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Shannon Beador’s Ex-husband David Beador Has Filed for Divorce From Lesley Beador

Shannon Beador's Ex-husband David Beador Has Filed for Divorce From Lesley Beador

David Beador, Shannon Beador‘s ex-husband, doesn't exactly have the best track record for marriages.

Recently, he cancelled yet another one and announced that he was divorcing his wife, Lesley Beador. Lesley, 38, and David, 58, wed in October 2020; soon after, in early 2021, the couple welcomed a daughter named Anna Beador.

filed for divorce on September 15 and stated that the cause for the split was “irreconcilable differences.” He also stated that they had separated on September 15 and that he was requesting joint custody of his 19-month-old daughter Anna on both a physical and legal level.

Additionally, according to court records, David is requesting that the court not compel him to pay alimony because he has disclosed that they signed a prenuptial agreement before to their 2020 wedding.

After 17 years of marriage, David and Shannon decided to call it quits. They have three daughters: Stella, 19, and twins Adeline and Sophie, both 16 years old. The subsequent divorce between the ex-couples was tense. David soon started dating Lesley.

Looking at Lesley‘s Instagram account reveals that she last posted a picture with David on July 10, 2022. She appeared in the picture alongside David and their daughter. She merely wrote “Glacier National Park” as the post's caption.

On The Real Housewives of Orange County‘s Season 16 reunion, Shannon said, “We do speak about it, but it's not something that we need to rush to do.”

The 58-year-old continued, “We're happy. “I'm not doing anything at the moment because my two kids won't be at home for another year and a half,” I said. At age 17, her younger daughters are currently enrolled in high school. That might imply that Shannon is now prepared to move forward! She recently gave a significant relationship update.

Shannon gave a fairly depressing update about David earlier this year, saying that things are still tense between them.

On the January, Shannon said, “We still don't have [a relationship].” I'll be in hot water for this. But if he hears my voice when he is speaking to my daughters, he hangs up. He won't text you back. It's incredible.

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