Seis Manos Is Ready For Season 2 Or Not ?


Instead of the popularity and the positive reviews from the people, there are many series which are not announcing their comeback. Series like Tokyo Ghoul and Kill la kill which are still unknown about their future. Another popular Powerhouse series is Seis Manos which has gained its popularity among the people but it’s future is still in confusion. 

Despite being a newcomer, this series hit and became famous among the people. After the release of the first season, the show lovers are looking for season 2. But is it coming back? Well, we must find out about it in this section. If you are interested in this series and wanted to know about the second season then read this article. 

But, there are some people who are new to this series and wanted to know about the first season too. If you are someone who shares the same interest and wants to know about the series then the next section is for you. 

seis manos season 2

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Seis Manos – What Is It?

The Japanese anime series which is known to the people by its amazing graphic and well remembered characters. The Netflix’s original anime series which was first launched in 2019. For the people who are crazy over action and a great storyline, this is what you are looking for. 

Additionally, the show is set to have a comedy background and trust me it totally fulfills its duty in that case. The series is also known as Six Hands in English. 

The story is set into the time of the 1970s. The location is the fictional city of San Simon which is situated in Mexico. The show is available on Netflix to watch. Moving ahead with the episodes which are total 8 in number. 

Furthermore, the story is based on three orphans who are professionally trained Martial arts kids. Everything was going fine and they were taking their best knowledge from their mentor. Suddenly one day, their mentor got killed. They later decide to take the revenge with the murder and for doing that they have to team up with the policewoman and American DEA. the story gets interesting as the story starts to unfold. The 8 episodes aren’t enough for the audience and they were hoping to see more. But is it happening? Well, the next section will guide you about that. 

seis manos season 2

Seis Manos Season 2 – Can We Accept It to Happen?

The first season was initially launched on 3 October, 2019. With only 8 episodes with the running time of 25-28 minutes, there were a lot of things missing from the story. The story about their mentor and the kid is still unknown and many people are hoping to have more of that. But the show is new in the anime world and it is hard for any show to gain its popularity over such a short period of time. 

Well, BNA, Zombie Land Saga and Steins Gate are exceptions in this. The series was famous but it didn’t attract much of an audience to be honest. Regarding the second season, there is nothing officially announced yet. Netflix have not released any statement whether the second season is getting back or not. I personally think that there might be no plans of the series getting back because it doesn’t attract as much as the producers thought. 

But, still the fans are hoping for season 2 and there is no statement whether season 1 was the end or not but we promise to keep an ear on that. If anything comes up in the future, we’ll definitely edit and update this section for you. 

Seis Manos 2 – Who Are the Characters of This Anime?

The story mainly focuses on the three orphan kids who got under a martial art mentor. This series does have other characters and some of the outstanding storyline with amazing characters. In this section, we’re going to discuss some of the characters which are must to know for you. 


Starting the list is one of the main protagonists of the anime. Isabela is the eldest member or sibling out of the three orphan kids. To move forward, the three orphan kids are known as Seis Manos, which is also the title of this anime. You are surely going to love this character because she is the center attraction of this anime and makes everyone laugh.  

More than anything, the character of Isabela is kind and so down to earth. 


Coming to the next character of Seis Manos, who is often famous for its amazing and sometimes silly jokes. The best thing about this character is that despite him being a pure alcoholic, he still manages to fight. His martial art fighting style is somewhat different from others. He is the funniest one in the group and when I said funniest, I wasn’t joking at all. Sometime, Jesus act silly and you can even found him little stupid but he still understands the feeling of every character. 

seis manos season 2


Unlike the other two, Silencio is more like a quiet boy. The story of him is really sad and I can just feel my tears for him. He can’t speak because his tongue was cut down by a killer. It was the time when Silencio was a little kid and he was witnessed of the murder of El blade and his family. Feared by the thought of actually getting caught, the murder cut his tongue. 

After watching some episodes, I came to know about his trauma and his anxiety. But he is still a sweetheart and fans are crazy over this character.

If the second season ever happens, these characters are surely going to cast in it. But we still have to wait for the renewal news and that’s only when we can say anything. 

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What Are the Ratings of This Show?

The show is popular around the world with many new fans adding in the fandom day by day. The show is popular among anime lovers which ultimately results in a 4.6 audience rating summary. The show is new and it is still loved by many fans. The rotten tomatoes of this anime is 100%, which is great.

On the other hand, the critics rated this show with the average ratings. The IMDb rating of Seis Manos is 7.3/10 and the IGN have rated this show with 7/10 rating. 

seis manos season 2



The anime series was out in the popular Netflix and it is not planning to get renewed anytime soon. The season 2 was not officially renewed by the officials so far. The series is a great combo of Action and comedy and if you are someone who loves this kind of anime then this is the right anime for you. The anime, Seis Manos is new in the world of anime and it is still people are getting to know this series. The show doesn’t attract as much audience as it supposed to and that’s the reason why it is not renewed after 2 years

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