Season 3 of Motherland Fort Salem: Everything We Know!

Motherland: Fort Salem, a witchy Freeform series, aired two seasons and left us with a lot of unanswered concerns for the third. This is what we know so far.

Despite two seasons of airing and a global fan base, Motherland: Fort Salem’s third season will be it’s final. We’re sad to see the show come to an end after such a successful run with such a wonderful ensemble. Regardless, we’re excited to see what happens in the upcoming season.

Eliot Laurence developed and wrote the drama, which is set in an alternate America where traditional gender roles are reversed. During the Salem witch trials 300 years ago, witches put a stop to their persecution and became the frontline fighters in the fight to protect the country.

Raelle Collar (Taylor Hickson), Tally Craven (Jessica Sutton), and Abigail Bellweather (Ashley Nicole Williams), three witches enrolled in the US military and willing to defend their country against all threats, star in the drama. The trio quickly discovered that fighting for one’s country requires more than just bravery after being trained to perfect their magical abilities.

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Let’s Recap Season One:

Let’s go over everything again. Season 1 premiered in March 2020, with the first episode, “Say the Words,” beginning with a Fourth of July gathering of happy-go-lucky adults and children. However, catastrophe struck when a woman later found to be a witch cast a spell that resulted in the deaths of hundreds of people. “We are the Spree,” she proclaimed as she strolled away from the victims, satisfied with her mass murder.

The Spree is a terrorist organization of witches who use mass violence to forward their pro-witch agenda; it’s absurd to think that young witches would be conscripted into the army to fight for a country that still fears and shuns them. Over the years, the Spree has orchestrated a number of mass suicides by encasing their noise spells in things such as balloons or bottles that, when punctured, unleash hell.

Despite Spree’s heinous crimes, some viewers and even the show’s creator had positive things to say about them, claiming their reasons for hatred were legitimate despite their extreme approach to a resolution.

Season 3 of Motherland Fort Salem

“What they’re saying isn’t that far off the mark,” Motherland says. Before the launch of Fort Salem, creator Eliot Laurence told Den of Geek. “While the things they do are horrific, they are also kind of lovely. In some ways, they’re akin to deed propaganda. They wish to go back to the Garden of Eden. “They want to unwind.”

On their 18th birthday, a.k.a. Conscription Day, witches are automatically drafted into the army, and anyone who does not respond is deemed a deserter. With Spree as the main villains, Tally, Raelle, and Abigail joined the army, knowing that one of the most horrific enemies they’d fight would be their own kind.

The girls struggled to make friends when they were put together as housemates at their training academy. It didn’t take them long to figure it out on the battlefield. Surviving means putting your faith in the guy — or perhaps lady — who stood by your side.

Season one finished with the Spree focusing on their fellow witches rather than human humans. But we were all on the edge of our seats when new actors joined the fray: the Camarilla, an ancient group previously thought to be defunct that seeks to exterminate all witches.

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Season 2’s Ruthless Camarilla Threat:

Season 2 premiered in June 2021, with the Spree and the army recognizing a shared adversary, but the three major witches had to deal with private fights in the midst of a war. Raelle was mistakenly bound with a sentient power known as the Mycelium or The Mother in season one, which later saved her and Abigail’s lives.

Season 3 of Motherland Fort Salem

Season two focused on that new power and Raelle’s shifting position in the ongoing battle, as power can be both destructive and life-giving. She grew into a valuable asset.

As if that wasn’t enough, Willa Collar (Diana Pavlovska), a key member of the Spree, was revealed to be Raelle’s mother. As a descendant of a powerful dynasty, Abigail had a lot riding on her ability to succeed as the other ladies in her family. After discovering her slain relative, executed by the Camarilla who destroyed her vocal cords, Abigail succumbed to the pressure.

Tally, who assumed the place of a fallen witch to save General Sarah Alder’s (Lyne Renee) life, gained the ability to view the General’s past and the dark secrets kept concealed from everyone while Abigail battled her problems and self-doubt.

The Camarilla launched an attack on Fort Salem in the second season, killing several witches with an almost unstoppable weapon known as the witch plague. Tally and her companions were arrested for murder after being forced to kill the source of the epidemic, a fellow witch and the daughter of Vice President Blanton Silver (Victor Webster).

Their escape was later overshadowed by the bombshell revelation that Vice President Silver conspired with Alban Hearst, Camarilla’s leader, to murder his daughter. But wait, season two’s shocks didn’t finish there. Alder, once thought to be dead, merged with the Mycelium and is now alive and well. Season two offered us a lot to look forward to, and we can’t wait to see what happens to our trio of fugitives.

When Will Season 3 Be Released?

Motherland: Fort Salem’s last season began filming in November 2021 and will wrap in March 2022. The release date for the new season has yet to be determined, but we’ll keep an eye on it and be ready to jump back into the world of Motherland: Fort Salem when the time comes.

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