Selling Tampa Season 2 Release Date: What Should We Expect for the Plot, Cast, and Trailer? Latest Update!

“Selling Sunset” was a big hit all over the world, so it was only natural for Netflix to move to a new, fancy place. screenrant says “Selling Tampa” came out in December of 2021, and it quickly became one of the most popular shows on Netflix. “Selling Sunset” is known for having a group of all-women realtors. The show “Selling Tampa” is about a brokerage run entirely by black women.

Allure Realty, which was the name of the many homes these beautiful women were trying to sell, was just as beautiful as its Los Angeles counterparts, especially when it came to Tampa’s oceanfront market. If not better, the founder was Sharelle Rosado, who led the company well.

As Elle points out, even though Allure was only founded in 2019, the company already has stores in Tampa Bay and Miami, which shows that there is a lot of room for growth. “Selling Tampa” came out just in time to help us get over our winter blues. But now that we’ve watched at least one episode of the first season, we’re all wishing for more. This is the end of our coverage of “Selling Tampa” Season 2.

What Should We Expect for the Selling Tampa Season 2 Release Date?

As of right now, the show “Selling Tampa” hasn’t been renewed for a second season. Even so, the first season of Stranger Things will be on Netflix on December 15, 2021. It’s possible that “Selling Tampa” will be shot later this year with the goal of releasing Season 2 in December or even sooner if Netflix wants to take advantage of positive word of mouth and make more money.

While “Selling Tampa” was clearly popular with viewers, executives behind the scenes spend a lot of time double-checking the numbers and deciding if it’s worth it to keep making the show.

Selling Tampa Season 2

As a result, given that “Selling Tampa” made it into Netflix’s top 10 and its sister show “Selling Sunset” was just renewed for a second season, it’s safe to say there will be more “Selling Tampa.”

Seasons of “Selling Sunset” usually last about six months, but because of COVID-19, fans had to wait a long time for the last one. It could be summer 2022, or it could be another winter. We’ll have to wait and see.

What Should We Expect From the Selling Tampa Season 2 Cast?

Sharelle Rosado, the owner of Allure Realty, would likely be the main person again, but her pregnancy might change her schedule. Anne-Sophie Petit, Colony Reeves, Juawana Williams, Karla Giorgio, and Tennille Moore are also likely to be back, but it’s not certain.

As for Alexis Williams and Rena Frazier: Alexis was fired by Sharelle at the end of Season One, and Rena tried to open her own brokerage firm, which made people angry. We can expect some new people to join the group, just like in Selling Sunset.

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Selling Tampa Season 2

What Should We Expect From the Selling Tampa Season 2 Plot?

Season two is almost certain to happen if Alexis leaves the brokerage. There will still be some fallout from that. While Sharelle left the door open for her to come back after dealing with her own problems, it’s clear that Alexis was hurt by the sudden shove from her friend.

Some of the other agents were also questioning their commission rates and even thinking about starting their own businesses. Anne-Sophie wants to start her own business and wants to get a real estate license. Rena Frazier, who already has a real estate license, is Sharelle’s main threat right now.

Is she going to stay at Allure or start her own brokerage? Do they have to go with her? Then there’s Sharelle herself, who is getting ready to welcome her family’s eleventh child into the world. Chad and his wife are having their fourth child.

Sharelle has a lot on her plate, including a possible move to Miami. Juawana is in charge of the business as office manager.

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Trailer Of Selling Tampa Season 2

Due to the fact that there isn’t a set release date for the series, there isn’t a trailer for it yet. To pass the time, you can check out the first episode of Season 1 below!


Season 2 of Selling Tampa hasn’t been announced yet. So, we don’t know for sure when the show will be on our TVs. I hope you found the information above to be useful.

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