Sembi Movie OTT Release Date: Check Out Honest Movie Reviews Here!

Kovai Sarala, who rose to popularity in 2011 with her performance in Kanchana, will soon be seen in the upcoming Tamil film Sembi, in which she plays a part that is both stunning and terrifically sombre.

Prabhu Solomon, known for his work on the film Mynaa, is now directing the upcoming Tamil film Sembi. Although renowned filmmaker Selvaraghavan was the one who debuted the film’s first trailer, Dhanush, Selvaraghavan’s brother and also an actor, is the one who debuted the film’s second trailer.

Both the songs and the background music were composed by Nivas K Prasanna. The action sequences in the movie were coordinated by Phoenix Prabu. Continue reading to check out Sembi OTT release date.

Sembi Movie OTT Release Date

On the 30th of December 2022, the movie “Sembi,” starring Kovai Sarala and Ashwin Kumar Lakshmikanthan, was made available to the public.

ZEE5 owns the digital rights to the film Sembi. As a result, the movie will be made available to watch digitally on it for its subscribers. After February 2023, the film would become available online via streaming service in digital format. Once it has been announced, the official date of release will be updated here.

Sembi Movie OTT Release Date

Who Are the Cast Members of Sembi?

Nila, who is only 10 years old, is one of the stars in the movie “Sembi,” which was directed by Prabhu Solomon and also starred Ashwin Kumar, Kovai Sarala, and Thambiram. In the film, Thambi Ramaiah plays a role for the audience. M. Jeevan was the one in charge of directing the film, and Nivas K. Prasanna was the one who composed the score. Ravindran, Khan, and Reyaa were all involved in the production of the film.

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What is the Storyline of Sembi?

The protagonist, Kovai Sarala, and her granddaughter, who has a contented life, are at the centre of the story. The unexpected turn of events takes place when the police corner them.

The main character, Ashwin Kumar, is a young guy with a good education who has the ambition to improve society by supporting others who are less fortunate; however, in the process of doing so, he unwittingly forms an adversary. After becoming involved in the life of Kovai Sarala, everything in his life is flipped upside down.

Sembi Movie OTT Release Date

Despite the fact that Kovai Sarala is one of the most talented actresses in the Tollywood industry and is best known for her comedic and lighthearted roles, one cannot believe how beautifully she has her screen time in Sembi with a powerful and emotional character showing thrilling sequences in the film after watching the trailer for the movie.

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Sembi Movie Reviews

Filmmaker Prabu Solomon is fond of telling stories about rural life. Through his characters, most of whom appear realistic and intense, he evokes a wide range of feelings. Also, Sembi is just like any other species. Bus passengers, whose hearts have been broken by Sembi’s narrative, carry us along with them.

The film’s heart is in the right place and manages to keep us interested despite some narrative flaws and several inexplicable moments in the second half.

Sembi Movie OTT Release Date

Sembi, age 10, and her beekeeper grandmother Veerayi (Kovai Sarala) make their home in Kodaikanal’s hilly regions, where they enjoy a quiet, natural existence. Everything is going swimmingly until three powerful villains with a voracious appetite for sexual delights ruin everything.

The grandma has no choice but to pummelled the police officer to death after he attacks Sembi and forces her to drop the case. Eventually, the two manage to get away and hop aboard a bus going from Kodaikanal to Dindigul called Anbu. Can the bus’s diverse passengers, despite political interference, save the indigenous woman and her innocent granddaughter?

The Sembi is not a new item at all. New to this telling, though, are the plot’s protagonists and their locale. The very first scene, in which Veerayi teaches Sembi how to harvest honey from a honeycomb, makes us fall in love with her and all that she represents. The visual feast of the opening scenes gives us a glimpse into their life.

Great moment where Veeraiyi beats up the cop and runs away with her granddaughter. But what’s most disheartening is that the director can’t keep her signature style consistent. It’s OK to introduce a saviour figure in the second act, but it’s just as crucial to make Veeraiyi seem like a revolutionary from a backwards society.


Ashwin Kumar did an excellent job, and his character has enough gravitas to carry the film. The second half of the story should have had more exciting and dramatic developments. Though professionally shot, the scene in which all 24 passengers switch to a different bus adds little to the story.

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The director of Sembi succeeds in making us empathise with the protagonists, proving that the film is an honest endeavour. As the magnificent settings of Kodaikanal are a visual pleasure, the cinematography (Jeevan) is also excellent. Nivas K. Prasanna’s soundtrack and music add a lot to the movie’s most heartfelt scenes.

Applause is in order for the costumer and the makeup artist, who both contributed to the film’s authenticity. Kovai Sarala gives a riveting performance. She’s perfect in the part and really makes the movie what it is.

Sembi Movie: Trailer