Silkk the Shocker Net Worth 2022: How Much Money Does Rapper Really Have?

Rapper and actor Silkk the Shocker is from the United States. He is well-known for his connections to several Hip-Hop ensembles, including TRU and 504 Boyz.

Since the middle of the 1990s, the seasoned rapper from New Orleans has been performing, and throughout his career, he has collaborated with numerous record labels. These companies include No Limit Forever Records, Globy House, EMI, Shocker World, No Limit Records, Priority Records, and No Limit Records.

Brief Information About Silkk the Shocker

Full Name Silkk The Shocker
Birth Name Vyshonn King Miller
D.O.B June 18, 1975
Wife Junalyn “JuJu” Pattugalan
Net Worth $5 Million

Silkk the Shocker: Early Life

On June 18, 1975, Vyshonn King Miller was born in New Orleans, Louisiana. Shocker was conceived by his mother Josie Miller and father Percy Miller. According to rumors, Percy and Josie split up before their kids were old enough to comprehend what was happening in their household. His father reared him and his siblings by himself in New Orleans.

Silkk the Shocker Net Worth

Shocker has four siblings, which is a blessing. Three sons and a daughter make up the five children his father has. The names of Shocker’s siblings are Germaine Miller, Percy Robert Miller Sr., C-Murder, and Kevin Miller. Silkk’s four siblings are all renowned experts in their industries.

He shared a home with Robert Percy Miller, who would grow up to become Master P, a well-known rapper. Vyshonn enjoyed playing basketball in his early years and finally developed into a really good player.

Net Worth of Silkk the Shocker

American rapper and actor Silkk the Shocker has a $5 million dollar fortune, as per celebrity net worth.
His work in acting and rap music brought him fortune. The income from his social media platforms also contributes to Silkk The Shocker’s wealth.  In addition, his sibling is worth $200 million. In addition, his other family members are likewise wealthy and talented.


Silkk seems to be enjoying a prosperous and happy life with his family as a result of his professional achievement. The general populace also likes him quite a bit. Silk is a diligent individual, thus it is almost guaranteed that his earnings will rise over the coming days.

Silkk the Shocker: Instagram Account

Silkk has 1121 posts and 332k followers on his Instagram Account. Check out his post below.


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Personal Life : Silkk the Shocker

In reality, Silkk the Shocker is a married man. His sweetheart, Junalyn “JuJu” Pattugalan, became his wife. The couple was married in front of their friends, family, and relations. But neither the location nor the precise date of their wedding have been made public. They were now enjoying their beautiful marriage.

Silkk the Shocker Net Worth

Two sons and a daughter are the result of Silkk and Junalyn’s union. The identities of their kids are not publicly available on social media, though. As they share their joys and sorrows, the pair is currently living a lovely and comfortable life together. The two haven’t had any arguments or misunderstandings up until now.

Other Businesses

Over the years, Silkk the Shocker has maintained a close relationship with the WWE and has appeared on the album “WWE Wreckless Intent.” His contribution to the record was the tune “I’m Coming,” which went on to become the theme song for a number of wrestlers.

Silkk is also well-known for his work as an actor. He played the lead in the movie “Hot Boyz” in 2000, which was his most significant performance. Master P directed the movie, which included a supporting part for Garey Busey. Then he was cast as the lead in the 2015 movie “More Money, More Family,” which he also produced.

In a 2020 interview, Silkk allegedly stated that he was considering purchasing the New Orleans Saints. A $2.075 billion valuation has been placed on the New Orleans Saints. He said precisely: “Honestly, I want to. I believe I am at some point.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Master P’s true brother Silkk The Shocker?

The most prominent rapper on No Limit Records, the underground hardcore rap label that rose to fame in the late ’90s, was Master P Silkk the Shocker (real name Vyshonne Miller). He is the brother of Master P, the label’s founder, so you would actually not expect anything less.

Does Silkk The Shocker own a degree?

Yes, De Anza High School has awarded Silkk The Shocker a high school diploma.

When was Silkk The Shocker born?

The age of Silkk The Shocker is 45. He was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, on June 18, 1975.