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Should I Buy a MacBook? A Helpful Guide for College Students

There’s always been something about the classic MacBook. From its sleek design to specs, it’s often the go-to choice of many digital professionals. Recently, you’ll find that more students are opting for a Mac as well.

If you’re looking for a good MacBook for college students, look no further. You’ll find that it’ll soon be essential to keep on top of schoolwork and other tasks. Find out more today why it’s worth paying for quality.

Here’s everything you need to know and the things to consider when getting your new MacBook.

The Mighty M1

Is a MacBook good for college students? It’s fair to say that Apple hasn’t always had the best reputation when it comes to the power of their MacBooks. They have always done the job fine for most students and have been quite popular.

However, they’ve fallen short of their Windows competitors for quite some time. This is in comparison to raw performance and the price tag, which for the MacBook Pro can hover north of $1,500. However, college students have long flocked to the Apple brand for many good reasons.

There is now a compelling reason to go all-in on Mac, unlike previous generations. The new M1 processor is world-class. It outperforms anything Intel or AMD can throw at it, especially for its price tag.

Mac isn’t only the home of artists and creatives, but of anyone who needs to push their device to its limits. The style and user-friendly Mac experience are still as great as ever. The engine has joined it in what feels like the first time in years.

College students don’t only prefer Mac for the brand or the look, but its performance. Note taking, word processing, and emailing are effortless. Video-picture editing, coding, or 4k streaming – piece of cake.

The new line of M1-chipped MacBooks can even handle gaming. They aren’t only shiny, expensive toys anymore. They talk the talk and walk the walk.

Actual Bang for Your Buck with the MacBook Air

Let’s talk about something insane. The MacBook Air comes with the M1 chip as standard. Not only that, but it’s available for $800-$900 from most retailers.

For under $1,000, you get performance superior to most $1,200+ Windows alternatives. Even competitors hovering nearby still fall short while being more expensive.

It’s hard to wrap your head around this new reality. MacBooks can be both cheaper and better performing than the competition. It’s no wonder many call the new MacBook Air the best MacBook for college students.

You need reliability and performance without breaking the bank as a college student. Battery life is fantastic on the Air, and you get at least a 13-inch screen with gorgeous resolution. Although you can go as low as $300 for other options, the difference in capability is laughable.

In college, you won’t only be taking notes and writing essays. You’ll be relaxing with some video games or chilling with some Netflix too. There’s no shame in using your college laptop for more than only work and study.

Your options for performance in the sub-$800 range are quite bleak, though. Most $600 Windows laptops are a noticeable downgrade. You won’t be able to play even mid-range games at an acceptable framerate in that category.

Lag, freezing, and the poor battery life after the first year or two will also become obvious. The MacBook Air is a clear winner.

The Benefits of Mac Apps

The great thing about Apple is that there are many good MacBook apps for college students. College or university is stressful enough, so any help you can get is welcome. It turns out that Apple’s focus on creative types also works well for students.

There are apps that help you write your essays and organize your references. Ulysses and Manuscripts are great examples. Manuscripts is a word processing app with built-in features.

It makes creating, organizing, and editing your references a breeze. Footnotes, endnotes, annotations, or anything else is straightforward and accurate. Ulysses, on the other, helps students write by keeping every word saved and organizing their work.

You can categorize your sections, paragraphs, or chapters in a neat format. Keyword tagging lets you bring them up whenever you need it. Dedicated folders make everything tidy, so complex research projects are much easier.

Those who need help organizing their time can consider apps like iStudize Pro, which is a calendar and time management app. Studies is another app that turns your normal notes into innovative smart notes. Complete with videos and pictures, it helps you learn and draw deeper connections.

The Sheer Power Option of the MacBook Pro

If you have a little more money in the budget, there is another good MacBook for college students. The MacBook Pro is even more of a beast than the Air, but its price reflects that. The benefit of the MacBook Pro is the sheer number of powerful options you have.

The sky is the limit from the even stronger M1 Max chip to higher memory, storage, and bigger screens. College students tackling tasks like 3D rendering will notice the difference. The same goes for high fps gaming.

Kitting out the MacBook Pro is straightforward but raises the price compared to the base model. If the budget’s a bit tight, then check out the Apple Education Store. They give discounts to students to help them achieve their academic goals.

The Right MacBook for College Students

MacBooks these days are a cut above with the M1 chip. They have all the bells and whistles you’ve come to expect, as well as a huge performance advantage over the competition. As far as the best MacBook for college students, the new Air and Pro are fantastic options.

They do everything you need, from studying to work and pleasure. With the budget-friendly MacBook Air, there’s little reason for doubt. For more on this and other topics, take a look at our other blog posts.