Seth Macfarlane Dating: Know His Current and Previous Dating


MacFarlane! American actor, screenwriter, producer, director, and singer. His attractive exes and girlfriends are also well-known. Before we go into his long line of girlfriends, we'll showcase his accomplishments and efforts. He's obviously talented.

Who is Seth MacFarlane?


Family Guy is Seth's best-known work. Twenty-three Emmy nominations, five wins. Seth has been nominated for five Grammys for ‘Family Guy,' ‘Music Is Better Than Words,' ‘No One Ever Tells You,' and ‘In Full Swing.' In 2013, his film ‘Ted' was nominated for an Oscar for Best Original Song.

The Connecticut-born actor got a star in 2019. In 2020, he was admitted into the Television Hall of Fame for his contributions to the TV series business. Rich, talented, and well-respected. Seth must have won the hearts of dozens of beautiful women for these reasons. Emilia Clarke, Trisha Cummings, and Anne Winters.

Seth MacFarlane's Girlfriend Anne Winters


Anne Winters is Seth MacFarlane‘s girlfriend. After Anne joined ‘The Orville‘ he and Anne began dating. Anne, the high school “it” girl in Netflix's '13 Reasons Why,' will appear in season 3 of ‘The Orville.' Seth is the series' creator and protagonist, Captain Ed Mercer.

Seth had kept his love life private for years, and Anne has no dating history, yet the couple went Instagram Story official on Anne's account.

In a December post, Anne and Seth cuddled while watching a movie in the backyard. Fans assumed they were on a romantic staycation based on the private setting. Still in the honeymoon phase? It'll be intriguing to watch how both characters interact in season 3 of ‘The Orville'

Halston Sage's Co-star Romance

Seth MacFarlane dated another co-star before Anne Winters. Halston Sage played Lieutenant Alara Kitan on ‘The Orville' for two seasons.

Seth Macfarlane Dating: Know His Current and Previous Dating

Seth and Halston have been photographed on multiple dinner dates despite never confirming their relationship. The couple also mentioned and credited each other in Instagram posts. Halston's grandmother, Helen Schrage, confirmed their relationship.

Helen said, “Everyone seems okay with whatever she's doing” and “if she's happy, we're pleased.” Helen told Radar she wanted to meet her granddaughter's boyfriend. “I haven't met him because he's in New York,” she stated. I'll be here if he and she wish to meet.

The pair split in 2019, and it may not be amicable. Halston resigned from ‘The Orville' following season 2's third episode, confirming the rumors. Worse, FOX TV didn't explain her leaving.

Long-Distance Relationship With Emilia Clarke

Seth was 39 and Emilia was 25 when they dated in 2012 and 2013. None of Seth's exes are less than ten years younger than him, therefore he does have a type (although an odd one, if we may say). Seth and Emilia kept their relationship quiet while dating. Only a few paparazzi photos show them strolling while embracing.

A reputable source said, “They're no longer dating.” Emilia spent much of her time in Europe filming Game of Thrones, thus their long-distance relationship didn't work. Insiders say the couple split because Seth wouldn't propose and settle down.

Seth Macfarlane Dating: Know His Current and Previous Dating

Three years after the separation, Emilia told up about their romance in ‘Glamour' The actress said dating a fellow celebrity meant “strangers offering you love-life advice like, ‘I'm a big fan of the show, and I'm not sure what you're doing with that guy.'”

Emilia said she didn't like the comment, which is understandable. She said the exchange “happened when Seth and I were in New York.”

Affair with Trisha Cummings

‘The Real World' fans may recognize Trisha Cummings. She appeared in 24 episodes of ‘The Real World: Sydney' The show followed the lives and relationships of strangers living together. Reality show cliché, we'd say. Trisha and Seth dated 2010-2012. Two years is long for Hollywood!

Seth Macfarlane Dating: Know His Current and Previous Dating

The couple never discussed their relationship publicly. Paparazzi and leakers occasionally released a few shots. There was a report that Seth and Trisha were engaged. They never married because they split in 2012. Both party didn't say why they broke up.

Seth MacFarlane's Supposed Exes

Seth's rumored girlfriends include Trisha, Emilia, Halston, and Anne. They're all young, beautiful, and talented. Christa Campbell, who's a year older than Seth, is the only exception.

First, Alexis Knapp. After three years of friendship, the ‘Pitch Perfect star dated Seth in 2013. Unfortunately, they broke up later. Seth MacFarlane apparently dated actress Katie Sah in 2009. They had fun despite not lasting long.

Seth Macfarlane Dating: Know His Current and Previous Dating

Who said Seth attracts actresses? Kate Todd, a Canadian actress, and singer, also adored him. The pair allegedly dated from 2008 to 2009. Both parties hasn't confirmed if they dated or were just pals.

Seth was also linked to Amanda Bynes in 2008 after telling a reporter he had to “go because his date was leaving.” Yes, he's talking about Amanda, but she wasn't his date.

“Soulmates look alike”? Seth MacFarlane and Eliza Dushku were viewed this way. Eliza, from ‘Buffy', looks like Seth. From January to February 2008, the duo reportedly dated.

Seth's pride and delight in Kat Foster have also been linked to him. The duo dated in 2007 before breaking up in January 2008. No public cause for the divorce.

Final Words

Keeping up with Seth MacFarlane is difficult. His list of younger lovers is as vast as his filmography, discography, and other works. We can only wish him and Anne Winters a happy relationship. What if? She probably makes him ready for a relationship. be with our website for more dating news and facts, and share your valuable feedback with us in to comment below section.