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Do you think Lacey did the right things by killing culprits? Can we say that she is evil and a vampire according to what she ate in the movie?

The main question arises is She Never Died is the sequel to He Never Died Movie or only follows the premises of that movie and is made in the same universe? You know that Olunike won the best actress award for this movie at Blood in the Snow Canadian Film Festival Ceremony.


There is a lot of action and thriller in this Movie by Lacey and it is one of the best super powerful women movies in the world of crime as how she puts down the persons who are behind this criminal world.

She Never Died Official Trailer


She Never Died: Release Date

This 2019 Canadian Movie She Never Died released on September 19, 2019 at Cinefest Sudbury. The movie opens in a city where human trafficking is done and then there Lacey comes in late night to save the girl and start hunting for the culprits involved and makes them flood of screams and helping victims to flee.

The movie is in English language which runs for 89 minutes.

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She Never Died: Cast

She Never Died

These are the cast and characters of this Canadian, English language movie-

  • Olunike Adeliyi as Lacey
  • Peter MacNeill as Godfrey
  • Kiana Madeira as Suzzie
  • Michelle Nolden as Meredith
  • Noah Dalton Danby as Terrance
  • Edsson Morales as Jerry
  • Katie Messina as Janice
  • Murray Furrow as Vaughn
  • Lawrence Gowan as Man in the Hat
  • Nick Stojanovic as Driver Dan

Ratings and Reviews of She Never Died

She Never died

She Never Died got 5.0 ratings out of 10 on IMDB and Everyone has their demons is the perfect tagline for this action thriller movie and some of the user reviews on IMDB about this movie are great without seeing original and it is similar to first one, it is solid and entertaining movie but acting was bit bitter while other user said that it is underwhelming and went wrong with this parallel story sequel and boring movie.

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So She Never Died got both mixed reviews from the users on IMDb.

There are 100% Tomato meter ratings with 13 reviews and 46 % Audience Score on Rotten Tomatoes.

Some critics' reviews are that it is just what she did in her previous film Darken but it is an entertainment movie and others said that the director creates the environment in which the cast makes the characters shine in this dangerous world and it is a well crafted movie.

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Where to Watch “She Never Died” Action Movie?

She never died

You can currently watch She Never Died horror action Lacey Movie on-

People Also Ask Questions-

Is she never died a sequel to He never died?

Audrey Cummings, She never died is a Canadian horror and thriller movie with some comedy inside it and it is a follow up of Sister which is sequel to he never died.

What is Lacey in She Never Died?

Lacey is played by Olunike Adeliyi and she is a super powerful woman who denies being a vampire and she admits to hunger for human flesh and kills the culprits in the movie.

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What is the movie she never died about?

A socially detached woman, Lacey is cursed with immorality and hunts down the culprits who are involved in human trafficking.

Last Lines

Written by Jason Krawczyk, She Never Died is a good action movie by the leading star Olunike and you should watch this movie if you have not watched it until now. There are so many similar movie which you can look out to watch as many people also searched for these movies like ‘He Never Died’, ‘Wrong Turn 3’, ‘The Last Witch Hunter’ etc.