Shetland Season 6: Show Star Douglas Henshall Confirmed The Show!

Waiting for the Shetland Season 6? The show got delayed because of the covid-19 but now the filming began! Know all the current updates here.

Shetland Season 6

Shetland is a Scottish drama which is created by Ann Cleeves for the BBC Network. The series is inspired by a detective plotline starring Alison O’Donnell as Detective Sergeant Alison “Tosh” Macintosh, and Steven Robertson as Detective Constable Sandy Wilson. Mark Bonnar, Lewis Howden, Erin Armstrong, Julie Graham, and Anne Kidd.

The show concept is loved by almost everyone which is the reason the audience is asking for “Shetland Season 6.” The sixth installment is confirmed by the officials. Proceed reading to know the dates…

When Do We Get Shetland Season 6? Release Date!

The show enters into production in 2021 that simply means we will hopefully get the show at the end of 2021 or maybe at the start of 2022 but not before that.

The delay occurs because of the pandemic which makes the followers of the show sad, seeing the pitful reviews from the lovers of the show, one of the show stars Douglas Henshall show his concern by sharing a post.

Henshall confirmed the revival of the show by his Twitter post in which he twitted-

“We start principal photography on the 22nd of March and head to Shetland for almost all of April. I can’t wait to get going,” he wrote, before adding “Our COVID protocols are 36 pages long.”

“Every one of us will be tested before we start and then tested twice a week when we are in Glasgow and three times a week on Shetland. We’ll be taking our own mobile testing unit to the isles so that we don’t distract the NHS there.”

Keeping our fingers cross may this pandemic ends soon and we will get the show back, till then you can switch to some new series, what about some romantic series? Memories of Alhambra Season 2 would be a good start for you!

shetland season 6

Who Will Be There In Shetland Season 6?

The old cast will remain the same with some pinch of new actors. Starting with my favorite character, Doughla Henshall will be there playing the main role of Detective along with  Alison O’Donnell as DS Alison ‘Tosh’ Macintosh.

Rakie Ayola as Olivia Lennox, Derek Riddell as Chris Brooks, Catherine Walker as Alice Brooks, Tracy Wiles as Carla HayesOwen Whitelaw as Prentice Hayes, Lorn Macdonald as Jamie Hayes, and Ryan Fletcher as Calum Dunwoody also have chances to reoccur again.

However, some new figures will be added too. The name of new featuring actors aren’t exposed at this time but when we get more stuff related to them then we will update this post, till then stay tuned with us at

How Many Seasons Shetland Have?

The show has five seasons from which the first one aired on 10 March 2013 and the most recent season of the Shetland aired on February 12, 2019. Almost every season comes out with five to six episodes.

Now the Shetland has a total of twenty-five episodes that are available to stream on the platforms that we have mentioned below.

Where We Can Watch The Shetland Season 6?

Wanna stream the show? It is available on a variety of platforms, we have mentioned the list below-

  • BBC
  • BritBox
  • British Mysteries
  • Douglas Henshall
  • Scotland
  • Netflix
  • Amazon Prime Videos

Have you seen the show before? Which platform you think is best to stream the Shetland series? Comment Down!

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The series is inspired by an island named Shetland… The name of the series is taken from this too. The shooting is done in the same place as well as in some other regions of Scotland. Shetland’s filming location is one of the reasons why most of us liked the show, isn’t it? Do you agree with me or you have your own plate to like the show? Share your reviews with us in our comment section.

Hopefully, we will get the series soon with the same drama and fun…

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