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Shadowhunter Season 4 Future | Cancelled By Freeform?

Last updated on 31 January 2022.

We never would’ve killed the Seelie Queen this early,” Todd Slavkin said this in an interview. Can you guess the series by this? Let me give you a hint Katherine McNamara and Matthew Daddario are the main cast of the show. Haha, I know you have guessed it by now, Have you? The show name is Shadowhunter which is Netflix’s web series.

Shadow hunter have already aired it’s three seasons and fans were looking whether they are going to see season 4 or not? While on the other hand the writer have tried to summarize the show within 3 season but still we are not happy with it.

The Shadowhunter’s story is completed within the season 3 and not only fans but also the filmmakers also are not satisfied with the show being cut off in between. I mean who will?

In this article we’ll discuss about every thing of Shadow hunter, it’s season 4 and why it is cancelled? If you are interested in reading it stay till the last to know every single detail.

Shadowhunter – Know about It

Shadowhunter Season 4

Shadowhunter is an American Super-natural drama which was first back in 12 April 2016 and it’s almost been 5 years and fans are still in love with the show. You’ll also see the mane of this show by Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments, so don’t get confuse. The show is based on the popular book The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare.

But, But, But

If you are thinking that the Shadowhunter’s will be just same as the book then You’re absolutely WRONG. Yes, the show is based on book but it completely different.

If the person who have already read the book, watches the show, he’ll definitely find the different plotline and different story.

Shadowhunter – Will there be Season 4?

If you are wondering whether there will be another season of Shadowhunter or not? Then we’re very sorry to tell you that there will be not. On June 4, 2018, the Producers decided to not renewed the season 4 and the fourth installment is Officially Cancelled. The whole story of season 4 is pushed to season 3 and everything was mixed up.

Additionally, the last episode of season 3 have a two hour episode. Now, it would be is impossible task to watch Shadowhunter in freeform but the fans haven’t gave up with it.

In the next section we’ll read what fans have done in order to get back the show.

The Shadowhunter Season 4 has been cancelled also confirmed on  tonightstv.

Shadowhunter – Why Season 4 is cancelled ?

Shadowhunter cover photo

As you are already aware that the show is already cancelled by the freeform which have already partnered with Netflix. Netflix owned a big financial part of the show. The main aim of partnership with Netflix is for premiering the show all around the world.

Moreover, the production company of Shadowhunter named Constantine Film couldn’t able to cope up with the financial condition of the show.

The production company wasn’t able to fulfill the financial demand of the freeform. Constantine Film have tried hard to find the alternative sources to get the money but they couldn’t come up with.

Shadowhunter – What does the cast have to say?

Have you remembered how the one post a Jenifer Aniston blow the Instagram. Fans are always happy to see the real friendship of reel life people. This is the another reason why people love this show. Let’s read some of the farewell post which will make your eyes wet.


The first one will be my personal favorite by Katherine McNamara. She have posted a farewell post in twitter and Instagram.

Additionally, we have a cute picture to bless your eyes 😍


Brian Hui – the makeup artist of the show posted a sweet message for the viewers.

Seems appropriate to repost this pic! Going to be super positive and say how much I enjoyed being part of the SH family this season! Love every single member of the crew and cast… and the fans….the fans are the best! 😘@ShadowhuntersTV

AishaPorterChristie, who is the writer of the show, also posted a cute yet swaggy post for people in twitter.

Such a privilege to have been part of this series. The upcoming episodes are truly something special. Cheers to my @ShadowhuntersWR family, cast, crew and the DOPEST fans on the planet. ♥️ #Shadowhunters

Dominic Sherwood have posted a heart whelming farewell post.

All good things come to an end. It has been my privelidge to be a part of this world. @ShadowhuntersTV team have been so close to my heart for 3 years. You. The fans. Make us happy and strong and proud. Thank you. For everything. We say goodbye with a heavy heart but our heads”

Shadowhunter season 4 – Fan’s Support for season 4

The large number of fan base is much more powerful than most of the things in world. The live example of it is Shadowhunter’s fan. The number of things which they have done for getting back the season 4 is surprising plus unexpected.

Tweets –

To begin with they have released a hashtag name #saveshadowhunter on the internet which have over 200k of tweet. We have mentioned some of the tweet so you can check them out.

Just a reminder that Katherine mcnamara was probably the best Clarissa Adele Fairchild out there and we couldn’t have had someone better/perfect.💖

#Shadowhunters #Saveshadowhunter


Netflix need to take some lessons in people skills to learn that you treat other like you want to be treated yourself . They actions effect, casts, crews ,viewers. Their treatment of shows is not right in this day and age. There are many people like me who want another season. This is so heartbreaking!


I swear to God that someone better come and save shadowhunters; because this show deserves to get more season? I JUST miss seeing my Malec baby’s and Lorenzo Reys and Andrew UNDERHILLS? #SHADOWHUNTERS #SAVESHADOWHUNTER  #MALECFOREVERALWAYS  #REYSHILLFOREVER


Billboard –

The fans didn’t stop and tgey have opened a campaign regarding their favourite show. They have took billboard and not only one but Two billboard in times square. The efforts made by fans are really amazing and the Producers are now thinking to release season 4.

We have attached a photo for more information –

Billboard poster for Shadowhunter


Fans have signed petition for season 4 of Shadowhunter. Petition with over 125,000 plus signatures was circulating over internet. The petition read “hello, Netflix” for the popular Networking sites.

 Lots of E-mail

The fans didn’t stop and they have flooded the email lf the Producers and Netflix will email regarding the season 4. Ofcourse this would be a big deal and the effort will not go unnoticed.

It has a very active fanbase. I probably get 100 emails or more personally.”

Plane flown over NETFLIX

When I said the fanbase of Shadowhunter is huge I mean it. The number of attempts made by the fans to get back the show are huge. And you’ll be shock by listening to this one.

Picture of Shadowhunter

The fans, on June 22, flied a Plane over Netflix’s headquarters in Los Angles with a huge banner stating #Saveshadowhunter.

This is something which is a huge thing for a TV show.

The Trevor Project

The Shadowhunter show is known for talking about some of the serious issue going around in the world. The fan’s of Shadowhunter have collected more than $12,000 for The Trevor Project. This project helps the people of LGBTQ+ community and also provide suicide prevention and crisis prevention to them.

Ratings of this Show

The show is already cancelled to not renew it’s season 4 but there is no boundation is watching the ratings of the show. So, let’s unfold the pages of the show rating which are important.

The Rotten tomatoes of Shadowhunter is 76% whereas the IMDb rating of this show is 6.6/10.

Furthermore the Metacritic rated this show with 45%. With all these ratings it is clear that the show didn’t receive much from the authority.

Shadowhunter – Famous Dialogue

All the legends are true. We’re Shadowhunters. We protect the human world from the demon world.

Never Trust People Who Can’t Lie. They’ll Find Much More Inventive Ways To Stab You In The Back.

The Law Is Hard, But It Is The Law.

For The Last Time, World Of Warcraft Is Not A Cult!

When You Walk Into A Room, Magic Or Not, That Lights Up Everything.

It Would Be Like Beyonce Riding A Dinosaur In The Middle Of Times Square. People Would Notice.

There’s no human bond that compares to what Alec and I have.

I know you can color outside the lines. You’re just not letting yourself think that way

Review –

Till now one think is clear to you that the fan base of Shadowhunter is huge. The rating of this show might be low but the audience rating summary is pretty good i.e. 4.7/5. Let’s take a look at the feedback of the people.

Marianne Williamson

“This show is absolutely bingeworthy and I’dl say just give it a try. Starting few episodes might look cringy, but it GETS BETTER so much better that it’s final episode has caused some serious psychological damage to me😢 If you are book fan and don’t wanna watch it bcz you have heard how bad it is from fellow book fans, so lemme tell you this I’m a book fan too and yes it is true it is not as good as books are but hey let’s be honest almost every movie & show based of books are not as good their source material is. So please if you have time at least give this show a chance it is different from books but that’s what makes it interesting as even if you have read books you won’t know what is going to happen next, which will keep you invested.

Also I absolutely loved that they changed Clary-Izzy’s relationship & Alec-Izzy-Jace’s relationship in show. It is one of the best decisions that showrunner made❤”


“Okay , so this is my review its long asf but keep reading lol tbh I think that shadowhunters was really epic and creative show and I expecially liked when jace was hunted down by valentine and was bad asf I love those scenes!! At first Jace was just so boring all he ever talked about was clary but damnn Jace is lengg most people would ship malec but I acc do like malec but I love Clace!!. It gets more interesting. Hope we get another season. “

Honey Beens 

“The casting, the acting and the effects for me were superb and I felt bad that people ranted about how screwed it is. No doubt why they didn’t let the chance slipped away and immediately made a Series after the movie flopped.

Since this series started way back 2016 and ended in 2019, You will really see how the Actors and their Acting skills grow as well as the effects and settings improved plus the Songs used in the series fits the Scenes😍. For me it is worth watching. 10/10

Ps. Alec and Magnus Bane’s love story is really better than Clary and Jace 😍❤️”

SERIES Shadowhunter Season 4
Seasons 3


Last words

The fan base of Shadowhunter is crazy. They have done some of the crazy thing to get back the show from signing the Petition to advertising in billboard. It’s being almost Shadowhunter have already gained a lot of popularity over the world. The show have catch the eyes of many people by winning the awards. While on the other hand the show doesn’t have a good rating but the fan base is crazy.

If you are also a fan of Shadowhunter share this post and let is know about your feelings.  If you like this article then follow our website and don’t forget to follow our social media handles.