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In the production of a movie, there are many people who plays a important role, and the Director is one of them. Denis Villeneuve is one of the famous Canadian-French Director who is able to do production and Screenwriting along with Directing. He have directed some of the brilliant film for us and in this article we’re going to discuss his one of the famous movie, Sicario.

This movie was premiered in 2015 with the aim of getting into the mind of people and Sicario Succeed and we can guess this by your presence in this article. This movie have already released it’s two sequel for the people and now fan’s are demanding for the third part, Because Why Not? If you’re also a fan of Sicario and the directing of Denis, then stay till the end of this article.

Furthermore, we’ll discuss about the possibility of the third installment of Sicario and it’s release date.

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Sicario – A complete summary


“You should move to a small town, somewhere the rule of law still exists, you will not survive here. Also, you are not a wolf, and this is a land of wolves now.”

Sicario is a movie which was initially released on 19 May, 2015 and its DVD version came one 5 January, 2016. This movie is perfect for the people who are more into action & thriller and if you’re a fan of both and haven’t seen Sicario yet then WHAT ARE YOU DOING?

Believe me this movie will not disappoint you. Beside the Action nature the other thing which will attract your eyes are definitely going to be the cinematography. The Director, Denis Villeneuve, have beautifully put his idea into this movie.

When the first part releases it gains a lot if praises from the people and also from the critics. The movie earned almost $85 Million against the production of $30 million and with this profit it was pretty reliable for the film-makers to bring the another part. That’s why in 2018, we were blessed with the sequel, Sicario: Day of the Soldado. In the next section, we’re going to look at this movie.

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Sicario: Day of the Soldado

Sicario 2

If you are finding it hard you can simply say Sicario 2. But like the first part, this movie didn’t fulfill the expectations of the people. While checking the feedback of the audience, the majority of them are unhappy with the second part.

One of the audience said, “I was expecting to enjoy this movie but was disappointed. The action scenes were decent at best but the plot was beyond weak. It seems to me that the writers simply could not decide on a story line and kept changing it.

While there are other saying that this movie was different but still worth to watch and we do believe on them. There is no denying that everybody loves the same movie. The Sicario: Day of the Soldado, have a unique storyline which differs from it’s original way. The main thing to note here is both the movies are of the same series but their storyline is completely different from each other.

Beside all of this, the movie is great thriller and action material and if you are a great lover of these two genre and do check it out.

Is Sicario – 3 is happening?

After the two parts release, can we expect the third part of this movie? This is a big question for all of the fans of Sicario series. On October, 2020, Shea Serrano tweeted about Sicario and all the fans were thinking about the possibility of Sicario 3.

If you have seen the second part if Sicario, you can easily guess that thus movie have more to say. Sicario 2 leaves a room for it’s 3 part and the movie was left in a cliffhanger. Fans want to know more about the story and what exactly happens with the main cast, Kate Macer and his partner Reggie.

Moreover, the Developers can add a lot of thing in the third part but there is nothing Officially announced about it untill 2018. On 2018, the producer of this movie, Trent Luckinbill confirmed that the third installment of Sicario will happen for sure. Not only this but he also added about the production of this movie by saying, “It has started”.

Now, with all this, we can conclude that Sciario is surely going to come up with a third part, but what will be the storyline? If you’re interested to know then read the next section.

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Sicario 3 – When it is going to release?

Wondering about the release date of Sicario 3? We are too 😂 There is no official announcement regarding the release date of Sicario 3 and we don’t know when it is going to aired.

According to some sources, the production of third installment have already started and if everything goes smoothly we can see tgis movie in the next year (2022) or may be this year (2021). If we see closely the releasing date of Sicario series, we’ll find the gap of 3 years and likewise we conclude that may be we can see Sicario 3 this year.

If there will be any announcement we’ll change this section and let you guys know. Bookmark this page to get updated.

We have a fan made trailer for our readers. Click on this video and enjoy it.

Sicario 3 – What will be the plot?

“He wasn’t going to kill you, he just wanted to know what you know.”

As I have already told in the above section that the Storyline of the Sicario series are not same so it would be hard to predict anything. But with the second part ending, it would be important for the writers to pick up the same pace otherwise the story will not move any forward and audience will just suffer with the lack of story.

In the ending of second part, We got to watch Alejandro, who was confronting Miguel. If you are new to this and haven’t watched the second part then you should know about these two Characters. Both Alejandro and Miguel are not in a good relationship and they have been fighting over a year. But in the end, Alejandro recapitulate Miguel that he desires to be a Soldado. So, in the third part we can see these two characters working together in order to achieve their target.

Moreover, we have some other prediction too and this might excites you because it is about the fan favorite character. We think that Kate Macer might return back in the story with much stronger role. Fans complain that they didn’t see a Lil bit of him in the second season, so we can at least expect him.

Sicario 3 – Who is going to cast?

“Nothing will make sense to your American ears, but in the end you will understand. “

The cast of Sicario was exactly same from it’s first series and we haven’t seen much of the change in it. In the end of Sicario 2 there we might be a possibility of returning. I have sewn many theories in the internet predicting the same and If this happens, then we can expect Benicio del Toro in the movie too.

The cast members

Other than that, our other main character will be going to cast for sure. But will Emily blunt is going to come? This is a big question for ys because somewhere we find that the story of Macer is incomplete without her. So, we might see her too. Other characters who are going to come back are listed below. Feel free to see the list.

  • Steve Forsing will going to act as Jeffrey Donovan
  • Fausto Alarcon will as usual seen as Julio Cesar Cedillo
  • Manuel Diaz will be seen as Bernardo Saracino
  • Reggie going to act as Daniel Kaluuya
  • Jennings will cast as Victor Garber
  • Phil Coopers going to come back as Hank Rogerson
  • Silvio will be as Maximiliano Hernández
  • We’ll see Helocopter pilot as in his usual character of Alan Purwin
  • Pretty Blonde will be cast as Sarah Minnich

Famous Dialogue of the Movie

  • Don’t you ever point your gun at me!
  • You will not survive here, you are not a wolf. This is the land of wolves.
  • You are asking me how a watch works, just watch the time.
  • Until someone finds a way to stop 20 percent of America putting this shit up their nose, order is the best we can hope for.
  • By the end you will understand.
  • He makes a living killing.
  • Every day I cross that border, people are kidnapped with or killed with his blessing. To find him would be like discovering a vaccine

Reviews of the people

Vikas Joshi

“One of the finest films I’ve ever seen and easily one of my favorites of all time.

An amazing cast, spellbinding performances, and breathless realism creates a masterful slowburn thriller that makes think about every moment you watch, along with all the truths that linger in its narrative violence. A call to be aware of America’s violent measures for peace while delivering an excellent story of humanity, vengeance, and identity.”

Abdul Rehman

“It’s a thriller for sure. It made me feel so anxious throughout the movie. I like how they portrayed what is wrong with the world of drugs and how you can’t trust the police and or military; it’s a f*** web that if you get trapped on, it’s impossible to get out of it harmless. I watched this movie when it was in theatre’s and I still like it. I love the thrill. Very well written and well portrayed.

The movie has been produced masterfully. It is beautifully shot ❤️ Cinematography makes you feel claustrophobic and on the edge, same with background score. Screenplay is amazing as all the action starts and plays out very unexpectedly.”

Ali Moyeth

“Action scenes are done better than any action movie I have seen recently. Weapons feel actually impactful. Bullets sound like thunder and destroy things they hit leaving gaping holes in walls etc and knocking air out of people with Kevlar. Also, not much gore is shown but blood and disturbing scenes are plenty.”


Sicario is an action-thriller movie with a lot of fighting scenes. Anyone who love this kind of movie can undoubtedly go and watch Sicario. This movie is surely an Underrated and kind of matches with Mission Impossible. The third part of Sicario is in Development and the producer have himself confirmed it. The movie can be released anywhere in this year, 2021. In few words, bless yourself favor and watch this.

If you have anything to say for this movie, feel free to use our comment section. We’ll take a look at your views 👀


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