Sense 8 Season 3: Release Date CONFIRMED or CANCELLED!

Netflix canceled the third season of Sense 8. Is there any possibility for the show to be return back?


Updated Date: 26 January 2022

Will there be another Science fiction drama of eight Strangers? Will the American Sense 8 Season 3 be renewed after the official cancellation of Season 3? The story shows eight strangers from different parts of the world and they suddenly discover they have some supernatural senses or powers interconnected with each other and how they survive by connecting in their minds when the danger comes to them.


Why  Netflix Cancel Season 3 of Sense 8? As fans are waiting and making appeals to renew the season for the 3rd time will the creators move forward to make season 3 after Netflix cancellation? According to creators this is a Tv show which explores issues related to identity, gender, politics which was rarely addressed on tv. Let’s know more about the Sense 8 Season 3.

Will There Be Another Sense 8 Season?Sense 8 season 3

Sense 8 was first released in 2015 and the sense 8 science fiction Drama Series gained a wide following after its first two seasons. So now fans are waiting for the producers whether they renew the third season or not.


To give the final conclusion to the series after two seasons, Netflix released a single Episode in 2018 and after that Netflix officially says that they will not be coming back with a new season. So there is no third season for this science fiction series.

Is Sense 8 Season 3 Cancelled?

It was sad for the viewers of Sense 8 that there was no new season of this American series after fans signed a number of petitions which were of no use. According to Netflix they cancelled the show because of its high production costs and also in 2018 they officially cancelled the series for the third time after giving the final conclusion to the series.

Also the production cost is more than its viewership, so there is no chance for the renewal of the season for the 3rd time.

Drama Name Sense 8
Category Sci-fi
Release Date Not Confirmed 
Director Lana Wachowski, Lilly Wachowski, Tom Tykwer; James McTeigue, Dan Glass
No. of Seasons 2

What Was the Reason for Cancellation of Season 3 Sense8?

Sense8 Season 3

According to producers there was not sufficient audience to keep the show in running and the show didn’t manage to get enough attention for the renewal of the third season.

Here is the short Video:

As fans are increasing they also give petitions but the cost to produce the new season is high so it required more audience than that. So it was assumed that no new reason would return after cancellation of the show.

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How Many Seasons Are There in Sense 8?

There are 2 seasons of Sense8 that consist of 24 episodes till now.

What Was Sense 8 About?

This American drama follows the story of 8 strangers across the world who are driven into each other’s lives and secrets. As they each discover their unique connection, Whispers, an elusive figure aims to hunt them down.

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Sense 8 Tv Series Review

The 8.3 rating is given to this Science fiction drama on IMDb in which 8 strangers in the world connect with each other's lives and secrets and how they survive when danger comes to them.(1)

Where to Watch Sense 8 Seasons

You can still watch Sense 8 seasons on Netflix and on Amazon.


Sense 8 is not coming for the third season as it was cancelled by Netflix after giving the final conclusion to this American series. So you can watch the previous 2 seasons of this series or another related shows of your interest.

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