Season 3 of Hightown: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, and All the Latest News!

Hightown is a traditional American criminal drama series with a unique twist. Rebecca Cutter, Gary Lennon, Jerry Bruckheimer (Top Gun Maverick), and Johnathan Littman conceived and produced the series. Starz TV’s inaugural season was an instant hit, with the series breaking audience records across many digital platforms.

The series revolves around the drug war, drug use, and addiction, all of which are intermingled with a murder mystery case. The first and second seasons do an excellent job of introducing the narrative storey, and viewers can’t help but wonder whether there will be a third season.

Will Hightown Be Renewed or Canceled for a Third Season on Starz?

The dramatic drama received good reviews from critics, who praised the outstanding acting and gripping storyline. Fans of the Starz crime drama have had a bumpy road. Instead of a finish like the rest of the series, everything looked to be moving to a much larger, continuous plot. The previous seasons did an excellent job of setting up the storey and keeping the audience interested.

In the early episodes of its first season, this show didn’t have a lot of traditional ratings, but the numbers have grown considerably in the last two weeks. This implies that a big number of viewers watched the show via delayed viewing, which helped the show get renewed for a second season. Something similar could happen again, leading to the show’s renewal for a third season. As new information becomes available, this page will be updated.

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The Starz crime drama’s second season is coming to a conclusion, and viewers have been on a rollercoaster trip. Everything appears to be building to a much larger, ongoing plot, rather than one that will be resolved in the remaining episodes. Many fans are starting to wonder if there will be a third season.

“Hightown,” a Starz drama series, has been renewed for a third season, with fresh episodes promising more off-season violence on Cape Cod. Keep an eye out for more details.

When Will the Third Season of Hightown Air Be?

Fans of Starz’s criminal drama Hightown, which debuted on May 17 this year, may rest assured that Jackie’s storey is far from ended. Starz ordered a second season of the show in June 2020, even before the first season’s finale aired on July 12. On October 17, 2021, the second season of a popular crime show premiered.

Season 3 of Hightown

The first episode will air at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Monday, with subsequent episodes airing at the same time every week. Season 2 will have ten episodes in total, two more than the first season, according to the press release.

Season 3 of Hulu’s Hightown, on the other hand, has yet to be confirmed. Season three of Hightown is still waiting to hear if it will be renewed. Although, if filming begins soon enough, fans of Hightown can anticipate a release in 2022.

Season 3 of Hightown: What will happen in the Plot?

Jackie Quinones, a National Marine Officer who enjoys booze, drugs, and crazy parties, is the focus of the show. When she independently investigates the cause of the dead woman, she uncovers a washed-up dead body of an opiate addict (Sherry Henry), which makes her question her own lifestyle.

Krista, Sherry’s best friend and a former addict herself, witnessed her murder. Following then, the programme follows the standard investigation and crime thriller formula. The trauma of these incidents drives Jackie to seek sobriety. They realise, with the help of Interagency Narcotics Unit agent Ray Abruzzo, that unravelling the murder mystery will be difficult and time-consuming.

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Season 2 of Hightown Plot:

In Season 2, the idyllic image of summer on Cape Cod collided with the reality of the off-season. According to the synopsis, Jackie Quinones (Raymund) is on a mission to make the world a better place by achieving her dream of becoming a genuine cop.

When Jackie is thrust into the lethal carfentanyl crime wave sweeping the Cape, she is dead set on bringing down drug dealer Frankie Cuevas (Amaury Nolasco), the guy she blames responsible for the death of her closest friend, Junior. It’s personal for Jackie, but then again, everything is personal for Jackie.

Season 3 of Hightown

When Frankie’s cousin Jorge (Luis Guzmán) joins his organisation, he brings a whole new level of violence and chaos to the table. Jackie meets a new partner in Leslie (Tonya Glanz), the only other woman on the force when disgraced officer Ray Abruzzo (James Badge Dale) is fired and depressed. Throughout it all, Jackie must maintain her sobriety as she tries to stay afloat in a sea of secrets, treachery, and her own guilt and failure.

Also starring are Riley Voelkel, Atkins Estimond, and Dohn Norwood.

In Season 2, Cutter made her directorial debut on television. Rachel Morrison (Mudbound, Fruitvale Station), an Oscar nominee, directed two of the ten episodes in the second season. Season 2 also featured Raymund, Brandon Sonnier, Radium Cheung, Antonio Negret, and Eagle Egilsson as directors.

Gary Lennon, Jerry Bruckheimer, Jonathan Littman, and KristieAnne Reed from Jerry Bruckheimer TV executive produce with Cutter. Executive producer Ellen H. Schwartz is also on board.

Season 2 is now available to watch on all Starz platforms.

Who will appear in Season 3 of Hightown?

We can expect to see a lot of fan favourites in the upcoming season of Hightown:

  • Viewers are anxious to witness Monica Raymund as Jackie Quiones, the series’ principal actor, unravel the mystery as well as her issues with substance misuse.
  • Frankie Cuevas Sr., a convicted and incarcerated drug lord in Cape Cod, is played by Amaury Nolasco.
  • Riley Voelkel portrays Renee Segna, Frankie Cuevas Srgirlfriend .’s and a stripper at Xavier’s Bar and Lounge.
  • Junior, a buddy of Jackie’s and a drug dealer, is played by Shane Harper (A Teacher).
  • Det. Ray Abruzzo, a Massachusetts State Police sergeant, is played by James Badge Dale. Assigned to the Narcotics Units in Cape Cod.
  • Alan Saintille, a police officer assigned to the Cape Cod Narcotics Unit, is played by Dohn Norwood.

When Will We Be Able to See the Third Season of Hightown?

The trailer for Hightown Season 3 is not yet available.

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