Showtime 1958 Release Date, Plot, Cast and Other Updates!


The official summary of the movie “Showtime 1958” is The true story behind the famous Selamat Hari Raya song (Eid Fitr song), which was written backstage at Jalan Ampas Studio in April 1958 by the legendary P.

Ramlee and Jamil Sulong during a variety show they put on to raise money for performers and friends who had lost their jobs at the studio.”


What Is ‘Showtime 1958’ All About?

The visually stunning duration image “Showtime 1958” which totally debuted on Netflix, takes you back to Malaysia's heyday of cinema. The two-hour historical drama was entirely shot at Shaw Brothers' Jalan Ampas Studio, with scenes playing out over the course of a crucial 24-hour period in the Malay cinema industry.

Showtime 1958


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The director, P Ramlee, puts on a big production to raise money for several artists who lost their jobs before Eid. This historical movie can also tell the story of the song that is typically played at Selamat Hari Raya. The song was written in secret by the renowned duo P Ramlee and Jamil Sulong in Singapore's Jalan Ampas Studio in April 1958.

Where to Watch “Showtime 1958” When It Released?

The vast history of the streaming service contains a vast range of international films, allowing users to explore the worldwide film scene beyond the United States, with genres ranging from comedy to drama to mystery. ‘Showtime 1958' will be accessible on Netflix as of 3 May 2022.

The Plot Summary of “Showtime 1958”

Showtime 1958

Showtime 1958 is the true story behind the popular Selamat Hari Raya song, which was written by P. Ramlee and Jamil Sulong in 1958 during a theatrical performance to collect funds for studio employees who had lost their jobs.

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Netflix's “Showtime 1958” is a visually stunning film that transports viewers back to the golden age of Malaysian filmmaking. It is a two-hour historical drama in Malaysian film based on 24 hours of actual occurrences. Malaysia's film industry was headquartered at the Jalan Ampas Studio, which was controlled by Shaw Brothers.

The “Showtime 1958” Cast Details

  • Fatin Afeefa As Rosnani Farah
  • Ahmad As Rubiah Henzi
  • Andalas As Omar Rojik Chi Azim
  • Amai Kamarudin As P. Ramlee Mubarak
  • Majid As Sudiro Aprena
  • Manrose As Saloma
  • Bell Ngasri As Aziz Sattar
  • Halim Sabir As Hamid


Indeed, “Showtime 1958” is based on a true story. In addition, the film was created by the son of one of the film industry's most prominent figures. Given the connection, spectators are expected to appreciate a real piece of Malay history that depicts life behind the scenes.