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Selling Sunset Season 5: What We Expects From This?

Selling Sunset Season 5

Despite the fact that Season 4 of Selling Sunset just launched a few days ago, viewers are already asking when Season 5 will be released. Fans were overjoyed to find that, in March 2021, not only were Selling Sunset renewed, but that seasons 4 and 5 were also confirmed. Here's all you need to know about Selling Sunset season five if you're excited to see The Oppenheim Group back on TV.

Christine Quinn's feud with practically every other agent in the group continued in Season 4 of Selling Sunset, all while she was pregnant with her first child.

Christine was also at the center of the controversy when she and newbie Emma Hernan rehashed the news that they had dated at the same time and had a shared former boyfriend. Everything came to a climax at Jason Oppenheim's party, where he announced the opening of a new Orange County location, but the women were more interested in hearing from Christine.

At the season 4 finale of Selling Sunset, there was also a special surprise: a meaty teaser for season 5. It featured all of the real estate agents reacting to the news that Chrishell had begun dating Jason, their boss. Season 5 has yet to be given an official release date, although it may not be far away.

Season 5 of Selling Sunset is expected to feature more of the group's significant others, according to several fans. Tina Louise, an Australian model and restaurant owner, is dating Brett's boss. Tina was first seen on the show when she sat on Brett's lap at one of their many parties, but fans are eager to see her again. However, as he and Chrishell manage their office romance, Jason's new connection is expected to be the center of next season. Chrishell appears protective in the teaser, implying that there may be office squabbles and backlash as a result of her dating the boss.

The Ending Of Sunset Season 4 Is Explained

The Oppenheim brothers throw a party in the final episode of season 4 to make a surprise disclosure. It was revealed that they are expanding their business to other parts of the United States, which is great. Also, if you're enthusiastic about the new series Selling Tampa, which will premiere on Netflix on December 15, there's more to look forward to: Selling Sunset has a spin-off.

The biggest question at the celebration, though, is whether Christine Quinn will show up after declining to attend recent team meetings. The women form a human chain as they await her arrival with bated breath.

Christine finally produces a performance, but she prefers to speak with each of the women individually rather than as a group. It's evident she misses Mary the most, which is heartbreaking because she considers Mary to be her greatest friend. You can tell Mary still cares about Christine, but she's at her wit's end with her.

Christine, unfortunately, maintains her viewpoint. Mary says that she still cares about Christine, but she can't keep their friendship going. It's heartbreaking to see two friends unable to express or explain their affection for one another, let alone make amends. It's excruciating to witness as neither side gives in to the other's demands as the other women look on.

The women refuse to speak to Christine individually, and Christine is expected to apologise to them. Christine, on the other hand, believes they are being unjust and cruel. There's a slight argument that they're being cruel and that the tribal mentality is off-putting, but you can see it from the opposite side as well.

With tensions high and the celebration on the verge of being wrecked, Mary caves in and chats privately with Christine. And now Christine is faced with a decision: does she give in and apologise for letting her guard down with Mary, or does she maintain her hard stand on friendship and loyalty?

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Release Date of Selling Sunset Season 5

Season 4 of ‘Selling Sunset' premiered on Netflix on November 24, 2021. It consists of ten episodes, each of which lasts 30-38 minutes and features some stunning properties as well as some bizarre information about the cast members' life.

In terms of Season 5, we're happy to say that the Adam DiVello original has already been renewed by Netflix. In fact, back in March 2021, Netflix revealed that both seasons 4 and 5 would be renewed at the same time, with realtor chairman Jason Oppenheim telling ET, “I have no doubt we will be doing many more seasons with Netflix.” In other words, he hinted that season 6 might be in the works, which we can't wait to see.

Season 5 will premiere soon, despite the fact that the management have yet to confirm it. We're optimistic since the fourth and fifth films were shot in rapid succession, as Christine Quinn revealed on ITV's ‘This Morning' in September 2021. Mary Fitzgerald also revealed that the fifth season will end in mid-November 2021. Taking everything into account, it appears that the fifth season of ‘Selling Sunset' will premiere in Q1 2022.

Who Could Be in the Cast of Selling Sunset Season 5?

Season 5 of ‘Selling Sunset' is expected to feature The Oppenheim Group's Jason and Brett Oppenheim, as well as realtors Mary Fitzgerald, Chrishell Stause (now Jason's fiancée), Heather Rae-Young, Christine Quinn, Maya Vander, Amanza Smith, and Davina Potratz, as in prior seasons. Vanessa Villela, a Mexican actress turned real estate agent, and Emma Hernan, a multi-tasking entrepreneur, may also stay with the team.

Besides them, Mary's husband Romain Bonnet, Christine's husband Christian Richard, and Heather's now-husband Tarek El Moussa are expected to attend. Christine's newborn boy and Amanza's two children with her ex-husband, former NFL player Ralph Brown, are likely to make an appearance as well.

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What Will Happen in Season 5 of Selling Sunset?

The plot for the new season has not yet been announced. Only a teaser from the end of season 4 is available at this time, but it appears that the drama between Christine and Mary will only escalate, and the office divisions will only spread.

We'll also find out how Chrishell and Jason transition from friends to coworkers to lovers. “We're not doing anything criminal,” Chrishell says in the teaser, before cutting to a shot of her kissing Jason.

Not to mention, we anticipate a slew of new luxury properties in the near future.

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