Shipping Wars Cast: Where are They Now? Best Show on Netflix!

Shipping Wars Cast: Shipping Wars cast where are they now: Shipping Wars is a popular reality TV series that has a large fan base, and fans want to know where the cast of the show is today. Find out where the cast of Shipping Wars is today and what happened to them.

Shipping Wars TV Show

Shipping Wars Cast

Shipping Wars is a well-known reality television show. From January 10, 2012, through April 29, 2015, it aired on A&E. On November 30, 2021, the 9th Season premiered. Independent shippers are the focus of the series. They'd learned that hauling heavy objects that common carriers couldn't or wouldn't haul could earn them money.

Go through the article to see where the cast of Shipping Wars is right now. They will participate in timed auctions for uShip cargo. It's one of the world's largest online auction houses for small shippers. Shipping Wars is broadcast on the History TV stations in the United Kingdom.

The series premiered on OLN in Canada and is now broadcast on CMT Canada. This show is broadcast on History TV 18 in India. Since April 2014, the German network N24 has published a dubbed version. Since September 2015, the French network 6ter has been broadcasting a dubbed version in French. It is carried on the free-to-air channel 7 Mate in Australia.

Shipping Wars Plot

Shipping Wars Cast

In seasons 1–8, the shippers compete in a reverse auction process for two shipments posted on Ship. Bids are usually accompanied by remarks regarding the expected expenses and dangers, as well as the motivations and abilities of the bidders.

When an auction's time restriction expires, the project is usually awarded to the lowest bidder; but, at the client's choice, it could be awarded to a higher bidder with a higher average feedback rating from previous clients. Any ties for the lowest bid are broken using feedback ratings. The shippers obtain their loads via a shipping agency in Season 9, and the bidding process is not depicted.

Winners load their goods and try to deliver them intact by the deadline set by the client or receiver. After the loads have been delivered, clients' feedback ratings display. Each shipper's revenue is totalled on-screen at the end of the episode, with expenses (fuel, labour, late-delivery penalties, fines, and so on) deducted from the bid amount to calculate the overall profit or loss.

Occasionally, a shipper will arrange for one or more additional cargoes to be hauled on the same journey, with the additional money factored into their total. Due to concerns about cargo size/weight or road safety, the shipper may be unable to finish a job in some situations.

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On occasion, one shipper will seek the assistance of another to finish a project; the shippers will then divide the revenues among themselves. The progress of each shipment is interwoven with amusing criticisms from the other carriers in seasons 1-8.

Shipping Wars Cast

Shipping Wars Cast

Six freelance shippers discover there's money to be gained hauling products that established carriers won't touch in Shipping Wars. If the price is right, these shippers will handle anything, from huge loads and cumbersome shipments to the strange.

  • Roy Garber
  • Jarrett Joyce
  • Marc Springer
  • Jennifer Brennan
  • Suzanne and Scott Bawcom
  • Christopher Hanna and Robbie Welsh
  • Dusty Davies
  • Jessica Samko
  • Todd and Tamera Sturgis
  • Johnny Chavez
  • Chelsea Chirila and Courtney Carter
  • Kourtney Boden and Tish Boden
  • Chris Kikelhan

Marc Springer

Since Season one, Marc has been a regular on the show Shipping Wars. At the time, he was a popular favourite. When he started his career in shipping, it was a method to supplement his income as his first business struggled. Marc, though, is still active in shipping after all these years. Marc appears to be a low-key individual outside of his employment and part of the series. He isn't frightened to compete with others.

Jennifer Brennan

Jennifer has been a part of the show since the beginning. Jennifer is much like any other shipper in terms of toughness and expertise. She's not afraid of big loads, and she's hauled some odd cargo throughout the years. She is a loving mother who enjoys spending time with her family.

Jarrett Joyce

Like the rest of the cast, Jarrett may not have much expertise with shipping. On the other hand, Joyce has never considered this a hindrance. Joyce was stuck with a few shipments that other people had passed on since he was a relative novice. He has sent a few unusual items, including kittens and a Civil War cannon.

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Dusty Davie

Davie joined the cast in the sixth season, and many would agree that he's been a good fit. Davie comes from a trucking family with a long experience in the industry. As a result, Davie possesses a tremendous quantity of knowledge, which is astounding. And Davie is determined to carve out his way. He is not afraid of difficult situations and is willing to transport just about anything.

Todd and Tamera Sturgis

There are a lot of solo shippers, and Todd and Tamera Sturgis discovered that collaboration works. After they married, they began working in the shipping industry. They never imagined they'd still be doing it after more than two decades.

They have opposing viewpoints on issues, but they manage to balance each other out. They like spending time outside when they are not working.

Jessica Samko

It will be easy for Jessica to feel intimidated in an industry that men mostly dominate. Her coworkers, on the other hand, were probably intimidated by her. Jessica is the type of person that doesn't take no for an answer. She is constantly eager to assist with whatever duty presented to her. She may lack the expertise of the other cast members, but her willpower makes up for it.

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Christopher Hannah and Robbie Welsh

Christopher has over ten years of truck driving experience. During that period, he built a solid reputation as a successful businessman specializing in moving unique objects. Robbie, Christopher's wife, is an essential member of his team and works just as hard as he does. He's also a loving husband and father who enjoys spending time with his family and being outside in nature.


From January 10, 2012, through April 29, 2015, Shipping Wars was a reality television series that aired on A&E. Season 9 kicked up on November 30, 2021, with a brand-new cast of shippers.

The show follows a number of independent shippers that have discovered that transporting enormous, heavy, or unique products that standard carriers can't or won't haul may be profitable. In timed auctions run by uShip, one of the largest online auction houses for independent shippers, they compete for shipments.

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