Shanghai Dawn Release Date : Everything You Need To Know!

Updated As On 27 January 2022

If you are looking for the latest updates of  action comedy series then, here you everything about this “Shanghai Dawn ”. As we all want to fresh our minds after a lot of work we do in our daily routine. So, we want to watch series , movies .

So, I know you are waiting for the series, that’s why you want to know everything about the series. This will help you.

In this series, you can see comedian stories and this series will keep you hooked.

  • Shanghai  is a series based on an action comedy film directed by Tom Dey , David Dobkin , Jared Hess.
  • This series includes Shanghai Noon (2000), Shanghai Knights (2003), and the upcoming Shanghai Dawn.
  • The series combined has grossed $188 million.
  • It stars Jackie Chan and Owen Wilson.
  • Every series is 1 hour 50 minutes long.
  • It is produced by Roger Birnbaum , Gary Barber .

Let’s grasp all the crispy information about the film.

Who Is Raymond Wong ?

Raymond Wong Ho-yin is a Hong Kong television and film actor and born on August 25,1975.He is a project manager of Shanghai Pudong Software Park Huizhi Business Management Co. Ltd.

Release Date of Shanghai Dawn :-

Shanghai Dawn: Possible Release Date Predictions With Indepth Analysis!

According to the research there is no official release date and also not a single information about the progress of the film. Looking at the previous film, there is no hope for this film to come 

Raymond Wong tweeted that there is no SHANGHAI DAWN (SHANGHAI 3) in the given link below.

What Happened in the Previous Series of Shanghai?

Shanghai Dawn: Possible Release Date Predictions With Indepth Analysis!

Shanghai Noon: Chon Wang, the lead of the movie, is an irresponsible imperial guard of the Emperor of China. Princess Pei Pei was kidnapped and now Chon feels responsible to get her back and joins the guard troop who goes to find the princess. They go to the United States to search for the princess. 

They search for her Nevada and seem to be close to the kidnappers but chon gets lost and separated from his group. As he is lost, he finds a small robber, Roy and they team up and get into trouble one after another and keep fighting together.

Shanghai Knights: the movie continues with the duo of Chon and Roy. a chinese villain kills chon’s father and goes to London. The duo also reach London to get revenge on his father’s death. Chon’s sister, Lin, has the same goal and vision and tries to murder the royal family and make it a worldwide rumour but no one believes that it is true.

Shanghai Dawn (TBA): A third sequel was decided to be created under the name of Shanghai Dawn. The sequel news was posted on Jackie Chan but no further updates were given to that plan and neither the movie was produced. Thai explains that maybe the movie series has no further future to it.

Even after no information, on May 14, 2015 there was an announcement that the production is continuing for Shanghai Dawn. The lead roles of the movie are to be seen in the movie as their previous seen roles respectively. 

Shanghai Dawn: Possible Release Date Predictions With Indepth Analysis!

In September 2016, there was a director signed for the movie, Jared Hess. With Millar and Gough writing the storyline and plot of the movie with the help of Theodore Riley and Aaron Buchsbaum. But after that there is no film released as mentioned above.


Year Film Director Producer Screenwriter Composer Editor
2000 Shanghai Noon Tom Dey Roger Birnbaum

Gary Barber

Jonathan Glickman

Alfred Gough

Miles Millar

Randy Edelman Richard Chew
2003 Shanghai Knights David Dobkin Malcolm Campbell
TBA Shanghai Dawn Jared Hess TBA Aaron Buchsbaum

Theodore Riley


Faqs Related to Shanghai Dawn :-

Will There Be a Shanghai Dawn?

The first two movies, Shanghai Noon and Knights released in 2000 and 2003, respectively. The information is that the next move will be there but no news on when. After the latest movie in the series which was in 2003, it’s been 18 years and it’s 2021 now. 

Is There a Sequel to Shanghai Noon?

Yes, after Shanghai Noon, Shanghai knights is the sequel. But after this, the sequel Shanghai Dawn is just informed to come but no other information given.

Shanghai Dawn: Possible Release Date Predictions With Indepth Analysis!

Why Was Lucy Liu Not in Shanghai Knights?

The story of the movie is not handled properly in terms of Lucy liu character. They just randomly removed from the sequel movie, they could have made a better story of it.

Critical and Public Response

Film Rotten Tomatoes Metacritic CinemaScore
Shanghai Noon 79% (134 reviews) 77 (30 reviews) A-
Shanghai Knights 66% (150 reviews) 58 (33 reviews) B+

The Conclusion

As we all know there is no “SHANGHAI DAWN” as mentioned above but this is a very sad feeling for the fans. 

So, till now let’s sign off with other action comedy series and share this article with your friends and comment below . If you have any questions or comments, please use the contact form on our main page to get in touch with us.