authorities. In order to survive, the three take refuge in a bank, where they hold the employees and customers hostage while the police surround the building.

While the film is based on true events, the real MK Cadres who were involved were named Stephen Mafoko, Humphrey Makhubo, and Wilfred Mandela, rather than the fictional characters in the film. As the film’s closing credits demonstrate, the Silverton Seige played a role in launching the movement that ultimately resulted in Nelson Mandela’s release from prison.

The decision to rename the MK trio was made on the basis of a decision. While this allows for a female presence in the main cast, it raises the question of whether the original intent was to tell the story of the Silverton Siege or to tell a story that used the Siege as a plot to highlight the injustices and trauma of 1980s South Africa.

Silverton Siege


Indeed, Rachel (Michelle Mosalakae), a fair-skinned woman whom Calvin meets while waiting in the whites-only line, is the most moving connection that Calvin makes in the film. The two get into it at first because of his displeasure with Rachel’s attempt to pass as white.

Rachel is given a complicated backstory that explains her decision, and, in a dramatic moment when she is confronted with racist violence, she decides to remove her wig and reveal her braided natural hair, which is shown in the film.

However, that is really where the film’s moving elements come to an end. In most ways, Mbali and Aldo are two-dimensional characters who don’t do much else. They are capable and strong additions to the cast, but ultimately, time is allocated to Calvin, the white characters in the bank, and Detective Langerman to allow them to develop as characters in Silverton Siege.

Never mind that Silverton Siege is an excellent film if you don’t mind sitting through apartheid violence and a bleak conclusion that involves the Black cast. But don’t expect to be entertained. However, if you are not, you should skip this episode and instead read up on the history of Mandela’s Umkhonto weSizwe, which was formed to fight apartheid and later to liberate Mandela.

Where To Watch Silverton Siege?

Since Netflix has announced this series, it’s safe to assume that it will be available on the streaming service after its initial release (April 27th, 2022).

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Silverton Siege Trailer