Signal – The Alternative of WhatsApp.


We all uses WhatsApp in our daily life as a way of sending messages to our loved ones, friends and family. You have probably seen the stick-on message which appears on the top of your chat. Can you remind it? If not, then let me help you with it.

WhatsApp new privacy policy


It says, “Messages and calls are end-to-end encrypted. No one outside of this chat, Not even the WhatsApp can read it or listen to them.” Now, you remember right?

So, basically WhatsApp doesn’t let your personal information (messages, voicemail, photos, videos and other personal documents) share with others and that’s how your data is secure.

Until…….the WhatsApp updated their privacy policy and there is a lot talk all over the world about it. Do you know what is it? If you don’t, read this article to know about the whole thing.


What is WhatsApp New Privacy Policy?

Recently, The WhatsApp have come up with a new and advanced privacy policy for their users. Many of you have already got the Updated notification on your devices while other will get it very soon. The privacy policy is already a vast and it provides you the insight about how the given messaging software works.

Now, why everyone is discussing about this private policy? Though, the new WhatsApp update have come along with a lot of changes but the major one is shocking for everyone.

You know, how earlier, I said that WhatsApp allow 100% security to the users. Yes, now it doesn’t. In an open information letter by the WhatsApp they clearly stated that now this feature is changed by them.

Moreover, the Company have given the time-frame till 8 February, 2020 and under that time everyone have to update their WhatsApp. In the next section we’ll be discussing about these changes in detail.

Know About WhatsApp New Updates

Let’s discuss briefly about the new update of the WhatsApp and what are the changes they have made. This is a important section for you, Read it thoroughly.


WhatsApp Messages

Firstly do your know how WhatsApp Message work? Many of you don’t even know about it, if you send any message or photo in WhatsApp and the other person receives it then the message deleted from the Server completely.

BUT if the message doesn’t receives by the receiver then the Message will remains active for 30 days in the server. And after that it’ll be deleted from that server too.

Age Restriction

The New updates clearly stated the Age restrictions for their application. We all know that it is illegal for the small kids to use these kind of application.

In the new update, WhatsApp clearly stated that the person who is above 13 years old can use their platform. If you are below 13, you can’t use WhatsApp Messenger. Moreover, if you are from the European region, you have to atleast 16 years olds in order to use WhatsApp.

Device Permission

Whenever you Install WhatsApp in your devices the app generally ask you to give it permission of several things. Yeah, almost every other software do it.

For example, WhatsApp ask you the information of Hardware model, OS information, signal strength, App version, battery level, and many more things which are mentioned in the picture.

WhatsApp policy

Location Function

The WhatsApp new update will allow you to share your location with your friends and family. Not only this but you can even share your live location with them. Isn’t this amazing?

No it isn’t! Why? Because if you share your location services with your contacts, they will be automatically get sent to the WhatsApp authority. And why do they need it? It is still unclear.

But, But, But 

they also said that if you don’t even do this, they will also use your location data, by getting the IP address, phone numbers and other important information. This is a important to note.

Role of Facebook

So, you already know that WhatsApp is completely own by Facebook, I mean they have literally embedded it “By Facebook” all over so. And you are also aware how Facebook works in terms of Privacy. Now, In the latest update information WhatsApp have clearly stated about the role of Facebook.

WhatsApp shares your data like, registration information (phone number), service-related information, transaction data with Facebook. It also means if you don’t even have a Facebook account these all information will be shared to them.

Third Party Ads

Previously, WhatsApp doesn’t allow any third party ads to get their hands in the WhatsApp at all. I mean, we all know that big companies doesn’t let a chance to advertise and what will be the best to advertise on WhatsApp but WhatsApp doesn’t used to allow it.

Now, in the same letter WhatsApp stated that they still don’t allow any third-party ads to market.

But, WAIT they also added that “but if we ever do, we will update this Privacy Policy”. So it clearly means that there surely gonna be ads on WhatsApp. Not now, but soon.

Ban Policy

WhatsApp holds the power to ban you completely from their application. If you share any Message which conveys false information, Anti-nationalism, Sexualized, Discriminating or other inappropriate Messages on their platform, they will ban you.

Not only this, WhatsApp said that they doesn’t even care to give you any prior notification for it. You’ll not even get a single message if you will ever get block. So, BE Prepare.

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Should You Update Your WhatsApp or Not?

So, by reading all the features which the latest updates gives you, what do you think now? You will update your WhatsApp or not?

There might be many people who don’t even care about it, but there are many people who thinks this as a very important changes. There are many kinds of reaction from the people all around and mainly they are not satisfied with this updates.

Some of the reaction of people are –

  • ” It's time to say goodbye to WhatsApp. I didn't see this coming 🥺”
  • Signal and Telegram be like – Welcome Friend! 😂
  • Not the best New year gift WhatsApp.

Furthermore, there is news going around about this all over. In this tough time many of the people are turning towards another such platform. Want to know about them? We’ll tell you right now. We have a WhatsApp Alternative Signal for you. What is it? Read the next section to have complete knowledge about it.

What is Signal? Is it new WhatsApp Alternative?

Signal App

So, the recent updates come with a lot of Talks around the world with many people changing their way of messaging. It is Obvious that people will turn towards different messaging platform. Signal app is one of the popular choice of people now. The application have already started to gain their Downloaders because of it’s large variety of features. The application have a minimum age of 12, so you can easily access it if you are 12 or above it.

The best thing about this application that it allows the end-to-end encryption which is generally lack by the WhatsApp. And like the WhatsApp Signal also works in Android, iOS and windows. So, you don’t have to worry at all. This app have similar features like WhatsApp like it allows you to message, Video call, Audio call to the other person. On the other aide you can also shade your photos, videos, pdfs and links to others.

Moreover, the app have over 10 Million plus Download in the Play Store and same goes on App store too. Recently, after the privacy policy, this application top in Google store and becomes the #Top1 application and also Beats WhatsApp in the race.

The app is Available in the App Store and App store and you can go there and download it

What are the advantages of Signal?

The list of advantages of Signal application is quite large plus satisfactory. The app provides a large number of features to the user for Free. The end-to-end encryption of this application is well appraisable and the amount of security it allows to the user is really amazing. We have pointed the features this application below.

  • Free to use.
  • Easy User interface.
  • Provides security to the users.
  • Allow to send messages, photos, videos, pdf and other documents.
  • Support video calls and phone calls
  • The quality of the video call is also great.

How does Signal works?


If you have already installed this application in your smartphone then let us take a look at their working process of this application.

  • Open the application in your respective devices. Signal Messaging App
  • The app will open with a screen which will tell you about the privacy policy. If you are interested you can read them for better understanding. Then click on Continue.
  • In the next step, Signal will ask you the permission to access through your contacts. Click on Continue to get connected with your friends and family.
  • Then, your device will ask you to allow the permission to Signal permission for accessing the contacts and also to manage phone calls.
  • In the next step you have to registered your phone number and then click on Next.
  • You’ll receive a verification code, use it for the upcoming process.
  • After the phone number verification, you have to set your profile in the Signal application. Upload your picture and give a user name to yourself and then click on Next.
  • Now, the application will ask you to make a pin. Why? The PIN will keep your all the information with the encryption of the signal app. Not only this but your Profile, Settings and the contacts will get restored when you reinstall the application into your device. Make a pin and click on next.
  • Confirm the pin again.
  • The application will take few seconds in creating or the pin and then you are good to go. Now, use this application fully.

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Review of Signal

The show is rated 4.8/5 by the App Store and 4.5/5 by the Play Store. There are a lot of reviews related to the working process of the app. Now, if you wanna know what people think about this application then read this section carefully.


“Nice, excellent structure, great features, fast, easy to use,it does what the Developers says it is capable. Truly enjoy the features of timing choice if you want yo, it’s simplicity and modern easy access to feature is awesome. Recommended, Yes totally, Get out if the monotony and get this awesome communication app.”

Hannah Penner

“My Boyfriend is very concerned about online security, so we’ve spent a long time trying to find a decent secure alternative to google hangouts and skype for video chatting. After trying several other apps, Signal is the one of the best app to come out for us. Easy to use, great video quality, no ads. Thank you Signal, you are Truly a life saver for us.”

Tejas Tiwary

“In love with this app. Rating it 5 stars. The best free app and open source of messaging software. The best thing is it makes me feel secure. Me and my friends uses it for privacy reasons. It is clearly committed to user privacy policy and always updating and staying ahead of the game, and you know it’s legit and safe for both users while having a conversation online. You can’t say that about Google and Facebook. No, never! If you’ll ask me I will recommend you this app with all my heart ❤️. “


The Latest updated policy of WhatsApp is putting people’s in doubt about their security in the application. The app used to be loved by billions of people but now with the update everyone is doubting them. There are news circulating around about the policy and during the time we have a alternative for you. Signal is a great application for messaging and also provide security to the user. With over 10 Million plus Download the app is already attracting a lot of people around. As, WhatsApp have already released the statement that users have to agree with the policy till 8 February, 2021 and if they don’t do it till then, their account will get deleted from WhatsApp.